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Travolta Autopsy Is Over

1/5/2009 4:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the autopsy of Jett Travolta has just ended.

His body has been transferred to Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium in the Bahamas.

The preliminary report has not yet been completed.

Story developing ...


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Scientology is not a religion, those people have even aknowoged that fact.
The Travolta family is without religion and therefore unwilling to accept religion.
this kids death (as sad as it is) could have been avoided. Instead of nannies watching him, maybee mom and dad should have spent time with him.
As for religion, There is only one true God, all other "gods" as just false idols.
Those that believe the COEXIST theory are not believers in God and neither are Scientologists.
Just because you are rich or famous does not excuse you from taking care of your own children. Mom and Dad are more responsible for their son's death than they say they are. Nannies are not an adiquate replacement, especialy if the kid is sick! Take responsibility for your actions John & Kelly, Get religion and get right with GOD!

2080 days ago


Angeldondair - dont'cha know? Everyone that posts on TMZ is THE most perfect parent in the world that would NEVER do anything to harm their child in any way *rme*

and NO I'm not a Scientoligist - I'm just a gossip whore like everyone else on this site. Just because I'm not with the "let's lynch them" mentality does NOT mean that I am defending COS or anything to do with their beliefs.

2080 days ago


Heads Up, next TMZ post:

Family arrived mortuary
Travolta, wife, and daughter exit car
Number of cars arriving
Color of clothes family members wore
Mortuary officials closed the door
Family apears to be crying........................

2080 days ago


Yes, this IS personal and private to the Travolta family, and my deepest sympsthy to them. However, as a parent, I am deeply interested in what killed this young man. It could and SHOULD be a lesson to everyone. Why are people so quick to say, "Seal the results"? The results may possible help another family, may possible prevent another death. I want to know how Jett died, I want to know if it could have been prevented. This is nothing against the Travolta family, I just feel his death could possibly save someone else.

2080 days ago


Marlene says as she's hanging out and posting at a classless organization's website!


2080 days ago


Thanks for being an honest Human Being!! haha...

2080 days ago


ROTFLMAO....What's your IQ? Rhetorical question of course.

2080 days ago


Scientology is already busy concealing the truth; it will never be
released. Any birdbrain would have known this kid should have been
kept on seizure medication. So what if the so-called medication he
was on for "several years" became ineffective....why didn't they put
him on something else? Because of scientology?????? Hmmmmmm

2080 days ago

Dollar Store Diva    

I can't take meds. The Scientologist's won't let me! That Wings song "Jet" is really sweet though. Make sure you get the lyrics to it. "The major was really a lady......."

2080 days ago


Alright Angelondair! Get the comments count up there baby!!! We appreciate all your support in keeping this story alive and well!!!

2080 days ago


So sad about Jett. If I were the Travolta's, I would close rank and cicle the wagons. Shut down to the public. It is none of our business about the autopsy. It's a private matter and the family should be given time to grieve.

2080 days ago


Let me get out the dictionary and clear those big words...I don't understand what you say. But picture this..I'm rolling on the floor laughing MY ass off.

2080 days ago


To Tweety Bird,

Unfortunately, news of children's death are reported each day. Some due to medical complications, random acts of violence, traffic accidents, and parental/guardian abuse. How much time are you spending on finding out the truth on these acts in your community? Are you involved in your community regarding eliminating them or seeing that justice is done. Or, are you obsessed with the life of a celerity - a distance obsession. It is commenable that many parents, concerned readers are touched by this topic, but if events are only sensationalized and debated, then your curiousity and demand for justice ends with your post.

2080 days ago

Over It Already    

How utterly sad that so many of the posters here have proven to be hateful to each other about a very sad situation. I suppose we all logon to this site among others to find out what exactly happened to this wonderful young man and in a disturbingly morbid way, want to know, although we don't know them any better than Joe Public in Whatever City, USA, how his parents are coping. TMZ - please do not feel the 'obligation' to post any photos of John and Kelly upon their return to their home, or the 'mourning faces' as I'm sure you will feel compelled to do - it's just not right. Print the facts if you're able, not your 'take' on what could have happened with Jett. For once, be somewhat moral about what you 'report', That way you see, you'll eradicate or somewhat reduce these ignorant posts about a young man none of us had the pleasure of knowing.

2080 days ago


What is it with the Bahamas and celebrities and/or their kids dying!! Wasn't that where Anna Nicole and her son died?? Not the hotel, but the area!! Scary!!! Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

2080 days ago
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