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Joe Francis to Uncle Sam: We're Comin'

1/7/2009 4:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's used to saying "Show me your boobs" -- but now Joe Francis is saying "Show me the money."

Joe Francis: Click to watch
We got Joe Francis today and asked about that $5 billion bailout he and Larry Flynt want for the porn industry from the Government -- and the "Girls Gone Wild" founder says he's personally driving his Prius to DC for the cold, hard cash.


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Is this as$hole kidding? People losing their homes, people out of jobs, and this idiot wants money from the Gov. I wish I had some of his meds!!! Porn is not gone, I am having more sex than ever because I can't afford to go out. I hope they spit in this x-cons face.

2117 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Point made by this lowlife, but his junk produces no wood anyhow, and he deserves to go down. The best porn by far is amateur stuff between loving couples (man/woman or woman/woman), and I don't mean the silly romps between two drunk teen girls during Spring break. It's a different game now, sleazebag.

2117 days ago

Greg Smith    

Your all just jealous because he made money. No different if you were given the same opportunity. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

2117 days ago

Joseph K    

Well everyone else is getting a bail out. Maybe these idiots that I work for at Riverstone should ask for one also.

2117 days ago


Are you kidding me? Maybe i'll rent a Prius and drive to D.C. to ask for my bailout....morons

2117 days ago


If there is one industy in this nation that is flourishing it's the porn industry. Quite frankly, we are a sex obsessed nation! We as humans are getting to the point we'll tap anything at all for an orgasm. That said, would it be any surprise how many idiots show up in washington wanting a bailout? Look at our government, trying to jump start our economy by HANDING OUT millions if not BILLIONS to big corporations whom didn't manage the BILLIONS that they already had well. Have you noticed that the ECONOMY isn't really changing much? That's because the CEO's and such are POCKETING even MORE money, so they can come back and ask for even MORE!! It's an endless cycle of deceit and stupidity!! How about government divvy up those billions and send US the TAXPAYERS back SOME OF OUR OWN MONEY!! If every working american got a hundred thousand dollar check, you can surely BET that the economy would definately get a boost!! Hey Washington, ..what about by the people for the people? It's OUR money you're making decisions about- AND WITHOUT A VOTE!!!??? Some "democracy" this has become... (socialism).

2117 days ago


Is he serious? What a way to get attention. I am sure every tight laced big shot in Washinton is going to welcome him and Larry Flint with open arms. The government barely offers help to honest, hardworking people who are in danger of losing thier homes, why should they give a moments time to this waste of space?

2117 days ago


Only Joe could keep us a breast of the situation.

2117 days ago


Can you say "DUMBASS ATTENTION WHORING PUBLICITY STUNT"? Good, I knew you could...

2117 days ago


Sorta pathetic how you all rally against him just because he made millions while you all stayed in your minimum wage jobs. You may think greed should be punished? Jealousy is just as bad. It's rather ironic though; none of you would be btching if you got a bailout yourselves. Perhaps you should spend less time READING about rich people and more time WORKING.

If you're living paycheck to paycheck, it's your own fault for not working hard to get a degree to get a decent paying job. If you couldn't' aspire to be more than a manager of burger king or a coal miner, it's your own fault. Even if you didn't pay for these bailouts, where do you all really think your money would go? Porn, video games, and food. So you can't buy a ps3, get laid, or go to a fancy restaurant. STFU and cry about it elsewhere.

2117 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

You know, if these porn kings were any kind of smart at all, as wise investors, they should have resorted to foreign women to boost their pocket books. cuz a woman from a poor country doesn't ask for as much as an american woman- duh. ever heard of 'foreign investments'?? screw americn women- they cost too much!

2117 days ago


Only in America.. Land of the free,and home of the brave.

2117 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

I'm against government bailout - for cars, Wall Street, porn, whatever. Isn't that the greatness of our country? That's the Invisible Hand, folks! If it works, people want and will buy. If it is not working, it needs to go the way of the dinosaur. I'm sorry for the people who stand to lose their jobs, but it is NOT FAIR to bail out the big companies, and not the little ones. I own my own business. So does my mother. Who's going to bail my ass out if I can't make a living? Boo hoo. Oh - I don't own a jet either. I have a freakin' mom car. It's good enough for me, it's good enough for those top executives.

2117 days ago


Over my dead EFFIN body will these two worthless piles of flesh get MY tax money.....they is just wasting everyone's time and that disgusts me..I wish the government would just tell them to back the eff up and buzz off when they get there.

2116 days ago



2116 days ago
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