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Kid Rock Tells Judge to Suck It!

1/8/2009 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just like in his song "Cowboy," Kid Rock's only words of wisdom to the judge who sentenced him -- "Suck my d..." We're talking about the judge who told him performing for the troops in Iraq was not valid community service.

Kid Rock: Click to watch
The American Badass already posted the judge's name, work number and address on his website to get his fans to complain -- and now he's got a challenge for the dude: How 'bout you go to Iraq for a while if you're such a badass.

Kid has to complete 80 hours of community service by this February as part of his sentencing for that Waffle House beatdown in '07.


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You people are disgusting. Kid Rock has more class than most entertainers out there today. He supports more charities and loves his country.

He also happens to put on the best live show in the world.

Nobody does it better than Kid Rock

Proud to be a fan.

Judge Wong is WRONG> Georgians, Vote his ass out

2078 days ago


Some of you are soooo judgemental. Kid Rock has done a lot for a lot of people. He does a lot more then any of you haters. Who cares how he looks or his style. He is the truest man I think I've ever seen. He ROCKS!!!!!!!

2078 days ago


"Kid Rock has done a lot for a lot of people""?????? Are you serious? This jerk made 1 good record years ago in his innocent days! Now he is all about doing what Atlantic Records tells him to do! He cares about noone except himself.., gets drunk every night, ..has a foul mouth, stinks, starts fights, humiliates anyone that he talks very rude...and very inconsiderate of anyone elses feelings! Picture a rectum smoking a cigarette, wearing a $4 cowboy hat with a half grown goatee and thats him. I got more hair on my index finger than he has on his chest!!

2077 days ago


sparkie- why dont you go somewhere else, why are you wasting your time on here if you hate him? Are you for real the man is a good person, he does so many things for the country and for people and his concerts are awesome. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does and all of the good things he does goes on the back burner because sometimes he says things that people dont like ir would never say. Thats just who he is and he has never tried to be someone that hes not. I think your just jealous is what you are he goes over to Iraq out of the goodness out of his heart not to get anything back from it but to give to other people. And saying stuff how he should be in the same cell as charles manson is just absolutely disgusting and innapropriate. Dont hate on someone until you get to know the real person. And it was not the judges personal info it was his office where he works and I admit it wasnt the best thing to do but he did it now move on and get over it. And by the way, CATSMEOW- thanks for agreeing with me! :)

2077 days ago


sparkie- I have one more thing to say to you. How can you judge someone without even knowing them are you that bored tonight? His fans are not trailer trash groupies you dont even know him or his fans or anything. He has great music that speaks to people, he writes all his music, sings all different types of music, and plays a lot of different instruments. He is very kind more kind and honest and down to earth then most people in the spotlight. He has done a lot for people that you dont even know about and somehow he still manages to have a personal life. He has great albums with all different genres of music if he didnt they wouldnt sell and no he doesnt listen to anyone but himself, he writes and does what he wants and thats why so many people like him, because hes real and people can relate. Please dont talk about things that you dont know.

2077 days ago

tangie~of the kid rock community    

Ummm...ok!!! ha ha ha...First of all let's start off by saying here that Kid Rock was paying homage by adding in the rhythm of Werewolves of London shall we? And furthermore? He is not a has been, wanna be, washed up or anything else that has been said in here...LMAO!! I remember Tommy Lee's remark all too well after their little scrap last year saying that Kid Rock's career was in the toilet...Pfffffffft...yeah right! Have any of you seen where he stands in record sales...AGAIN? His talent and his boldness are endless...and Tommy Lee is where? Kissin' Pamela Anderson's ass as Ya'll need to get a clue man...and I invite you to the Kid Rock Community to state your opinions...that is if you are intelligent enough to be able to find it...have a good one ya all...Kid Rock IS the American Badass people...

2077 days ago


Kid Rock should most definitely just serve his punishment and stop whining. If he's guilty, then he's no more above the law than Boy George, or Naomi Campbell who did THEIR court-ordered community service without fuss. Performing for our troops is not a community service, it is a service to our country. An honor and a privilege as a performer. Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Al Jolson, or Bing Crosby wouldn't have punked out of community service by saying that the USO shows were "service enough". Hell, Toby Keith wouldn't either, to mention a star of today. So he should just stop acting like a prima donna; trying to get his fans to rally around him and "free him" from that awful drudgery of picking trash up off of an Atlanta highway: (oh darn,) man up, de-bitchulate himself, and do it.

