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Cops Think Faizon Has Struck Again!

1/7/2009 11:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources say comedian/actor Faizon Love is the suspect in a battery last night in West Hollywood.

The incident went down at 1:00 AM this morning at the Standard Hotel. Love -- who played Big Worm in "Friday" -- allegedly struck a man in the head with his fist. By the time cops arrived, Love was nowhere to be found. Cops tell us -- they'd Love to talk to him.

In June 2007, Love was sued for allegedly committing a "barbaric assault" on a woman who was a former stage manager in one of his productions. She says the actor chased her around the table, yelled and cursed and threw chairs at her after she allegedly rejected his sexual advances. It appears a default judgment was entered against Love.


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Smokey..Wheres My Money? lol dont mess with Big worm !

2115 days ago


by the look'z of him he wont hard to find..............

2115 days ago

Native Lover    

What is going on with these comedians? First Dave Chapelle, then Kat Williams they both losing they damn minds. We lose one of the greats Bernie Mac and this brotha Mr, Love just need anger management. Its nuts have some respects for your self violence is not the answer. I feel sorry for him because his career isn't all that to begin with and now he may not work again.

2115 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Is he the next Suge Knight?? He looks the part.. lol

2115 days ago


Whassup big perm, I mean big worm

2115 days ago



2115 days ago


All of their antics are results of low self esteem. Yes they're rich, famous and the sorts but they want to be worshipped like Gods on all levels and when they are not and told "NO" they throw hissy fits. Message to barbarians like this, get over yourselves. Money can't buy you everything ...... you see as far as health and happiness money fails you miserably ...... don't care how rich you are, money does not by eternal life, health or happiness and in a lot of cases rich people even loose their money after so many years .... so you see Faison, you're no God ...... man up and grow up ......

2115 days ago


Over privileged jerk off!

2115 days ago


wow, i can only see the whites of his eye balls !!!

hey tmz, you sure this is a "coloured" pic???

2115 days ago


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2115 days ago

99centz'z jezzicaz dad!!!

2115 days ago


why is it still around???

99 centz is NOT funny

nuff said PERIOD

2115 days ago

Proud American    

This man is dangerous his. He is taking his fame to far. He need some therapy.

2114 days ago


This guy is SLIM!! He also owes my son ALOT of money for something he wanted made and never paid for it....I hope he gets what is coming to him!!

2114 days ago


Nothing is worse than active ignorance.

2114 days ago

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