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ATL Houswife:

Little Brain Needs

Big Money

1/8/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sheree WhitfieldOne of the chicks from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is raising hell over her multi-million dollar divorce settlement -- claiming she needs more cash to compensate for her total lack of brain power.

Sheree Whitfield -- who was married to former NFL lineman Bob Whitfield -- just filed an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court. According to a court spokesperson, Sheree's lawyers argued she was wrongly denied alimony and needs it because she lacks the education and skill set to make good money on her own.

Under the original settlement agreement, Whitfield received a $775,000 lump sum, more than $1.1 million in marital property, a portion of Bob's NFL retirement plans and $2,142 a month in child support -- but no alimony.

Bob's attorney claims the $113,422-a-year he's required to give her is enough -- and claims Sheree should be fined $2,500 by the court for wasting everyone's time.

The case is scheduled to be heard on Monday.


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Self-conceit may lead to self-destruction,, and by doing,so it shall plague you like the devil.

2113 days ago


I couldn't be happier. She was such a snot nosed skank bragging about her "impeccable" taste. Yeah, those clothes she "designed" sure were impeccable!
And now she's too old and ugly to snag another man,so she'll have to get off her lazy ass and find a job.
You can come clean my house, honey!

2113 days ago


Sheree Whitfield, is not the one that should be claiming stupidity as a reason for getting more
out of her divorce.
It should be he ex-husband that should be claiming the same, for marring this stupid hoe to begin with
I am sure the judge would agree. To Sheree WHITFIELD I hear WALMARTS is hiring
I am so sick of these useless women, wanting all their husbands money, when they did nothing
to help him make it, but did everything to help him spend it.
My attorney once told me "it's cheaper to keep her." And I told him no "it's cheaper to have her thrown of a balcony, when I out of town.". ARTOFWAR.

2113 days ago

Dr. Patrick    

THIS is the Cancer that is destroying the Black Family more than anything else. Men, Please teach your sons to stay away from Wretched and iliterate girls that hang around you. You will always regret it in your later years. You will realise that you have nothing in Common with her. She cares not one bit about taking care of the family, home, sustaining a balanced and peaceful home. She is more interested in watching TV, spending 10 hours on the telephone talking nonesense, getting drunk, going to the mall and wasting a fistfull of cash on nonesense and picking a fight with you over everything in a bid to get a big payday in court. 5 Years after the big payday, she is back to being wretched because she has spent all of it on rubbish. Most Black men that I know are very honest, hard working and most importantly love to have a stable homelife with a wife and kids but the statistics today show that 80% of black families are single parent households and that is truly horrible.This IS my story and I am hoping that young men take heed.

Sheree is typical of the "wife" that I have described above and very sadly there are millions of Sherees out there. They are brought up to look pretty, absolutely recieve no home training, no manners, cannot cook water, and leave thier brains on the table where they were born. They trick you into marriage and then turn your life into a living hell.
Sheree AND her lawyers should be penalised for this total disregard and abuse of the Courts.

2113 days ago

Now what now?    

What do you expect from a woman who didn't acknowledge her oldest child on the show for fear people would find out she was an unwed teenaged mother before she landed a rich husband and even have the audacity to refer to the young lady as a family friend in an Essence photo shoot. However broke and embarrassed she might be, she has yet to fully reap what she has sewn.

2113 days ago


I think the judge should require the woman to spend part of her yearly income on an education. for herself as well as her kids, and no, she doesn't deserve a dime more....
she can be a greeter at walmart without the educaiton and make fine money.

2113 days ago



2113 days ago


totally agree with comment 12 saying
"If this woman truly lacks an education, use some of that $775,000 and $1.1 million to go get one"

anyone would love to have a $775 grand lump sum payment to be able to take a small portion of that to go even to a community college and get a diploma in something that will lead to a career

being stupid and not having a higher education are 2 different things! I know people who are not highly educated for whatever reason but they are resourceful, intelligent, hard working, successful people because they are not stupid-they have wonderful skill sets and personalities acquired through their lives

so I guess this gal and her lawyer know that she is just plain stupid!
not capable of learning
what an embarrassment to her child/children (admit I don't watch the show)
what an embarrassment to women

2113 days ago


If my ex gave me that for a settlement,,,Id kiss his feet!!! I can make due very nicely with a settlement like that.

2113 days ago


She surely could win this one! After all she did look retarded at her fashion show with no fashions! Not to mention her lack of ability to speak proper english! What's the matter Sheree? No season 2? I think her weave must be to tight!

2113 days ago


Perhaps her comments - "Budget, what's a budget, I have no budget" are coming back to haunt her?!!!!

2113 days ago


Here's the irony. You know that "dumb jock" she married? Well that dumb jock went to Stanford University on a full ride, and then after he retired, went BACK for further eductation. Guess who got schooled? I guessed he figured a lump sum payment cuts the head off the dragon.

2113 days ago


This woman really needs to face the reality that she can't just go out and buy things that are worth a lot of money when there is poverty in this country. Maybe if she put on an apron and stood behind a real kitchen and served food for the hungry or even something simple as mopping floors in her own kitchen, she will learn that life is not all about living the high life and expecting everyone to bow down to her stinkin feet. She ought to be ashamed of herself for even posing herself as someone who is strong....take her to the community itself and let her face the real life of living the average person's lifestyle. This woman is a joke.

2113 days ago


* So, if you are dumb and uneducated, why would the courts give you more money if you don't have the good sense and morals to know how to spend and invest it in the right way.

* Also, to all the black women talking about "this women and the others are an embarrassment to us STRONG BLACK WOMEN." My question is, why did you watch the show? You only helped the ratings which lead to Bravo putting this filth out there about the African American community. Get a clue and turn the channel.

2113 days ago

Level Head    

What? What happened to "She" by "Sheree"?

Yes, I admit it, "Housewives" was my guilty pleasure when I felt like "tv slumming". I watched it enough to know that Sherre and her snooty bootie were trying to launch a fashion line called "She" that was going to be in Milan and Paris and make "millions".'s that working for you Sheree? You were so snobby to EVERYONE about how so many were "intimidated by my success" (LOL...OMG) that I guess you couldn't see the forest for the trees.

Welcome to the REAL world of the "Real Housewives that are divorced with children and trying to make it". A new reality show. It's called, checkout and Start kicking pebbles, ' need to get a job.

So many divorced women out there would be GRATEFUL to receive a settlement such as yours, and would just make it work. My goodness.

2113 days ago
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