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ATL Houswife:

Little Brain Needs

Big Money

1/8/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sheree WhitfieldOne of the chicks from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is raising hell over her multi-million dollar divorce settlement -- claiming she needs more cash to compensate for her total lack of brain power.

Sheree Whitfield -- who was married to former NFL lineman Bob Whitfield -- just filed an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court. According to a court spokesperson, Sheree's lawyers argued she was wrongly denied alimony and needs it because she lacks the education and skill set to make good money on her own.

Under the original settlement agreement, Whitfield received a $775,000 lump sum, more than $1.1 million in marital property, a portion of Bob's NFL retirement plans and $2,142 a month in child support -- but no alimony.

Bob's attorney claims the $113,422-a-year he's required to give her is enough -- and claims Sheree should be fined $2,500 by the court for wasting everyone's time.

The case is scheduled to be heard on Monday.


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Gee, Sheree...what happened to your dynamic fashion line? You know, the one that you had the huge launch party for, but had only pictures of clothing to show? This vapid, over indulged, vain, spoiled harpy needs a reality check and I'm glad the court gave her one. The settlement won't have her cutting coupons so she needs to shut up now. Her fifteen minutes are long over.

2081 days ago


She could take the money she is being GIVEN, that she didn't EARN, and go get an education!! DUH

2081 days ago


get a job bitch! Just the rest of us - we all work for a living.

2081 days ago


Dumb ass Bitch!!!

2081 days ago


OMG! What a dumb, lazy bitch! Get a clue sweetie, it's called a job....say it slowly...j..o..b. The rest of us have one, maybe your uneducated ass should consider taking some of that lump sum and get an education. This just makes me so sick...I only WISH my ex-husband would pay his child support and it's only a fraction of what this guy is supposed to pay!Spoiled bitch!

2081 days ago

Ur an Idiot    

What about her clothing line? MMM That go belly? She stated she left her upper middle class lifestyle "behind'. Did her baby's daddy support her 20 somthing daughter you didn't hear about that she left to be raised by family in Cali? Nope you didn't. She is a skank and loser and I hear Wal Mart is hiring. Perhaps she can be the greeter. Wait, she lacks the education and skill to do that too. OK, flipping bugers is more her speed

2081 days ago


The part that they didn't put in there but according to the AJC in Atlanta, that she was actually separated from him longer than she was married to him. They were married for 3 years and separated for 4. I like how she always how smart, classy & independent she is, but apparently she needs her sugar daddy to survive. It must be nice to make $113,000 a year + all the other assets for sitting on her butt all day and she thinks she needs more money to "survive".

2081 days ago

annie bananie    

Certainly Desperate Housewives of Atlanta should be yanked from the air. These women make Bravo look so stupid.
First there was Kim who claimed to have cancer.
There was NeNe who "chose" to move into another home. Behind in rent from her home I think. Maybe EVICTED?
Now, there is Sheree who claims at this juncture she does not have the education or brain power to uphold her living conditions.
This batch of Housewives were tscky and classless!

2081 days ago


Sheree f-ing sucks. Isn't it funny how the mighty fall...LOL--She lives in Atlanta. The cost of living there is NOTHING compared to living here. (Los Angeles) She should stop trying to be so over the top. My favorite is NeNe. She is the real deal. Call her what u want but she keeps it real. I really like Kim too. Lisa is cool. DeShawn is the most boring person in the world. I understand that NeNe may not be a part of next season due to Bravo offering her her own show. Go NENE!!! I am going to have to agree with most of the other posters here. SHEREE: GET A JOB HONEY. USE TO MONEY TO FUND A COUPLE OF COMMUNITY COLLEGE CLASSES AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE BETTER THAN OTHER PEOPLE. NEWSFLASH...YOU'RE NOT.

2081 days ago


meant use "the money" lol

2081 days ago


Ive learned they are all two faced....and stuck up. They should all be brought down a notch.

2080 days ago


Wow! I get "Happy Meal" Child Support Cecks i.e $4.25/$3.95,If I get them, and here she is crying about over 1 MILLION a YEAR! If it wasn't for HIM, SHE wouldn't live like she does now. Maybe it's time to stop faking the front and come into the REAL WORLD for REAL! This is what REAL MOMS have to do on a daily basis..........WORK AND TAKE CARE OF THIER KIDS!!!Maybe next time you go to court the Judge will DECREASE this Judgement and you will see you should have been a little more greetfull to start will. Try donating to Homeless FAMILIES who really are struggling and stop wasting the Courts time.

2080 days ago


If she needs some advice on how to survive on ONLY $113,000 a year, she can come to my house and i will show her how the rest of us somehow survive. Women like her make me sick. Get off you lazy, pampered ass and start becoming a contributing member of society instead of the drain you currently are!!!

2080 days ago


Geez! Get a frekin' job - all of you - oh, you have a clothing line - but wait- you can't draw or design your clothes for your clothing line...being from Atlanta and watching the show makes me sick! First of all, Gwinnett County is NOT Atlanta. It's an overpopulated, wanna be area that is not the most desirable place to live. I mean NeNe and her husband were part of an FOX5 invetigative report - the house they "owned " on the show is not even theirs, they were renters. Now they are being hounded by people they owe money to. Maybe if these " Housewives" had saved a little of their money they wouldn't be in dire straits. Lisa has filed bankruptcy a few times and still owes money.. she has a couple of kids that she didn't even mention on the show. It seems that their father ( Keith Sweat) had the good sense to keep them off of the show. Kim can always go back to the Cheeta - I'm sure they saved a pole for her. However, Big Poppa's wife may not want him to hire her back... there are many other gentlemen's, er, strip clubs that would hire her I'm sure. I feel that all of these women do not in any way represent the "Housewives of Atlanta". Why not find housewives that aren't gold diggers and actually take care of their children, instead of passing them off to nanny's do they can "lunch" or not acknowledge them at all. Find women that can actually cook a meal for their families instead of again leaving that to a "personal chef". Get real, ladies. You don't represent anything about Atlanta. We do have educated, self sufficient, women that manage to have proper command of the english language.

2080 days ago


First and foremost, TMZ should at least spell HOUSEWIVES properly. What delusional posters we tolerate.

2080 days ago
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