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Caught On Tape

Cops Attack Actors

1/6/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video showing the arrest of Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright last July, and it looks like the cops had their sights set on an ass-whuppin'.

Brolin arrest: Click to watch

It all went down in Shreveport, LA in July. Both actors were arrested for allegedly interfering with an officer. The tape we obtained begins with a passive Brolin -- his arm around fellow-actor Jeffrey Wright -- when a cop pepper sprays him in the face. But it gets more brutal -- when Wright is laying on the ground and it appears a cop repeatedly tasers him.

Today Blair Berk, the lawyer for Brolin and Wright, convinced prosecutors to dismiss all charges against all seven defendants in March, provided they obey the law until then.


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Ellie Mae Clampett    

They weren't listening to the cops when they told them to back off, so they deserved to get arrested, but they didn't deserve to get pepper sprayed or tasared. Cops get there rocks off doing unnecessary stuff like that.

2114 days ago


That was such an intelligent response toa tragic incident made by the individual who signed it "cops"! If you are a cop, you wallow in your own ignorance. Thank God most cops are NOT like you. If I were a cop, I would be ashamed of the cops in this video because they disgraced my profession. You , most certainly, are not PROFESSIONAL: You are ignorant and should seek another job. Why don`t you audition for "American Idol"? Then you can sing your childish song.

2114 days ago


cops are suppose to uphold the law. they have to remember they are not the executioner. as far as the woman in the video, this is a country of free speach. she observed a crime & actually had the right to make a citizens arrest. but let someone try this on a cop & you will be thrown in jail before you could blink. anyone has the right to make a citizens arrest as long as you are willing to file the charges & testify in a court of law. this is a clear case of police brutality & should be punishable by a court of law. when will our country realize that police are not above the law.

2114 days ago


That was such an intelligent response toa tragic incident made by the individual who signed it "cops"! If you are a cop, you wallow in your own ignorance. Thank God most cops are NOT like you. If I were a cop, I would be ashamed of the cops in this video because they disgraced my profession. You , most certainly, are not PROFESSIONAL: You are ignorant and should seek another job. Why don`t you audition for "American Idol"? Then you can sing your childish song.
Posted at 6:26PM on Jan 6th 2009 by HonestAbe

Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya
O Lord, kumbaya

naw, lets rock !!!...

bad boys, bad boys
whatcha gonna do
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honestAbe NOT so honest !!!

2114 days ago


The recording begins after the actual altercation is over. When the recording begins, the police have already decided they have good cause to arrest, and Brolin and Wright are trying to talk them out of it. When they don't immediately follow police instructions, they are subject to forcible arrest. That's what we as a society pay the police to do.

Brolin and Wright would not have cut a deal with the DA if that tape showed the entire incident. Clearly they got some pals to post the tape to garner public sympathy, depending on the public's inability to properly interpret what the tape actually shows.

2114 days ago


Brolin seemed preatty passive after being pepper sprayed. Wright seemed to be slightly resisting the cops as they tried to get him to the ground.
Was he tasered? I couldn't tell really.
You hear the gal video taping saying that, but I didn't really see it.
The cops seemed agressive, but not overly so.

This ain't no Rodnet King incident but they seemed to have more trouble with Wright than Brolin
The video was too jerky, too dark with too much dramatic commmentary by the videographer to say excessive force by cops.

Take a deep breath everyone - calm down -no one was killed.

2114 days ago


Brolin's a D-Bag and got what he deserved.
When a Police Officer tells you to do something, DO IT!!!!

2114 days ago


Both of them were pepper sprayed b/c they disobeyed the officers orders. Notice the compliance pepper spray generally brings about in people Brolin after it's been applied? Wright on the other hand decided to resist being handcuffed b/c he thought he was above the law or that the officers are wrong. If they're wrong, they'll answer for that, but you don't resist arrest or be non-compliant when they're trying to handcuff you b/c force will be applied should that occur.

Wright definitely wasn't tasered b/c you'd know it in a second if he was by the scream it would've brought about. Even the crappy camera that was used to record this would've picked up the audible screams had been tasered.

The police in this video are totally justified in their actions due to the inability of the two D-list celebs to follow orders.

2114 days ago


There are instances where leiencey would obviously be called for when it comes to judgement calls from a police officer. Let's face it, if someone is a threat to you, wouldn't you rather error on the side of caution? I believe that to be completely acceptable. But attacking (I don't know if he hit him and tasered or pepper sprayed him at that point, I don't recall) a person when they are in HANDCUFFS is obviously wrong. I can't understand how some can watch a video with cops OBVIOUSLY overstepping their bounds and then say, "Well it's OK. They are doing a job we reaaaallllly don't want to do, so you know...they can beat on people and abuse their authority, because, you know, we really would not want to do what they're doing." What the hell is that?

2114 days ago


dont tase him, bro

2114 days ago


Some of the anti-cop statements on this thread are astounding in their ignorance and hostility. When the police are on the scene, it's ILLEGAL not to comply with their instructions. WE, through our representative lawmakers, give them that power in order to insure the law is enforced on the streets. Their mission is a very difficult and dangerous one. Read, if you will, the number of bozos and ignorant nutcases on this very thread who threaten the very lives of the police and you may get some feel for what the police are up against on a daily basis.

There are bad cops, but they're a tiny minority. Contrary to several claims on this thread by people who clearly don't know how cops are selected, psychological testing is a national norm for all sworn officers, and training is at its highest level of professionalism in American history. Cops are some of the very best men and women in America, and we all should be grateful for the courage they demonstrate every day they put on a uniform and face the murderous haters out there, some of whom have posted on this thread.

In Post #51 I've commented on the Brolin/Wright incident. I'll simply reiterate that the tape doesn't show the entire incident, and Brolin and Wright would be suing the New Orleans police if it did. They're not suing though, are they? No, they're not. Instead, they cut a deal with the DA, a deal which contains a "contemplation of dismissal," meaning there is an implicit admission of guilt, and the case will be dismissed only if they behave themselves. So instead of standing up in court and declaring their innocence, they're dishonestly posting an edited tape on TMZ, and hoping the public is dumb enough to believe that the tape tells the whole story.

2114 days ago


Let the Lord be thy Shepherd......

2114 days ago


You can't count Josh Brolin as a real actor. He is just a spoiled brat of an actor. But never the less the cops shouldn't have done what they did,

2114 days ago


Re #57: Actually you're wrong. Until you are officially detained by an officer with probable cause to search/seize you, you are free to leave a police encounter. Look it up. The problem is, too many people don't know their constitutional search and seizure rights. This is how police are able to take advantage of people and intimidate them into compliance. Not until you're arrested/detained, do you have to comply with an officer's requests. We don't know what the situation was until those handcuffs were placed on the men, so let's not make assumptions about what transpired.

Also, cops in general are getting too liberal with the use of tasers. They are only supposed to be used when someone is resisting arrest or is being violent toward an officer. Unfortunately, a lot of officers think they can use a taser automatically, instead of proceeding with requests for compliance first. If Jeffrey Wright was on the ground and already restrained, what purpose was served by tasering him?

And also, how do you know Brolin and Wright are responsible for posting the tape on TMZ? I wasn't aware of your clairvoyance.

2114 days ago


These cops are obviously power tripping. Cops are good for the world obviously, but not power tripping losers. This happens more and more often lately, they need to be prosecuted and sent to jail themselves. If not I hope they kill themselves.

2114 days ago
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