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Tom on Jett's Death -- "Horrific"

1/8/2009 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A visibly shaken Tom Cruise finally opened up about the death of his good friend's son -- describing Jett Travolta's death as "horrific" and addressing Scientology's role in the tragedy.

Tom Cruise: Click to watch
Struggling to find the right words, Cruise addressed the emotional topic during a taping for tomorrow's episode of "The View," where he claimed his religion does not prohibit people from seeing a doctor and getting proper medication.


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How can you "hate" someone that you don't know? Wow.

2121 days ago


TM..clearly you are another twisted go find your alien maker. You see my mother no matter how horrible I am would not have chosen religion of her child...but I am sure you mother would and I can understand why..a braindead cult follower like you is truly useless to society.

2121 days ago


His acting on this segment is as bad as his latest movie.

2121 days ago


Tom doesn't have any credibility at all with me.

Old saying, "Better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

2121 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Boo crocodile tears. More bad acting, tv movie fare at best. Let’s see if he shows up at the hospital next time one of his kids get sick. TMZ take note of all the doctors and hospitals near his home. See if this douche bag shows up.

2121 days ago


I'm not doubting his grief for the Travolta family, it is a terrible loss. However, I find it ironic that he said that they do go to doctors and if needed get medication. He ripped Brooke Shields apart for seeking the help she needed for postpartum depression. Double standards no???

2121 days ago


Cruise has the credibility for Scientology that Bush has for politics. None whatsoever. He's a well known cult member, and it's just about tanked his career. The cremation of the body says it all for how much Travolta wants the truth out about all this.

2121 days ago


Tom Cruise is history..he will never be recognized for any movie he makes so he might as well go for the gold and become a Top Gun in cult. I feel sorry for his daughter and any children of scientologist..they are born to freak parents and have not real shot of life and it true experiences..

2121 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Obviously Tom is straining for the words. Verrry sad, the whole thing. But is Babs wearing a wig? She doesn't have that much hair actually and I always feel she should wear it shorter.

2121 days ago


In every American there is an air of incorrigible innocence, which seems to conceal a diabolical cunning.God Bless Them all,but then again I always admired atheists. I think it takes a lot of faith.

2121 days ago


No Candle in the is more to these freaks..don't you know they came from aliens therein they are far superior to the common humban being. It is a cult and their found was aexual deviant who did drugs..many types of drugs..

2121 days ago


Scientology seems more a 'way of life' rather than a religion, since there is no mention of a higher being or crreator. As a beleiver in One Creator 'God' I too believe that there are natural remedies other than the pharmaceuticals. God has placed on this earth remedies for all ailments for mankind. Black Seed, Wheatgrass, Flor-essence(Essiac) for cancer is all herbal. Do your research! I think Mr. Cruise was referring to psycholgical drugs only as not being accepted by Scientology. As the mind altering affects they have. Since everyone has different levels depression, psychiatric drugs are harmful as doctors do not know proper levels in which to administer them. He is passionate about this as we saw with Mr. Lauer a few years back, as he should've been when you are right and you want the right message to get across to the masses. The FDA continues to address natural remedies as 'Not a cure' only because so much money is at stake. here again, we see GREED in it's most raw form. The FDA can not make any money from natual remedies. I think Mr. Cruises' response to this tragedy is sincere. There are no words one can say about the death of this beauitful boy. Natural remedies are out there for everyone, just do your research logically. Pharmaceuticals only when neccessary as a last resort but don't rely on them first and foremost for the side effects they have.

2121 days ago


I agree Jill..the Travolta's are once again protecting their interests rather than their own child's..that is why the cremation came so quickly..they could have cremated him the USA..I hope after this boy is buried someone goes after John and his sick wife and charge them with not providing the necessities for their child..they need to be held accountable as negligent parents and Ella should be taken away from the freaks.

2121 days ago


The deal is this...Tom didn't know what to say because he no longer has the ability to compose true independent thoughts. Everything he says or does now follows acceptable Scientology buzz-speak. It was pretty apparent that he was afraid to say something without having it first approved by the CoS powers-that-be...he was struggling (and failing) to appear sincere. What he said about how Scientologists are encouraged to use doctors - that was a deliberately misleading answer. Yes, maybe if you broke your arm, but that's about it. If you are sick, you must have an "assist", or go through a purification program (which is mainly sweating it out for hours in a steambath and swallowing handfuls of vitamins.) There is written proof that Scientology prohibits treatment by psychologists, psychiatrists, and neurologists, including any prescribed medication that may "affect" the mind. Disabled people are considered "Degraded Beings" in Scientology, and are tossed aside. I totally feel that this is what happened to Jett Travolta. I recall reading about how he used to spend his days sitting in front of the tv playing video games for hours and hours on end without speaking. He was severely autistic, among other disorders, and thus an undesirable person in the CoS. Maybe Tom Cruise said hello to him once or twice when he was 6 months old, but once his disability became apparent, I'm sure Jeff was left to float along by himself. Poor kid.

2121 days ago


Neither Cruse, Travolta have ever had any higher education, making them ripe pickings for a cult like Scientology. They have untrained minds, easy for that cult to mold the way they want.

2121 days ago
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