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Michael Richards -- Forgive and Forget?

1/5/2009 2:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Richards is back after a two year hiatus -- as in... he went underground after that whole racist rant thing.

Michael Richards: Click to watch
Richards chose Venice Beach as his venue and a photog brought up a good point -- Dog the Bounty Hunter and Don Imus were forgiven way quicker.


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That's crap and you all know it the N-word is not just for blacks when black rappers and black comedians perform at sell out venues that are made up of mostly whites and say the N-word all thru the show if you dont want to be called the N-word dont use it and others wont feel like it is cool to use the words dont take a negative word and make it a cool word to use and people wont use it. p.s i am black and so i expect to get alot of uncle tom comments from blacks but i put this question to you if i am a uncle tom and you are a down brotha what have you done to help black people i bet nothing the real uncle tom is the blacks who dont get up and go to work and go to school and get their education and contribute positively to the world instead of sitting on their butts passing blame for there own situation off on the white man.

as for blacks being racist their are some who are but not all blacks are racist i think as a people we are not very trusting of other race's. we have only had civil rights since the 60's and for about 15 years those rights were still very limited and we still dont enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities given to white's but we will get there together racism is a sickness that can be cured if we all put the effort in and do the work.

2114 days ago


what don imus said was kinda funny and i am black but it was uncalled for....... kramer is just a racist ass and everyone the is supporting trash is trash the dumpster is big enough for all of you go join him........some black men are blessed if you know what i mean and some white guys are upset .......

2114 days ago

Sick of the bleeding hearts    

Never ceases to amaze me the how stupid some people are. This issue should have been buried long ago but some love to cry about how damn hard life is while bringing up things from long long ago.He called ONE guy the n word not all of you he owes ONE guy an apology the rest of you grow the hell up n move on with life. You wanna go through life with a chip on your shoulder so be it ,but don`t spew your childishness here you want change and progress then start with yourself.

2114 days ago


I don't understand how an adult could act like that..............those
words would never come out of my mouth because they are not in my
heart. There was a mention that he apologized. Did he ever explain
why he did that? Obviously he is a real racist because I don't care
how mad you are.................if words of hate have a root in your
heart.......................sooner or later they will come out......."out of the abundance
of the heart the mouth speaketh"............I would just like to know
that he truly apologized I don't think anyone should be blacklisted
for life. His Kramer character was truly funnier than
hell...............I wish I had never seen that part of him.

2114 days ago


such hypocrisy

black people can spew trash about white people and it's accepted, black guys spew vile hateful trash about women and it's accepted

michael richards was genius on seinfeld

2114 days ago

laughs at Obama voters    

Michael Richards did nothing wrong in the first place.

All hecklers should get heckled themselves. That's all that happened.

2114 days ago


Hey tmz, hope your forgiveness applies to Mel Gibson too. Your long standing hatred for him needs to be forgotten & forgiven. I can't wait to see if you practice what you preach.

2114 days ago


First of all let me start by saying that I'm a black man who never uses the -N- word. I will also never permit another person to call me one no matter who it may be. That being said.....The part of Richardsons rant that bothers me the most is that that was the first thing that came to mind when he got angry. I'm not saying he should never have responded to the hecklers but to call anyone an -N- is unacceptable. I think your true feelings about anyone comes out when a person is angry and now we know how he really feels about blacks.

2114 days ago


My friend lives down teh street from Michael Richards. Nice guy but doesn't like noise. Don't know why he lives in a neighborhood where houses are relatively close to one another. They are million dollar homes but come on, people do have parties. He'll be the first to call police if he hears any kind of noise after 10pm.

2114 days ago


Here we go again,,,,

2114 days ago


Sure, he can come back; if he can bring the funny like he did when portraying "Kramer". Otherwise, yes, go back into your hole of hateful self-pity. He's so NEXT.....

2114 days ago


Good point, Karriem. Of all the angry words he could have directed towards those guys, he was so ignorant and too inarticulate to come up with anything but that word. Says a lot about his brainpower (or general lack thereof). Funny but certainly not decent or acceptable!

2114 days ago


When will you friggin' idiots learn?!? There is no such thing as "REVERSE RACISM". Racism is racism no matter who - black or white - is guilty of perpetrating it. "REVERSE RACISM" is the oppisite of racism, i.e. inclusion and tolerance. Morons.

And for all of the people out there saying we need to get over it, it doesn't exist anymore - Just look at 1/4 of the comments on here.

As for Michael - if that's how he is living then so be it. If you don't agree with what he said then don't support him. If we - black folks - think Vick should be allowed to get on with his life after paying for his - cough - crime then so should this dude.

And lastly, black folks do need to stop using the N word. You can't make it cool just like white folks can't make it mean ignorant. Everytime you use it, especially out in public in front of white folks; you are perpetuating their myth that we are an ignorant peoples. I for one am liked the ROOTS - tired of being confused with all that crazy monkey ish they play on BET. most of us don't and have no interest in living like that.

Jah's - I and I - love and blessings be with all of you. Peace.

2114 days ago


Lets face it, blacks want to hang with blacks and whites with whites---why we letting the govt force feed this "you gotta all live and work and play and pray and educate together"....what for? I dont like black people, they're different then me, laugh at different things, value things differenlty then I do, are attracted to things and wants that I am not...they like music and dance that is different than my own. I like things quiet, they tend to like things loud. They tend to be more violent and physical, I dont.

Why am I being forced to like black people? They dont like what I like and wouldnt like me. Who is a Government to regulate human interactions? No wonder Black people are locked up at rates that is nearly 10 tmes that of Whites----they dont like all this either and rebel.

I choose to live separate from them----I enjoy life and do what I like...isnt that why we're here?

2114 days ago


This "racist" incident didn't end his career. If anything it put him back into the public eye since his career was over immediately after Seinfeld.

2114 days ago
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