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Caught On Tape

Cops Attack Actors

1/6/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video showing the arrest of Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright last July, and it looks like the cops had their sights set on an ass-whuppin'.

Brolin arrest: Click to watch

It all went down in Shreveport, LA in July. Both actors were arrested for allegedly interfering with an officer. The tape we obtained begins with a passive Brolin -- his arm around fellow-actor Jeffrey Wright -- when a cop pepper sprays him in the face. But it gets more brutal -- when Wright is laying on the ground and it appears a cop repeatedly tasers him.

Today Blair Berk, the lawyer for Brolin and Wright, convinced prosecutors to dismiss all charges against all seven defendants in March, provided they obey the law until then.


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ACLU member    

I honestly don't see what the cops did wrong as TMZ says. All I saw was those two D listed actors acted very gay by touching each other.

2117 days ago


I can't stand cops who act like this. South Florida is FULL of them. A bunch of losers from high school who used to be fat and got picked on turn cops who now feel like they have all the power.

It's easy to get arrested and thrown in jail but to get out (even if you are innocent) is a complete nightmare. All the red tape and bs.

I hope these cops get demoted to traffic ticket duty.

2117 days ago


It did look like the one man resisted, but once someone is in cuffs there is no reason to tase them unless they are harming an officer (which the tape didn't show). It could of been excessive force, but the tape doesn't show enough of what happened to mr. wright. The problem with american cops is that they are undertrained. U.S. needs to go the route that other countries have gone, and hire more skilled individuals to be officers. In Canada and the U.K., the majority of the cops not only have a police foundations diploma and a criminal justice/phys degree, but also spend 6 months at "depot" in Canada or at base in the U.K.. They also all pass physcological evaluations before taking a job. The vast majority are bilingual or trilingual. Getting a job as an american cop is ridiculously easy. As a duel citizen, the process took me 2 months to get an offer in Louisiana (not including training). In Canada it took me 13 months, and then I did another 6 months of training. In 3 years on the job I have never tased someone (and have only seen someone get tased twice). That being said, I am surprised the lady with the camera didn't get arrested, or at least detained. Interfereing like that is usually enough reason to detain someone.

2117 days ago


Kill all PIGS!!

2117 days ago


This video is another example of steriod raging power crazed cops that cant wait to try out their new toys on the public for any reason. Im just glad more ppl are video taping whats really going on. I've been tazered before and trust me its NOT FUN...

2117 days ago


This is ridiculous - I honestly did not believe before I watched the video that the police could or would behave this way. I thought TMZ was exaggerating. In front of witnesses! While on tape! There was no reason for the manhandling of Brolin, who was clearly passive, and even less reason for the use of a taser on a restrained man. It is quite clear that these officers were out of line, and I would expect this video will be taken from TMZ as evidence quite shortly.

If not - do we really live in a country where the police have that much power to abuse their authority? This is unacceptable in any democracy, but particularly offensive in the USA. I'd like to be there when the officers explain their behavior. Spankings all around!

2117 days ago


Completely TYPICAL of the cops I've seen. They wonder why nobody likes cops. THIS is why!! They need to alter the psychological entrance exams to exclude cops like these who use unnecessary brute force, and feel the need to exert their power without provocation.

2117 days ago

ray ray    

This beotch with the camera should be prosecuted. the cops may have been a little rough but nothing worthy of an assault charge. sometihng like punching someone in a bar is worth of an assualt charge.

2117 days ago


Cops don't arrest people for no reason, they must have done something. How convenient that we don't see what caused the commotion. The idiot behind the camera should have been arrested too as she was interfering with police ( I think she was arrested, right?)

2117 days ago

Psycho Mike    

So tired of these corrupt facist cops abusing their authority. Police should be required to spend their time preventing murders, rapes, and theft, not spending their time harrassing people to boost their egos and or increrase the revenues for their depts, cities, etc..

2117 days ago


you will respect my authority

2117 days ago


"12. Cops don't arrest people for no reason, they must have done something"

What reality are you living in?

2117 days ago


If we want our cops to be the best public servants out on there on the streets, let us help them by offering better solutions instead and not encourage hate for them. This matter should be left up to the local authority to investigate for due process. Thank you.

2117 days ago


Thun is right. Poorly trained and credentialed cops make for bad policing. Police unions are similar to teacher's union in that you have to be worse than God awful before you are reprimanded or fired. In the case of the police you can literally kill someone and keep your job. I just watched some cell phone video of a cop shooting a face down subject and killing him in Oakland. No scuffle, no nothing. He just drew his gun and shot him in the back while he was face down on the ground with at least 5 or 6 cops right there and about 30 or so witnesses. Camera phones caught it on tape from two different angles. It's that level of training that causes these things. The only reason we know about this incident in New Orleans is because they are famous.

2117 days ago


This crap happens all the time. I've witnessed plenty of "abuse of power" situations by officers with a God complex. I've seen people tackled & beaten by cops without instigation. Here in Memphis, TN, they have such a hard time hiring police officers that they've dropped the requirement for a high school diploma. If we didn't have enough corruption already, now we're giving uneducated thugs a walk-on position after a 6 weeks of training.

2117 days ago
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