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Jett Travolta Found with Pulse

1/6/2009 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

People in the bathroom trying to revive Jett Travolta believe they detected a "faint pulse" during the rescue effort.

We've now learned specifics about the circumstances surrounding Jett's death. The bathroom where John Travolta's son was found has a small toilet area with a door. Jett was found in that area with the door closed.

Jett had suffered a seizure and struck either the toilet or the wall as he collapsed. He was "bleeding in several areas," including his mouth. He had no cuts but did have bruises on his body. Jett had also been bleeding internally.

A funeral home official said the body was in "great shape" and showed "no sign of head trauma." In fact, we're told there was a considerable amount of blood after the resuscitation efforts but it could have been wiped clean after he died, and the color of Jett's skin could have masked bruises, since Jett had been dead for three days before the autopsy was performed.


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Remind me not to hire nannies like Jett had. Report I read said he was last seen at 10 PM but not found until 10 AM the next morning. Nannies went to sleep at 11:30 PM. Parents don't go to sleep until around 5 AM. Does no one bother to check on this child before going to sleep. What are the nannies late sleepers? This child was found around 10 AM. Where in the heck was everybody between 10 PM and the time he was found. Everyone is saying he had so much supervision. Maybe so but not good supervision. Jett is with God now. I know Christians do not consider him degraded and it is my belief neither does God. All I can say with Supervision the kind he had, this was a tragedy just waiting to happen. Remind me not to hire those nannies.

2063 days ago


Once upon a time... on Larry King ...Whorefest...

Travolta's brother thought Jett was autistic.

The autopsy didn't conduct body fluid analysis....therefore an incomplete examination.

You CAN'T determine Kamakazi Syndrome WITHOUT said above.tests

Kamakazi syndrome is NOT a chronic disease but has chronic Reactions.

The Travolta's want to cremate their son immediately.

Larry King states...paraphrasing...that the parents only real concern is that their child
has died ... (therefore...not caring what they actually died from?)

My Sherlock Holmes conclusion would be...

The parents know what he died from...

The parents don't want the public to know what he died from...'s none of our business...what he died from.

2063 days ago

Peace Out    

This is my first time on this site and will be my last. I feel sorry for you people who have nothing better to do than gossip about celebrities whom you will never know or have any real contact with in your life. Try putting the shoe on the other foot and think about how you'd appreciate this type of gossip if it were your family dealing with a tragedy. Let it go!

2063 days ago


I agree that the Travoltas have suffered a horrible loss. But every time something is said that puts a bad light on their son's care, suddenly a family source or friend gets TMZ on the line and says something oppositie. Who is the source this time? TMZ doesn't even say. If Jett had continuous and attentive care, why do all the Travolta sources even care what is said? You can blame TMZ all you want, but the Travolta sources are feeding the frenzy, too. I don't understand the constant need for spin and why they are even playing this game That's why I don't believe a word they say.

2063 days ago

justice is served    

I am officially DONE with TMZ. They are spewing THEIR opinions and wishes here. I THINK I'LL STICK WITH WHAT THE CORONER HAS TO SAY RATHER THAN SOME 2ND RATE RAG.

2063 days ago


Read the facts about teenagers and seizures before you post. I'm not a fan of Co$ in the least but seizures in teens can be complicated and fatal. Medications don't always work and can have extremely toxic side effects, not all patients can tolerate them. He wouldn't be the first, not by a long shot. Even when they do stop seizures, doctors try to take the kids off the drug after 2 years, hoping the child will remain seizure free. THINK before you post and RESEARCH, maybe then you'll be able to just feel sadness for a tragic loss.

2063 days ago


Why didn't they speak out on this sickness. It seemed like they hid it and him. Speak out to get help, find answers. They have the money to do so. Maybe they'll speak out about it now that it's to late. Isn't the world about helping each other. Talk about things, try and get help. Though we don't know what was exactly wrong with Jett. I feel so horrible for him not getting the help he needed. Yes there are dogs out there that can sense seizures. We should use these animals and train them for such things instead of putting thousands or millions to sleep. Animals are man's best freind we know that so let's show some appreciation for them and maybe this can help someone else in need that has such seizures. We have to learn from our mistakes, not point fingers and blame just grow and learn. Come together as the song goes. Sure Jett might have been able to be saved but it didn't happen. You don't think there feeling guilt that's going to consume them the rest of their lives. Every waking moment. When they can, I'm sure they'll come out about the sickness and try and help others understand more about what happened so they can go on with live. My heart and sadness goes out to the family as human beings on this earth the same as me and you.

2063 days ago


Has any one considered child abuse? Because of the two nannies in charge and the 3 day delay in finding him. Something is far too fishy here. Something is not right here. Just not right at all.

2063 days ago


Yes, I agree with #15, why should we let it go? I poor boy died because he was prone to his seizures and his parents' religion didn't allow him the anti-seizure drug or frowned against it. Why should we drop this when this poor child should still be and probably would be stiill alive if he had taken his Depakote!

2063 days ago

Carrys F.    

Rumor and innuendo have been plauguing this story since that poor child passed. I wish media outlets (even celebrity media outlets) would bother to get the facts before they start spewing stories from "sources." It's so frustrating to me - I can only imagine how the family and friends felt having read all the previous lies that have been printed.

2063 days ago


If the reporing sounds like a cover up or fishy, perhaps it due to the reporting and not the family. Perhaps TMZ is delinquent in verifying comments from unauthorized personnel. They are milking this story obviously are not trying to get to the truth but be the first to report - whether it is true or not. Those who are smart and interested in this case are waiting to get their information from reliable resources not a gossip/entertainment website.

2063 days ago

two cents    

***cough*** cover up ***cough***

The details keep changing, the rush to cremated the body, the difference in stories from the police vs the clam camp, the doctors on tv stating it is IMPOSSIBLE to get autopsy results back in a few hours as it takes days and weeks, the rush to label his death from "seizures" yet NO trauma noticed on the body, doctors stating Kawasaki Disease does NOT affect 16 year old, having their own private physician flown in to "observe" the autopsy???? etc etc... How DO they keep their lies straight.

Does ANYONE else find it strange all the BEAUTIFUL photos that were released. Sort of like they KNEW he was going to die, and had taken all these great shots to show the public. What are the odds? I wonder. It almost seems like "they" made sure to take lots of photos of Jett, great shots, so they could remember how he looked that one last time....Before they sent him off to his room where he was to die. Simply amazing, n'est pas?

2063 days ago


Hey Linda at 8:50AM on Jan 6th 2009, how long have you been a scientologist? You know, they will not let you meet any celebrities no matter how much money you give them. Btw, L Ron was a closet homo and a lousy writer

2063 days ago


My heart is broken for this family they will never get over it ever! so i don't think anyone or anything should try and turn something as tragic as losing a child the most heartbreaking situation any person could ever be in into headlines everyone knows know let it go and leave it alone and agree TMZ should do there homework better and they are border lining sleazy they should be very careful John Travolta is a very very well liked person he is very generous he also just an average guy with money you never see him in tabloids and this is not the story to start with so let it go and let them grieve.

2063 days ago


The coroner's that did the autopsy said that there was no trauma to the head. Enough is enough, you are making up stories now to make people look like heroes.

2063 days ago
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