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Hilton Welcomes Guests for Memorial

1/7/2009 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Guests at one of the top two hotels in Ocala, Florida are starting to come in, but no one you would know.

Someone from the Hilton tells us 17 rooms have been blocked off for Jett Travolta's memorial. The only people who have checked in so far are "doctor/lawyer" types. They started coming in at around midnight.

Several limo companies have been hired to take people to and from the airport. Right now five SUVs are parked in front of the hotel.

We've got one report we're trying to confirm about a celeb who may be staying at John Travolta's house. We're working on that.


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All you idiots who are attacking TMZ..go spew your self righteous propoganda to someone who cares..maybe you can join the cult of scientology..I hear they always need new converts and more money.

2084 days ago


donnie, This has NOTHING to do with YOU. Get over yourself!

I have to agree with whoever did the post about Anna Nicole, we didn't respect her privacy or the family after her son died and then after she died.

Just the way we roll.....

2084 days ago


Scientology is nowhere whithout their celebrity mem bers...they would die on the vine. Christianity, on the other hand, has grown from the lowest member up. Do you think TomCruise would die in a forum i n Rome? only in the movies

2084 days ago


Tom & Nicole never discussed their split. With gaining a little bit of sceintology knowledge now, did that a$$ dump her because she lost the baby and he somehow blammed her not continuing with her "lessons" or whatever you call it in sceintology?

2084 days ago


How Dare anyone compare this tragedy with Anna Nicole Smith.
She was a train wreck waiting to derail. And as for her son, what chance did he ever have with a mom like that?
Jett Travolta was taken care of above and beyond expectations. He was loved unconditionally.
YOU sad freaks on here, don't you have a house to clean? Kids to look after? A husband/wife needing you? A life beyond speculating about things you have no idea about? Get the hell off this family and look after your OWN life.
Reading gossip is one thing ... but TMZ, you have now became like the rag mag Star and Enquirer. Shame on YOU!

2084 days ago


Anyone connected to Scientology is a train wreck waiting to derail too. Do some reading at And if you are a Scientologist you can save yourself a lot of money, time and misery and see what the big secret is that they all strive to learn.

2084 days ago


I am a student of pharmaceutical sciences with epilepsy. I checked the facts and press releases of the Travoltas lawyer for myself and I am convinced now that Jett Travoltas death would very likely have been avoidable had he been on adequate medication to treat his seizures. Whether he was suffering from Kawasaki syndrome or autism doesn't matter in this regard. The simple fact that he was on no antiepleptic medication whatsoever at the time of the deadly seizure speaks for itself. Normally children with such a high frequency of epileptic fits as the Travoltas lawyers stated I know would be wearing helmets and other special gear to protect them and be under constant supervision in order that emergency medication can be administerd if needed. I guess the Travoltas are simply victims of the teachings of Scientology org which doesn't recognize epilepsy as a medical condition or the drugs against it to be helpful. Some antiepileptic medications like DEKAPOTE which Jett is said to have been taking for some time are also approved to treat psychic disorders. Scientology strongly dissaproves of the use in these cases. There are even photos on the internet of Kirstie Alley (member of the Scientology) holding up signs with the slogan "Psychatrist hooking kids on drugs" . At the protests they only speak about drugs like Ritalin and Adderall as they are commonly known and easier to argue against ea. misuse, not given for a life theatening condition etc.
In my opinion Jett Travolta and his parents became victims of the misinformation and technique of denial of a dangerous organisation, no religion. Let's spread the word so that other children in the same situation recieve appropriate medical care and no cases of failure to render assistance are commited to helpless children with neurological disorders in the future. I deeply pity the Travoltas. I am sure they were loving and careing parents to Jett. Let them grieve in peace. They have learned in the hardest possible that what Scientology organisation tells its members to do is very dangerous.

2084 days ago


I am a Scientologist, but I think it is right and helpful for TMZ to report who goes to Ocala. You see a coup is being planned to take over control of our beloved church, and we need to be updated on where certain people are tomorrow.

Kudos for Haven Levin and TMZ!

2084 days ago


TMZ, leave them alone. Let the family and their friends grieve and say goodbye without cameras stalking them. Pack up your stuff and LEAVE!!!!! Seriously, put yourself in their shoes. How mad would you be if you were going through this devasting time in your life and a hundred people were watching your every move, trying to get a picture of you crying because you just lost your son.

