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Kid Rock Tells Judge to Suck It!

1/8/2009 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just like in his song "Cowboy," Kid Rock's only words of wisdom to the judge who sentenced him -- "Suck my d..." We're talking about the judge who told him performing for the troops in Iraq was not valid community service.

Kid Rock: Click to watch
The American Badass already posted the judge's name, work number and address on his website to get his fans to complain -- and now he's got a challenge for the dude: How 'bout you go to Iraq for a while if you're such a badass.

Kid has to complete 80 hours of community service by this February as part of his sentencing for that Waffle House beatdown in '07.


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Who Caresss!!!    

DOUCHE BAGGG!!! The judge is right. You can’t determine your own community service then cry like a baby cause the court didn’t accept it. Man, grow an effing pair and do real community service like Michelle Rodriguez. Much respect for her doing it then bitching sour grapes.

2076 days ago


pride comes before the fall. i enjoy kid rocks talent and ability to cross over to so many genres of music, yet, i can't agree with anything he is saying on this issue. if what he does is community service, he nor his crew would not be paid to go play these shows all over the world. and paid quite well. his accountants will tell him "you get tax credits and look like a great guy at the same time. what an image builder" the only one who will really know his heart, is kid himself, yet, i think perhaps the success and accolades of his career - have blinded him to a point where he can't even see himself. rock on, but hopefully you step off your pedestal, instead of falling off it one day.

2076 days ago


Where in the hell is the Embed code? TMZ doesn't like to share? Hmpf.

2076 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Who gives a rat's petoot what Kid Rock thinks of anything. He's a scuzzy pretender who not only stole, but completed f''d up, a great song (Werewolves of London). Kid Crap isn't good enough to lick the late Warren Zevon's mucky boots.

2076 days ago


Wow, I am not a big Kid Rock fan. But, I really listened to what he had to say. I'm not making judgements about his crime and punishment. But, I do appreciate his dedication and passion for performing for our troops. It takes a lot for them to step up and go overseas in hostile territory to entertain our troops who are protecting our freedom.

2076 days ago


Can't fault him for going and entertaining the troops but he should stay and truely know whats its like to do service..... See how much of a American Bad Ass he really is.

2076 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Hey, Rock !!...I can't call you Kid anymore...Lets face it bro, those days are way over....A word of advice, i think when you go
before the judge again because of you having a hard head....prepare yourself...the judge isnt going to be very happy with you....You might want to suck it up and get ready for a stay in dip-sh!t...

2076 days ago


Kid Rock NO one wants to suck anything of yours. We probably couldn't find the little one incher. The judge should have sent you to prison you want to be. Your doing nothing for the brave troops. Singing isn't doing any service for them. You act like your fighting the war over there. I'd be ashamed to be your mother.

2076 days ago


I'll never understand it, their are some people that post on here and claim to hate him or whatever then why take time out of your day posting on here if you dislike Kid Rock? Cant you spend your time doing something else? Kid Rock is a great man that does more for our troops then most celebritites do. He works very hard, plays great music and is a great person. You have to look beyond his so called "bad boy" image and look at the man. He shouldnt have even been ordered community service in the first place because the guy that he got into a fight with was a huge jerk and he already has had to pay through the nose for that stupid incident. I think their making too much out of this and just leave him alone, the judge was wrong and KR was right, hes the man.

2076 days ago


I never come on this website and now I know why. TMZ is judgemental and materialized and so are most people on here. You shouldnt talk crap about someone that you dont know. Bobby is a great guy inside and out and most people dont know that because their too stuck up to realize that. Who cares how he dresses or what not hes a sweetheart, he just says whats on his mind and tells it like it is, he doesnt hide behind anything hes real and true and if you dont like him then thats your problem. How many entertainers do you see go over to Iraq in a dangerous awful environment to take time out of their schedules to meet and greet and perform for all the brave men and woman? not many he is a fine example of what a man is, he puts all his celebrity status on hold and goes their from the heart and just hopes to brighten up someones day. That takes real guts and you guys must not know that or appreciate that, maybe you would if you had a loved one over there but you all are too close minded.

2076 days ago


#47 Jim- no you are wrong he didnt go to Iraq because he was trying to get out of community service he has been to Iraq several times before this and likes going over there to entertain the troops.He was going to go there regardless if he could serve it as community service or no so please dont talk about things that you dont know.

2076 days ago


I agree with those who said Bobby has done great things for our soliders, etc. People who hate on him just sees some of the things he says when he mouths off. There is no one out there who wants to do more for America than he does. And until you go to one of his concerts you haven't seen anything!

This guy is passionate about music and I don't think there's a celeb out there who isn't counted as a friend of his. You never hear them talk smack about him. Why? Cuz he is a great guy who just happens to speak his mind and say things that most of us would like to but don't.

Gotta say that you could tell Bobby was a bit intoxicated here. Haven't seen that in a while from him. LOL

2076 days ago


Guilty as charged. Admit the wrongdoing and serve the sentence like anyone else. Attacks on the judge only expose your own faulty reasoning. Reason correctly.

2076 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Yo, "ROCK"...Dont invite people to suck your infected tiny little pecker, everyone knows that you have "hep-C", So I really dont think that anyone wants to be infected with that sh!t. And you would be doing a great service to our troops by keeping your azz away from Iraq, No one wants to hear that garbage that you call sining.

2076 days ago


What about his new CD ?? "Rock n Roll Jesus"?? How creative is that?? He needs to have a tattoo of Jesus on his forehead ..and be put in the same jailcell as Charlie Manson!! .
The Judge should .post all of Kid Jezus's personal info as well! Then all his trailertrash groupie fans can see,stalk and talk to the drunk Mr Ritchie in person anytime they want!... His phone numbers.. ..Atlantic Records contact info.. personal and business property locations...Tax and IRS information,,,Record Contracts.. .his contact email addresses many cars,boats,houses he owns! POST THEM IF YOU KNOW THEM!! Pizz On Him!!

Last time he played in Irag he so drunk he could barely remember the lyrics or even hold a guitar!!

2075 days ago
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