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Hilton Welcomes Guests for Memorial

1/7/2009 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Guests at one of the top two hotels in Ocala, Florida are starting to come in, but no one you would know.

Someone from the Hilton tells us 17 rooms have been blocked off for Jett Travolta's memorial. The only people who have checked in so far are "doctor/lawyer" types. They started coming in at around midnight.

Several limo companies have been hired to take people to and from the airport. Right now five SUVs are parked in front of the hotel.

We've got one report we're trying to confirm about a celeb who may be staying at John Travolta's house. We're working on that.


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Sure. Build a landing strip for aliens near your house but please I vant prrrivacy.

2083 days ago

Aussie Mom    

You and all your employees are like vultures. Leave these poor people alone and let whomever is coming to comfort them in their grief do so but don't harrass them and stay away from that hotel for God's sake

2083 days ago

Leave them a lone    

Leave this family alone. There is nothing more painful than losing a child that you expected to live long after you passed - sitting outside like a bunch of vultures to report who is attending is horrible and an invasion of their privacy and grief. No one cares who shows up!!!!! Leave them in peace!!!!!

2083 days ago


Hubbard should be charged with "MURDER" in more ways then one!!!!!! You are now at PEACE Jett.

2083 days ago


#51, I cannot stop laughing................

2083 days ago

bsb fan    


TMZ, you really need to go over your morals and ethics... seriously--- a son has died. Leave the parents alone, who cares if they're celebrities or not. It's not our business. I will pray for them, but I don't need to know every detail of their funeral arrangements.

When it comes to journalism, you guys have hit a low... First with Heath Ledger, and now with this.... just leave them alone!!!

2083 days ago


TMZ aren’t the only ones reporting on this. It’s unrealistic to ask any of the news agencies to stop. Also if the death and even Jetts short life wasn’t under scrutiny now it would all fade away much quicker.

2083 days ago


Jett, please kick Ron Hubbard's arse good! Thank-You.......

2083 days ago


I have never commented before now - but this coverage is DISGUSTING. leave them alone. no one cares who is there and where they are staying, OK???

2083 days ago


TMZ...this is not our business. Please leave the Travolta family NOT work on it. You have become quite shameful. STOP IT...STOP IT NOW!!!!!

2083 days ago


wasn't Travolta raised a Catholic....??
he seemed so gorunded to go for the Scientology stuff...

it is still a shame, all the same..
he seems like such a nice guy and a good person
why he chose the Scientologyu path is beyond me..
I know, he's an adult, and it is his decision..

I just wish them strength and peace to get thru this- whatever their beliefs are..
Peace, John, and RIP, Jett

2083 days ago


#62, I don't know how a parent would expect a child to out live them when that same child was having death like seizures every four days. Okay, said I wasn't going to do this today, so I'm done.

2083 days ago


I am reposting and reposting and reposting.................I am not funny, am not funny, am not funnn...........................People are sick of me, are sick of me, are sick of me................................People wish I would disapper, would disapper..........I should just go to..........................

2083 days ago


TMZ is on the case eh....making sure you report every single moment of this families tragedy...very nice of you all to pry into something so personal and devastating cause you want/need to know who's who that will attend.

Leave the family alone to mourne in peace, this is not the Oscars!

All my love and prayers to the Travolta family

2083 days ago


Why oh why is it that cults always manage to convince their brainwashed followers that their leaders are special, descended from a lineage of gods, and that they have secret knowledge which will save the obedient ones?

Wise up you idiots and stop giving your money, your souls, and your free labor to such charlatans.

2083 days ago
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