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Caught On Tape

Cops Attack Actors

1/6/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video showing the arrest of Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright last July, and it looks like the cops had their sights set on an ass-whuppin'.

Brolin arrest: Click to watch

It all went down in Shreveport, LA in July. Both actors were arrested for allegedly interfering with an officer. The tape we obtained begins with a passive Brolin -- his arm around fellow-actor Jeffrey Wright -- when a cop pepper sprays him in the face. But it gets more brutal -- when Wright is laying on the ground and it appears a cop repeatedly tasers him.

Today Blair Berk, the lawyer for Brolin and Wright, convinced prosecutors to dismiss all charges against all seven defendants in March, provided they obey the law until then.


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If the tape fits you must acquit!

2079 days ago


TMZ, you havent posted anything new since freaking 5:00. Has no one done anything interesting since then? I find that highly unlikely. Get off your ass, quit taking coffee breaks or whatever the hell your doing and give me the dirt. IM BOREDDDD with this crap. GEEEEZZEEEE

2079 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Cain't we all just get along?

2079 days ago


Hey # 7,,,Go to hell you piece of crap ! My father has been a police officer for 22 yrs in southern calif, and is well respected by his peers and people in the community ( good and bad ). My father puts his job above no ones else's. He has been a great father to myself and two other sisters. No one put a gun to his head and told him to be a police officer. He was college educated and decided it was a profession best fit for him. He simply does his job and respects the rights of everyone. What really upsets me is when you use the word " kill " because that is a strong word to decribe your feelings. Just so you know, my family works in area's, made up of all races. He has had ALL races run from him, try to hurt him and shoot at him but he continues to help people when they need it. Many police officers lose their lives every year, which means they leave family behind to figure out how their lives will now continue on.

# 7, your probley the first person to ask the police for help, when you need it !.....

As for the tape. both guys are very intoxicated and seem to be asked numerous times to let go of each other but they refuse to. They are warned several times to let go but they don't. A desicion was made to arrest them and it seems from the tape the appropiate force was used. You can see that the guy on the street was resisiting but hard to see anything else. I certantly don't approve of excessive force. The DA may have dropped the case because of a variety of reasons. If these drunk guys want to make a complaint because of the officers actions, then they can. A judge or jury can decide from there.

As for the women yelling at the police officer that they are being taped and gets to close to the officers. That behavior will land you in jail very fast. The last thing officers need to do, is turn their attention away from the person they are arresting, in order to deal with someone trying to make the situation worse.

2079 days ago

Ima Fibbin    

Im surprised they didnt attack the girl with the camera. Stupid oinkers!! F Da Police!!!

2079 days ago


A couple of dumb ass acotrs got their asses kicked. Cops rock!

2079 days ago

god loves us all    

there was not reason to tase someone that was already down on the ground after blasting them with pepper spray. this is a clear cut example of "excessive force", period. i think the cops should be prosecuted. i have all the respect in the world for GOOD cops....but these guys were out of line and unprofessional. some cops make them all look bad by being on such an ego trip and have a "God complex".

2079 days ago

Insane Galwegian    

Thankfully the cops here in Ireland don't have pepper spray or tazers or there would be no stopping them. But am I wrong to think there is a legal distance you must be from the person before you spray them? Personally I didn't see that the 2 guys were "very intoxicated" they were surrendering but the cop wouldn't stop spraying them. I really do think they went overboard, but you should see what some cops here & in England do to people who are being arrested. I seen my cousin arrested without a mark on him & when he came home his face was all cut up where the cops had hit him because he didn't know the answers to the questions he was being asked.

Also on the subject of the woman doing the recording, she did get arrested. If you watch it again, right to the end, you will see the cop give her a warning to step back & then he turns her to the wall & says "put your hands behind your back".

2079 days ago


I agree that #7 is a complete idiot. I wouldnt want a cops job for anything. I have full respect for what they do. BUT I do not agree with tazing someone on the ground. That's wrong and it is abuse of power

2079 days ago


Repeated tasering can KILL. These cops are animals and their asses belong in jail. To those of you crying "poor cops!", you should be ashamed for supporting that garbage. These cops are no better than the punks they are supposedly protecting the public from.

2079 days ago


#59 I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn't read my post #51. I stated there that the police had already decided good cause existed to arrest the pair. That means BY LAW any instructions they give must be followed. In practice any legal instruction a police officer gives when he or she has been called to a scene should be followed. There's an abundance of case law to support that statement. If an officer gives an unreasonable or illegal instruction, follow orders on the scene, and detail the officer's wrong acts later to the judge.

