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Totally Deaf

to Big Debt

1/8/2009 4:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino apparently doesn't care she's going to find herself homeless because she's up to her eyeballs in debt.

North Carolina sheriff's deputies tell the New York Post they've been trying "at least a dozen times" to reach Fantasia about $65K she owes on a loan, without success. What's more, no one's even showed up to represent her in court about the big bill, and her mom and reps haven't offered any explanation.

Her million-plus-dollar Charlotte home is going on the auction block Monday.


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Fantasia has done much better than those on here who are mad because their life and kids have done nothing.The hate you feel against fantasia is you own low self worth.You will never lose a mansion.because you will never have the money to get into one.All of the people who posted negative things about fantasia are one step away from being broke,and the women haters are mad because they are old,and their husband wants a young lady.

2049 days ago


blkshepherd or whatever, you need to chill!! no one is talking about obama but you on here, or are you trying to detract from fanstasia or something.. who are you fighting anyway ..its tired get over yourself.. yawn,....

2048 days ago


and moneymanager why dont you advice your friend to use her opportunities instead of mis using them and ending up where she started out from.? afterall, if keshia cole can get out of the ghetto and stay out and help her dysfunctional familyh to boot why cant your girl fantasia stay finacially sober...?.

2048 days ago


20. I find it funny that for the last 400 years if a child is mixed (Black & White) he/she has always been considered black. And if Obama was laying face down on the ground at gun point by the police he would also be considered black. And if he were selling dope on some ghetto corner he would be considered black. Now though since he's a well educated, well spoken man about to take up the seat of the most power position in the world we're now suppose to consider him mixed. How Ironic it is!! Can someone please explain what the difference is.

Posted at 3:46PM on Jan 8th 2009 by Karriem

when black people make bad choices they have nobody but themselves to blame.. the same goes for white people..s top hidng behind the colour of your skin.. i am so tired of americans whinging all the time like they are the only black people on earth or something..get over yourselves you have more advantages than most.. its that you make bad choices and expect to be compensated for it.. nobody owes any american a living..history or no..
as for obama his father is kenyan, his mother is white american .. his is of mixed ethnic origin .. suck it up...

2048 days ago


I am sorry to hear that this young star cannot keep her money in her pocket!! Hell what has she done with it? I mean wow she is losing her crib, in debt ugly as hell without a pound of make-up, but she has a voice that should keep her paid!! And what is this about she was a no show on broadway???!!! I just can't get over how ugly she is without all that dam face paint..ughggh! Well I still wish the best for her.

2042 days ago


Dude Fantasia sucks anyway, I'm glad shes proving what we all knew was going to happen.She ugly, has no talent and is a lazy ass just like all of her hood friends that got a free handout because of oprah. Thank god shes off the map!

1474 days ago


thats still kind of sad though....wish the best for her. **** i know i'd be mowin some lawns or somethin--washin cars, ****. anything.

1473 days ago


jennifer better watch out to before,she comes out like star jones, the women who use to be on the veiw and the other women how stalla got here groove back.if you or your husband not man or boyfriend have Jesus in and with you ,you don't know what you least you can get that bless oil out and pray your house,husband,wife,children,child,neighbor,and anything else unlike God in the name of JESUS.and all demon from,in or anywhere have to's ok to have an opinion but not to judge.judge not for you shall be judge on that great day when you face God.jennifer is acting like she better than anyone these days.what happen to being homble?before it's all over we all will need some kind of help.remember who or what you use to be,and are all your children by the first man whom you had relations with?because that is your husband in the eyes of GOD. SO wait up help,learn and teach someone what's wright and stop the mess destroying ourselves.

1457 days ago


i pray for you fantasia.this is the time you really don't need allthis negative garbage.eveyone with there opinion has no wrong,bones,never made any mistakes what's your life looking like before God? she needs God whom she has forgot like we all have at one point and time.her chuch not behind or judging her but beside her.see church are not the blame but they take the tities but were are the holtghost filled,fire baptize,speaking in tongues folks when a child of God needs your friends girl.everybody wants somebody,but you are never alone if your mind stays on Jesus and you are washed,reborn filled with the real Holyghost as for forgiveness and all he went threw for us and still let us choose. wake up and make the right dacision choose life and live for chrit he's the truth and light.think on things that are pure,honst,good all that Good stuff.eveyday is not peaches and cream but it sure fills GOOOOD.... being and serving the almighy God.give GOD the honor and praises with that voice and take care of that little angel that God has given you only for a lillte while. you don't want to lose her for no man or devil walking this earth. wait on the LORD YOUR GOD.bLESS YOU IN THE HOLY NAME OF JESUS.I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU and i love you.

1457 days ago


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1339 days ago
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