2077 days ago


Sparkle, You are dumber than a post. You really shouldnt speak about stuff you havent a clue on. Kid rock has sold over 27 million albums. There are like 9 different albums.

You are a gossiping, ignorant fool. Go show your stupidity on your favorite musicians site. Im sure Tommy Lee loves ya .

2077 days ago


Tangle,Hotmama . and Angel are obvious the "trailertrash groupies" I spoke of...probably wannabe groupies at that!! The subject is Not about his "drunken concerts" or about how many morons with the IQ of 18 purchase his Rock n Roll Jesus CDs!!. The subject is about his posting a judges name on his website to purposely have his fans harrass him. with 100s of phone calls and emails!! All because the judge gave him a celebrity break ..vs throwing his azz in jail where any other US citizen would be right now!!! Instead of being grateful to do the 80hrs community time.. he tells the judge to "suck it" publicly! His arrogance and childish attitude towards his sentence shows his true character.. as if he is above any US laws! I dont think this is what most people refer to as being a proud US love with his country? Unfortunately he gives Country Music a smelly bad name with a CD like.... Rock N Roll Jesus!! Who listens to that kind os sh*t!??

2077 days ago


I am happy to see MOST people on here recognize what a phony spoiled little hole KR is. He's from the ritzy 'burbs of detroit - NOT the 'hood! Hey hotmama - just because you wann fu#$% him doesn't mean he's a good guy. Dork. No one gets to PICK their punishment when they break the law, esp. someting you LOVE to do!!! Also, no one has mentioned that perhaps there are soldiers in Iraq who CANT STAND his music!??? It's like assuming everyone down south listens to country! This guy is filthy greasy and stupid and every word in his songs are cliche-riden crap. Badass? If he was a real badass - he wouldn't be at a WAFFLE house to begin with LOL!!! Take your punishment you whiny sissy putz!

2077 days ago


Amen Peepster!! Yeah ..ha ha thats funny! What lowlife celebrity shows up in a tour bus drunk to get in a fight at a Waffle House..jeez???(BTW I love their hashbrowns) And then stupid enough to post the judges name all over his website & tell him to "suck it" ?? Maybe KidJezus is secretly Brittney Spears sister?? or making an attempt to act like G Jones in the 70s? Except this clown has NO CLASS...and NO RESPECT FOR ANY LAW!! I am from KY, where country music originated ..and most people here listen to Brad Paisley..Chesney..Flatts and the classics like Jackson. Jones.. Strait..Not KidJezus! He is an Atlantic Record pawn! His band is good.. but he sux!!

2077 days ago


I think Kid Rock going to Iraq is the ultimate in not only community service but also service to our troops in a FREAKING WAR. Come on people he did not kill anyone he defending a woman who was being verbally abused but some drunken ass. We need more men to stand up to asses like that to defend a rude man like that. KR I HAVE YOUR BACK.

Kid Rock Fan

2077 days ago


sparkie- you dont know anything and your not relevant. You dont know me or him so what are you talking about? Why are you on here well a better question would be why are all these people commenting on here that claim to hate him so much? Do you not have a life of your own where you spend your days going on website that you claim to "hate" just to make yourself feel better? I am not a groupie nor have I ever been a groupie or would ever be a groupie. Just because someone is a fan of someones music does not make them a groupie. He has fans young and old all over the world but you wouldnt know that because you dont do your research. If his music sucked so much his concerts wouldnt continue to sell out, he wouldnt sell his cds, and people wouldnt like him. He does a lot of different music and he writes all his songs and he is relatable to regular folks which is why hes so likeable. I think perhaps your either one of the following: a) jealous of him. b) dont have a life of your own and like to hate on other people for no apparent reason or c) secretly in love with him, I'll guess c. And peepster- I dont want to f*&k him you dont even know me so stop making your own conclusions. I just think its sad that so many people bash on him without even knowing him, maybe if you got to know the real him like I did you would see that he is a great guy that gives a lot of his time to help out other people and a lot of it is just an "image"

2077 days ago


KID ROCK you have proven yourself to be just like the character you were in Joe Dirt. You need to hope off the CMT band wagon and start smoking funny things again.

2074 days ago

Jan qualls    

Kid rock is right --the judge sucks

1539 days ago
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