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The Accused

1/8/2009 3:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 51-year-resurfaced at an art gallery in Hollywood, looking better than ever.

Kelly McGillis

In 1982, McGillis and her roommate were both raped in their apartment by two men. This incident was a motivating factor in her starring in "The Accused."

Kelly has been married twice and recently appeared on "The L-Word."


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Why does her rape have to be brought up? It does not define who she is.

2078 days ago


OMG She looks like a cross between Annie Lennox and Jamie Leigh Curtis!

2077 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Why are they showing a picture of Samantha Ronson?

2077 days ago


omg! you people are terrible talking about her rape and thats why shes a lesbian.... wow !
pearl necklaces for ALL of you!

2077 days ago


This item about her rape is old news. In fact, I am almost glad (take that loosely) that TMZ brought it up. Could be why she has aged more before her time. I agree there are things she could do to "lighten up" her look so to speak. But she is obviously comfortable in her self and her relationship to not have to resort to cosmetic procedures to feel good about her life. I didn't know she was a lesbian; I remember hearing an old item about her getting a divorce many years ago. Perhaps she just realized men are not for her.

I don't know any girl who didn't want to be her back in 1985ish. I remember getting a bob haircut (I don't know what I was expecting, to magically morph into her or something?? LOL). I wound up looking like Thor or the animated He-Man instead. Oh, the things we do when we are young!

2077 days ago

Miles Long    

More chins than a Chinese phonebook, but I's still tap-dat-ass.

2077 days ago


Wow. She looks like she's 60 instead of 51.

2077 days ago


There is a huge debate going on about her real age. This is pretty weird because just a few days ago I was looking at her IMDB page & people were discussing it.. I don't think she's 51.. I think she's close to 60.. Anyway, she looks terrible. I hate to say it but she does.

She has done some raunchy movies lately too.. nasty ones.

2077 days ago


To all of the idiots posting hateful things (and that includes TMZ for even bringing it up in the context of her looks) about her being a rape survivor:

- yes, she was indeed a rape victim. Her character in the accused was not - her character was the prosecutor.
- she wrote a memoir about it
- her rapist was caught, did time, ultimately was released, then went on to rape again
- what the hell does it matter? Show some damn respect

To the poster who says "no one will want to rape her again", I believe you should be removed from the gene pool.

2077 days ago


man that's a lot of negative comments. it's probably just a bad picture. she doesn't look like she has a lot of wrinkles. but I guess she and Tom won't be doing Top Gun II.

2077 days ago


She was really beautiful in Top Gun. Let's face, we all age. She obviously hasn't gone the way of the knife - like Tom Cruise has. Why does he look almost as young as he did in 1986??? And Val Kilmer, who was ten times better looking than Tom, has aged as well. It happens!

2077 days ago

Karen Ann    

Why does everyone have to be so mean??!!?? We all age, it's a part of life!! Let's see if you look that good at 51 like Kelly does? She's aging gracefully,like everyone should - or do you think we all should look like Pam Anderson, middle life but still think she's a 20 year old?

2047 days ago


come on guys! stop that is her!

1609 days ago


She's LOST that loving feeling!

1583 days ago


it's nice to see that someone has moved on with their life and found happiness. happiness comes in many different forms and each and every one of us deserves to find it. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because she does'nt fit the hollywood discription of what is beautiful doesn't mean that she isn't. I think that so many people try to put everyone in that one-size fits all box. It seems to me that she has found peace and happiness in her life and that is the most beautiful thing of all!
By the way, im straight.

1582 days ago
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