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Hilton Welcomes Guests for Memorial

1/7/2009 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Guests at one of the top two hotels in Ocala, Florida are starting to come in, but no one you would know.

Someone from the Hilton tells us 17 rooms have been blocked off for Jett Travolta's memorial. The only people who have checked in so far are "doctor/lawyer" types. They started coming in at around midnight.

Several limo companies have been hired to take people to and from the airport. Right now five SUVs are parked in front of the hotel.

We've got one report we're trying to confirm about a celeb who may be staying at John Travolta's house. We're working on that.


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TMZ have some respect & leave this story alone. If the shoe was on the other foot, you would want to grieve privately with your family. They deserve the same regardless of their status.... get a clue!!!!

2123 days ago


You know TMZ you are really ignorant people, of course, people are going to come to mourn, didn't someone die??? At msot funerals people come. Why do you have to be so forthright about it. Like it's some sort of contest. Too bad things always happen to decent people..if you know what I mean. I really don't think you would want this, but being you are a bunch of nobodies, not many will show.

2123 days ago


These people are just a space-age version of the snakeoil salesmen from the Old West.

2123 days ago


I checked out his house, he better never get on the GO GREEN band wagon.

2123 days ago


Does the L in L Ron Hubbard stand for Larry? I also know another Larry who is completely wacko. From what I have read on TMZ, Scientology sounds like a dangerous cult. I can't even imagine how much money they take from these poor hollywood lost souls. It is sad.

2123 days ago


lemme break it down for y'all. no peeps were 'round wen big boi gone
toe up coz', da nanny dude wuz wit kelly gettin' a
'chales barkely
special'. jt wuzzn't round coz he wuz wit da sessy bahama girl from
da club gettin' hizzee's 'saturday night fever' on. da rest is
coverup by da man to control jt's $$$ and do a 'bernie madoff' wit
jt's $$$. y'all know da man iz tom cruise, he wanna go awl
'alien' &
shiznit wit jt's $$$. tom doing dat hitler flick went to his head,
coz he wanna take over dat
scientolo shiznit like he wuz da man, he aint da man...superfly iz da
MAN !!!


Let me guess.....Curtis, your a n***** right? And by that I mean ignorant and uneducated! I can't believe you even own a computer let alone are able to read and type!

2123 days ago


I am a big fan of looking at TMZ on a daily basis, but i just lost my father in law 2 weeks ago, and i know how bad i hurt - Leave these people alone, who cares if theres limos infront of a hotel, i mean really? If any of you were to lose a loved one, would you print a story about cars infront of your house for a memorial? No, give these people some privacy, my god. People in this world are vultures.

2123 days ago


Dear TMZ,

I'm a huge fan of your website. There are very few things I enjoy more than poking fun at those who have made massive amounts of wealth by living in the public eye.

But without name calling, pointing fingers or cursing, I think perhaps this story needs to end and these people need their privacy. A funeral/memorial service is not a "who's who"'s a time to mourn and gain a bit of closure from this very tragic story. They may be famous, but I think everyone needs to remember that they are still human. I think that acknowledging that will not take anything away from the news you produce.

I'm just sayin'

2123 days ago


That's not a house, that's a freaking space station.
I'm beginniing to think Jett was a normal baby but the cult environment made him crazy.

2123 days ago


Mary, you are our biggest fear. The type of person who gets educated on TMZ or any other celeb site. Please do not be stupid. Use your computer to educate yourself (beyond TMZ you idiot).

2123 days ago


All gossip sites, rags and shows are STILL covering this story, you clueless morons, not just TMZ. God help you all if you had to join together and use a brain cell!

2123 days ago


Let's hope the FBI/CIA is there too and taking pictures, just like they do of Mafia bosses at funerals.

2123 days ago


Who cares who attends or when they are doing what.
How would any of you like it at TMZ if your child or parent had passed away and you had people following your every step and reporting who does what and when they do it.
I enjoy your program and website for some things but thi is about as low as you can go.

2123 days ago

gossip reader    

Why are so many of you telling TMZ to "stop reporting" and calling the tabloid sleazy for doing so? TMZ is a celebrity gossip/news outlet; that's what it does!! If the stories bother you so much, STOP reading and STOP commenting!

2123 days ago


The people who are posting and demanding privacy are Scientology plants.
Go awway you godless demons!!!!!

2123 days ago
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