2084 days ago



2084 days ago


This story is heartbreaking. Leave them alone Harvy. Don't you have an ounce of decency in your body?........I too predict that this family will never recover from this. These people should be left to mourn in peace.....Remeber one thing you disgusting TMZ PAPS, what goes around, comes around. Karma will be back for you!

2084 days ago


#137....Since when is tmz a news agency??? it is equal to The Enquirer and I don't know about you but The Enquirer is NOT, NOR EVER HAS BEEN a news agency???????

2084 days ago

JT Fan    

Since this story has just devolved into Scientology hysteria and a probe into the parenting skills of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, I will repost a message that I originally posted in another thread, which I guess got buried since TMZ has to post 75 different entries about the same story. I'd like someone to actually reasonably answer my questions in some manner other than, "You must be a Scientologist," "ur gay," or "STFU and get off this site," the three favorites of people who seem to hate those of us who refuse to jump to the conclusion that John Travolta was a bad father and let his son die all in the name of L. Ron Hubbard.

This was originally meant for someone who kept bringing up the Tim Kenny suicide story, which I had never heard about until a few days ago.

The constant mentioning of it prompted me to try to find out more info about this guy and it seems that this story always leads back to that one specific site - Hollywood, Interrupted. Any other blog or website that reported that story just quoted it directly from HI. If Tim Kenny was so outspoken about the Travoltas lack of understanding about autism, why aren't there more articles about it? More interviews with other media outlets? Maybe an op ed piece? I've found absolutely NOTHING else about Mr. Kenny, except for his obituary and a photo of him on a site called "The Face of Suicide."

What I've read about Mark Ebner (the creator of HI) is that he writes pretty exclusively about celeb gossip and scandals, and is very anti-Scientology. So, to have someone who obviously has it out for Scientology report on this Tim Kenny business while no one else has seems odd. Doesn't seem like the most objective or trustworthy source. I'm not suggesting that the guy made the story up, but if The Kennys went to the trouble to call child protective services on the Travoltas because they thought the home situation was so dire, it stands to reason that they'd be talking to every reporter under the sun. (Insert paranoid rant that the Scientologists control the media and that's why the story was never reported anywhere else.)

The article says that Tim Kenny met the Travoltas at his restaurant, and doesn't suggest that they had any type of close relationship in which Kenny would have had many chances to observe Jett or family interactions. So, how does he know about Jett's supposed "meltdown" in the movie theater? Was he there? Or was he just repeating gossip he heard somewhere else? How would he know that Jett "eats junk food and plays video games all day?" Was he standing outside their windows every day? As for the accusation that the Travoltas were "embarassed" by their son, well that's all it is. An accusation. This guy sure seemed to know a lot about a family who came to his restaurant, talked with him briefly, "high-tailed" it out of there, and then turned down his event invitations. Unless he was stalking them, I don't see how he could KNOW any of what he said.

As to the speculation that Tim Kenny was actually killed by Scientologists rather than by his own hand, that's just more of the same accusations based on fear and hatred. His widow has never blamed Scientology for her husband's death, so why do a bunch of people who didn't even know him feel so confident insinuating as much?

I have been a fan of John Travolta since I was a little kid, so you could think that I'M the one who's not being objective, but you'd be wrong. I am. I don't share his religious beliefs. I don't "idolize" him. I don't think he's infallible. I just think he's a good person. No, I don't KNOW that, it's just my opinion, so I'm not saying he should be left alone for that reason. I don't think he should get the benefit of the doubt just because he's rich and famous. He should get the benefit of the doubt because he's a human being and an American, and in this country, people are innocent until proven guilty...especially when they're not even on trial!!

Had this happened to Jenny McCarthy or Sylvester Stallone (both have autistic children), no one would have accused them of neglect or, worse, murder, simply because they're not Scientologists.

2084 days ago


Maybe dhe will leave sceintology, I read somewhere he asked God for help, not Ron L. Hubbard, on the way to the hospital. One can hope.

2084 days ago

tmz is the pits    

Kailen, I left your money on the dresser. Bring your friend Susan next time...I'm sure she's as good as you.

2084 days ago
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