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Hilton Welcomes Guests for Memorial

1/7/2009 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Guests at one of the top two hotels in Ocala, Florida are starting to come in, but no one you would know.

Someone from the Hilton tells us 17 rooms have been blocked off for Jett Travolta's memorial. The only people who have checked in so far are "doctor/lawyer" types. They started coming in at around midnight.

Several limo companies have been hired to take people to and from the airport. Right now five SUVs are parked in front of the hotel.

We've got one report we're trying to confirm about a celeb who may be staying at John Travolta's house. We're working on that.


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Lord Xenu    

Real reason why Jett was "eliminated"?

He was starting to resemble Jabba The Hutt. They (The 2 Nannies - SeaOrgs) did it out of love to put and end to his suffering.

People wonder why they cremated him.

"Raw Meat
to R to index

A derogatory term for the ordinary public or non-Scientologists. "Body route some more Raw Meat into this Org, Sam, or I'll send you to Ethics!""

So you see. Jett was viewed as "Raw Meat" and they just cooked him. Now he is very very very very well done.

2085 days ago


This is where you find out who your TRUE friends are.. It doesn't matter what country you are in , you get on a plane and BE there for a friend.. Even if it's just for a day. Expensive flower arrangements don't cut it people ! What John and Kelly need now are their friends and family near, and lots of HUGS !


2085 days ago


I have never been so compelled to write something on your site before. PLEASE leave the Travolta family alone during their loss. Your fans would respect you and appreciate you much more!

2085 days ago


Maybe you creeps should let these people bury their son in peace?

God forbid you lose a child and the media descends on you like a swarm of locusts.

Sure, it's a story, but not all stories need to be told.

2085 days ago


How quaint how everyone just feels TMZ is to horrible, but we had no problems raking Anna Nicole and her son over the coals. I guess you all think the Travoltas are more respectable. How sad. If you don't like TMZ reporting things, then quit getting on the site. Free will. Why don't you spend some time on other sites like Kawasaki sites where you will find that it is curable and usually gone by age 5 and that they are hiding behind that illness so everyone will keep buying their movie tickets and not care that they are Scientologists that don't believe in mental or psychiatric illnesses. That should keep you busy.

2085 days ago


Please, can we let this family grieve in peace? Nothing that anyone thinks of this family or their beliefs should make any difference. I am a Christian and my God teaches compassion, not to take cheap shots at a family when they are going through their own personal hell. If anyone reading this has lost a child you know what they are going through. Also, they have an 8 year old daughter who just lost her beloved brother and is watching her parents heart, along with her own break. Can we please have some compassion for her? Do you all realize that this child will have to return to school at some point and knowing how cruel children can be, or just by not knowing any better, they will repeat things they have heard their parents and others say. This family has suffered a horrible loss, and their family will never be the same. You may not agree with their beliefs, you may not believe with their lifestyle, but leave them to their lives. None of us live in their home, none of us know what the "media" says is true or not, lets leave them in peace. I send the family all of my prayers and wishes that the memory of Jett brings them comfort in the darkest days to come.

2085 days ago


Tom and Kate just got to town, came in through Gainesville Regional...

2085 days ago

Um Hello???    

Some of you have been threatening to quit coming to TMZ for DAYS now... why make empty threats? You all are obviously as interested in this as the rest of us or you wouldnt feel the need to come to TMZ and scroll to find something on this story and then post on it. To keep posting leave them alone - when TMZ is not in their face, at their house etc.. and then threaten to never come back is very laughable. If you're going to be done with TMZ, then just be done and go already, walk the walk instead of talkin' the talk.

2085 days ago


CAN YOU LEAVE OUR TOWN AND JOHN TRAVOLTA'S FAMILY ALONE. Noone needs to know who is attending Jett Travolta's memorial service. If anyone honestly needs to know that, GET A LIFE. Leave this family alone, and us!

2085 days ago


Leave this grieving family alone. How would all the vultures at TMZ react if such an event was happening to them in thier personal lives? The pain is torture enough, is it too much to ask for respect as they deal with it all? The cameras need to be shut off and the reporters with thier microphones need thrown in jail for disturbing them.

2085 days ago


I can't believe the pap-smears missed that, ha, ha, ha!

2085 days ago


I agree with 122 post. And I don't want to see any parent bury their children. But I do believe that this families deep roots in the COS did lead to this boys death. My concen now is that other children/adults in this sect don't become victims to the con artist L Rons BS teachings. Can you imagine if Suri had been born with a mental disabilty? Does anyone believe that Tom Cruise would follow proven conventional medical treatments or would he just stick her in a sauna and pump her with vitamins and audit her? This is a dangerous organization and I think Jetts death is opening a lot of peoples eyes to COS. Its time for the governments around the globe to investigate this very dangerous organization and shut them down. When I see people like Oprah kissing Travolta,Cruise and Alley's asses I want to vomit. Aside from being a very sick man L Ron was also a racist, misogynist, wife and child abuser.

2085 days ago


I agree with most of the comments on here. Let's leave them alone for crying out loud. Yet I still come back to this site. I was very upset with you the other day: The autopsy is just about to begin. The autopsy has started. The autopsy is now over. Come on! Don't you have better things to write about?

2085 days ago


I just came back from out there at John's house to deliver flowers with mom my to the family, and i actually felt very bad for the family to see all the people out stalking them. When my mother and i stepped out the car there was camera men right there ready for pictures, please people just pay your respect and let the people grieve there is no need for all this.

2085 days ago


John loved his cult more than his I feel for that innocent child left behind..Jett is with God now and those two nutbar parents of his can rest in peace in outer space where they believe humans originated.

2085 days ago
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