The actual altercation which Brolin and Wright were involved in, which initiated the call to police, is quite obviously over by the time the tape posted on TMZ starts rolling. The tape is edited to make it look like the police started swinging for no reason. Anyone who knows how police operate would scoff at the notion. When the police decide a subject is being uncooperative, they are trained to act quickly, decisively and firmly to control the subject with as much force as necessary to overpower the subject and get him in handcuffs. Note that's only "as much force as necessary," not "excessive force." It's clear from the tape that Brolin and Wright were trying to talk the police out of arresting them, i.e., being uncooperative. The officers acted firmly in response, as they are legally empowered to do.

As for who posted the tape, I'd bet any amount of money it was done either by Brolin and Wright, or at the behest of one or both of them. They cut a deal with the DA rather than declare themselves innocent. The next day, a videotape appears edited to make them look like victims. Why didn't they produce the tape while fighting to show their innocence before a jury of their peers? Because they know the standards of evidence in a court of law are far more stringent than the publishing standards of the gossip mongers at TMZ.

2079 days ago


The sad truth to it all is that I live in this "wonderful" city. You haven't seen anything until you see Shreveport Police in action. The downtown district, which is where the video was taken, is a bar hopping wonderland during the evening hours with doors closing at 6 am. Shreveport Police has a small division dedicated to the downtown area with surrounding districts as backup. These officers run from bar to bar, fight after fight, shooting after shooting. Three of these bars are large scale dance clubs. These "Pigs" as you left wing idiots call them try to maintain a safer enviroment for people to enjoy an evening out without having to worry if your going to be shot walking through the district. What TMZ doesn't tell you is that the Police were called there to remove Brolin and his, oh you can't touch us because we're stars and don't have to obey the law friends, is that they were disregarding several requests by the club owner to settle down and respect the other people in the club. The mace was used and justified because Brolin and his buddies had been agressively arguing with the bar owner and then the Police... Causing a DISTURBANCE. Look it up folks, its called disturbing the peace. After several attempts in asking the Brolin Gang to leave the area, and of course the commen, I KNOW MY RIGHTS crap, and the tuanting the drunken public to join in the fight... INCITING A RIOT... thats a law too by the way. Shreveport Police had every right to mace them. The unfortunate thing is that it wasn't in 3-D. They had every right to spray the drunk idiot who thought she was a Supreme Court Judge. That would have been great to have heard her reaction. I know that there are bad cops out there, and Shreveport has had its fair share. I've seen it first hand, but let me tell you this isn't the case. As for the tasing, the video doesn't show you that Wright was fully resisting and made several threatening statements. Tasing is actually on the same use of force level as mace. Yes it hurts like hell, but it gets your mind right real quick. However, once they stop tasing the pain goes away. Thats not the case for mace, its long lasting, and yes you can be tased, maced, even shot while being handcuffed. It just all depends on the situation and how far a drunken idiot takes his level of resistance. A Shreveport Police officer was killed by a handcuffed suspect several years ago.

2079 days ago


Thank you Tom... That was the best comment to this entire situation. Unfortunately it will anger some, and others might have a better understanding and recant what they originally thought. It didn't matter that they were movie stars or everyday Joes. The Police had a situation that had to be handled quickly or the situation would have grown. People don't understand that if an officer is in fear for his/her life and can justify it in the eyes of the court, deadly force can be used. Just because someone isn't possessing or brandishing a weapon doesn't mean force can't be used. If a large group of people are threatening the officer(s) and closing in on the "survival gap", all bets are off.

2079 days ago

cut out my eyes!!!    

Tasers are pretty loud, I didn't hear the "clacking" of the weapon as the gal was saying "why are you still shocking him" You can clearly hear the ppl in the background, but no sound of the taser. She was probably just talking for the camera to give a lopsided view to her video. After all the video dosn't show the whole altercation, so its hard saying who was in the wrong.

2079 days ago


I love the guys who say "well if they had just obeyed the cops this wouldn't have happened." I want to see them face some a-hole dumbass cop who is just itching to get their taser out. I want to see them try to be reasonable when the police are being aggressive and insulting. Then I want to see them just lay down and take it.

You shouldn't have to comply with a cop who is being unreasonable and aggressive. And if you do, you are just a compliant weasel. What if they tell you to get on your knees? I've seen it happen.


2079 days ago
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