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Kid Rock Tells Judge to Suck It!

1/8/2009 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just like in his song "Cowboy," Kid Rock's only words of wisdom to the judge who sentenced him -- "Suck my d..." We're talking about the judge who told him performing for the troops in Iraq was not valid community service.

Kid Rock: Click to watch
The American Badass already posted the judge's name, work number and address on his website to get his fans to complain -- and now he's got a challenge for the dude: How 'bout you go to Iraq for a while if you're such a badass.

Kid has to complete 80 hours of community service by this February as part of his sentencing for that Waffle House beatdown in '07.


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Did one of those earlier posts actually say its CONVIENANT to go to Iraq?!? Seriously! Waht are you smoking, I do agree with the guy who said Kid Rock has done more for the troops then the politicians have. These brave men and women deserve some kind of entertain and release from the terrible situation and Kid is right, lets see that judge go on over to Iraq and preform for a crowd of 18 year old boys and girls with automatic weapons and bullet proof vests, then let him decide wether that is community service or not!

Rock on KID!! You are THE AMERICAN BADASS... Well, you and Toby Keith!

2081 days ago


Ummm...have you seen the photos of him en route to "entertain" the troops? NOT COMMUNITY SERVICE!! More like a party!

I don't remember Bob Hope, back in the day, demanding everyone tell him how wonderful he was for entertaining our soldiers....he did it for THEM, not his own glory. These "entertainers" really need to get over themselves!!! Besides, his music seems like the troops are already suffering enough!!!

2081 days ago


kid rock is a patriot for going to iraq he doesnt have to and he did. there is nothing more honorable than our men and women in uniform. thank you kid rock and shame on this lame judge for his lame a** judgment.

2081 days ago


This guy is such a douche. I'm so pissed that his last album did well.
I thought he was going to disappear like Vanilla Ice.

2081 days ago


kid rock thank you for your community sevice to our men and women in iraq. if only this lame judge could see the good that you are doing for the moral of our soldiers.

2081 days ago


Luv ya Rock! ROLL ON!!!!

2081 days ago


23. This judge is being a jerk. If he didn't get paid for the concerts, then entertaining our troops in a war torn country is considered "community service" in my book.

In the law book it states: "A Community Service Order involves wellprepared,
meaningful activity, which whenever possible, relates to the offender’s
interests, skills and abilities. The offender must be willing to participate in
the program. "
It sounds to me as if he did this. So what's the judge's beef?

Posted at 10:35AM on Jan 8th 2009 by NShado

Then I guess when I did community service I should have been able to go shopping, or watch tv, or even eat, for my crime.

When a judge sentences you to community service, it's up to the JUDGE to decide what you do, but any idea's are also welcome... doesn't mean he has to agree. If you make a request, and it's denied, try another one. If you can't stand the heat then stay out of the F*CKING kitchen.

2081 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Yeah, you have to get your work pre-approved before you can call it Community Service. Otherwise, how delightful that he volunteered.

2081 days ago


What a jerk! If he wants to object to what the judge stated, that is fine and his right. But to be so disrespectful and make the comment that he did, just proves what a real jackass he really is and shows his true colors. Who's fault is it in the first place that he has to do this community service..............his!

2081 days ago


No No No No

What I hear here is Kid Rock wants the Judge to suck his D... in Iraq at a waffle house of his choosing but the judge said no.

80 hrs of community service is a death sentence for any rock star - bet he doesnt get it done in time which of course the Judge will require Kid to suck HIS D... at a IHOP of HIS choosing.

Good luck Kid - Don't get poked in the pokey !!

2081 days ago


Kid no one wants to suck your teeny tiny d*&% not a judge and not many women I would assume. Especially after Pamela Anderson was on it and since you look like you never shower I would think you have some funk going on down there.

I wish this no talent hack would just shut up.

2081 days ago


Great services are not canceled by one act or by one single error. Rock on kid..

2081 days ago


Kid Rock performing concerts is NOT a punishment! And I do 40 hours in five days all the time, so if he worked full time like normal people he'd be done with his services in 10 days! Quit whining!

2081 days ago


first off, to everyone who thinks this should count as community service:

this guy is an entertainer. he entertains for a living. therefore, it's not too hard to understand that entertaining can not be considered community service. it would kind of be like me getting pulled over for a d.u.i., getting sentenced to 70 hours of community service time and then just going to my job and working 70 hours for free.

second off, to everyone who thinks he's doing a good thing for supporting the troops:

i agree. our troops are amazing and deserve so much more than they are given. however, kid rock did anything but support our troops. he does an amazing thing by going over there and performing for them. then instead of saying that he did it out of gratitude for their sacrifice, he's saying that he went over there because he got slapped with some community service time and had to rather than wanted to. that's just disgraceful and a huge bitch slap to all the troops who actually appreciated his show.

i guess it's just lucky for him that he already looks white trash enough to look good in an orange jumper picking up litter on the side of the highway.

2081 days ago


t;his guy is a sexist,irreverant,hillbilly,dirty,jerk. he is about as classless as it gets. he is constantly showing what an idiot he is. too bad as he MIGHT have talent. it is overshadowed by his total ignorance!!!!!

2081 days ago
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