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Brad -- Angie's No Homewrecktress

1/7/2009 3:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So Brad Pitt is trying to explain what happened when he hooked up with Angelina Jolie, and we think he doth protest a bit too much.

Pitt tells W he was "still filming after Jen [Aniston] and I split up. Even then it doesn't mean that there was some kind of dastardly affair. There wasn't. I'm very proud of the way that it was handled. It was respectful." Tell that to Jen: She said it was "uncool."

Service, Ms. Aniston.


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Who does he think he is? Does he really think we are that stupid? Guess what Jerk were not. You and Angie was galloping around other coutries before you divorce was final and I believe Angie was pregnant before your divorce was final. What a jerk.

2117 days ago


Isn't that typical cheater behavior?? Deny, deny, deny!! Brad Pitt is quickly becoming the next Tom Cruise, an actor that has lost the public's respect and not worth the price of admission.

2117 days ago


I agree with most.

-if you didn't go anything wrong, why a legion of kids later your still defending your actions. You and the homewrecker seem to be the only one to bring it up whenever you have amovie premier. That's is not cute. It's tacky. I can't wait til she leaves you for the next man who will take on all them children

2117 days ago


He's a little late coming to Angie's (and his) defense. Jen's statements were made weeks ago. If he felt they were untrue and warranted a defense, an immediate one would have been much less suspect. The significant delay between her comments and his defensive retorts tells me one thing - Angie had a fit and harranged him until he finally came to her defense. Brad might have chosen the higher path and decided not to comment at all. Who knows? However, it's been too long since Jen's comments were made to respond effectively. At this point it just makes Brad and Angelina look that much more guilty.

2117 days ago


If you are MARRIED and hook up with some else besides your wife It's called CHEATING and no matter how he tried to spin it he went outside of his vows Face it BRad if you are so proud of his relationship with LIPPS and know that he didn't do wrong by Jen then he would not TRY to donw play his actions.

Why would he care what we the public think? Because he knows he did wrong and did lose some of his fan base because of his actions I just wish he and Angie would just give it a rest and move on just say no comment.

Funny how he can dump his wife for another woman in public but can't spew out a simple NO COMMENT.

2117 days ago


Let's face it Brad and Angie hooking up has been THE best thing for Jen's career. Her acting is beyond boring. She couldn't carry a movie herself is her life depended on it. She put career before marriage and family and now she's got what she wants.. her career is going somewhere. Brad and Angie have the life they want with their kids . If anything Jen should be thanking them not whining. Get over it already.

2117 days ago


I would have more respect for these liars if they were just honest. Brad. "Oh no we didnt hook up til after we broke up." Angie" I would never do that cause my daddy did that to my mommy and I would never able to look at myself in the mirror." Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. They are both cheaters and liars. They need to face it. Brad is just worried about his all mighty image. He made his choices he needs to own up to them.

2117 days ago


Respectful?...And only weeks after the split he posed with Angelina in W magazine pretending to be a "family"? Is that respect? Brad Pitt feel he must apologize because he knows he si guilty. He knows that he publicly humillated Aniston showing no compassion and again, no respect. Sorry Brad, no matter how many biological or adopted children you have you still a cheater and a weak soul. You have no control of your life, Angelina does.- Learn to live with it.

2117 days ago


Maybe Jen did want kids, but after being roided up for the movie Troy, then getting off the juice, Brad just could not seal the deal in the bedroom. Either way, Brad we know your a cheater, Angie, your a low life, I do not care how many kids you adopt. PS I heard your house stinks.

2117 days ago


First, Jennifer Aniston never said anything about Brad and Angie's affair until Angie opened her big mouth. Second, Angie said, and this may not be verbatim "how happy she will be when her children see the film where their parents fell in love (Mr. & Mrs. Smith). Third, that was the comment that Jennifer Aniston said was "uncool". Oh, and yes, I'm a big Jennifer Aniston fan. It's amazing to me how Angie said she disliked how her father cheated on his mother, but she can do it with no problem. Got to love the double standard.

2117 days ago


OOOOHHHHHHHHH, now we understand all of it Brad. Thanks for clearin' that up for us. We all thought a man who has a ring on his is finger is married. Our bad.

GIVE ME A HUGE, GIANT, GINORMOUS, break here. It will never matter who the man is, they all are so full of it when comes to fooling around on their wives and TRYING to explain it all away. Even Brad Pitt.

But, its not like Brad wound up with a prize winner for a new woman. I say good riddens , Jen found out what kind of person he truly is.

What is that saying about cheaters......If they'll do it with you, they will do it to you. Brad, sweetie I suspect you should keep one eye on that piece of work you decided to have MANY kids with. Trust, she is a nut and your just in a long line of fellows for her. Dummy.

2117 days ago


She's a hypocrite and a fake. . She doesnt talk to her father because what he did. She is just like him.

2117 days ago


I agree with the majority of the comments. The whole world knows that they cheated. Let me remind those that think that Jen needs to get a life...her "uncool" comment should be respected because it was made in response to a question being asked to Angelina recently about letting her children watch Mr & Mrs. Smith, to which she responded something along the lines that she would let them watch the movie because not many people can watch a film in which their parents fell in love...and how she couldn't wait to go to work. Jen's "uncool" comment was made because SHE believed that after all this time this comment was not nice. Reminder: when Jen was asked if she believed that there had been an affair, she stated "I choose to believe my husband"...meaning he told her that he never cheated!!! And a couple of months later the world was stunned at the first pregnant pics of Angelina. I think Jen is doing great...Her movie has been #1 at the box office for 2 weeks & she's dating a hot guy!!! Brad has SERIOUSLY aged since starting with Angelina.

2117 days ago


Why are all these women so pissed off about this. Brad has every right to be with any woman he chooses. And to be honest most men would choose Angie over Jen any day of the week. And from where I stand those two are doing great and have a great life together so who are we to hate. I think Jen needs to look in the mirror and find out what it is about herself that makes men run for the hill after being with her for only a short time, Because this is not the first times shes been left.

2117 days ago


Someone said that Nicole Kidman makes no comment about Cruise and Katie but I believe they divorced prior to him meeting Katie-Perhaps I am wrong. I do think it was a bit hurtful to Cruise to say on Oprah that he has NEVER felt about any woman or loved the way he loves Katie--that must have been hurtful to Nicole!!

As for Jen she never said a word all of these years till Angie opened her mouth up---in all fairness to them though I think Brad has grown up and is a better person not so hollywood anymore since Angie. They could have had an overwhelping attraction, and tried to do things properly on the set who knows??? We cannot really judge other people.

2117 days ago
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