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Tom on Jett's Death -- "Horrific"

1/8/2009 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A visibly shaken Tom Cruise finally opened up about the death of his good friend's son -- describing Jett Travolta's death as "horrific" and addressing Scientology's role in the tragedy.

Tom Cruise: Click to watch
Struggling to find the right words, Cruise addressed the emotional topic during a taping for tomorrow's episode of "The View," where he claimed his religion does not prohibit people from seeing a doctor and getting proper medication.


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Tom sure is looking good. Much better than the last time he was on tv

2051 days ago


Excellent point #15.

2051 days ago


Bravo hit the nail on the head..until his death there were very few pictures of the boy floating around in comparison to his "normal" sister..John and Kelly are losers and God diid Jett a favor by bringing him home rather than leaving him with these freaks.

2051 days ago


I greatly respect Tom Cruise...LEAVE HIM ALONE!

2051 days ago


Tom Cruise comes off as such an idiot when he tries to talk about "non scripted" anything. Does he not know how to articulate his thoughts into words...DUH! My thoughts and prayers (regardless of their religion) goes out to their entire Travolta family.

2051 days ago


Thank you #46, well explained.
I agree, Cruise was trying desperately to find the right words to say that would be OK with the Scientologist
higher ups. He is very high in their organization and he knows he has to be extremely careful after the
jumping on the couch, Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer incidents.
I actually thought it was incredible that when Jett died, Cruise came out touting Scientology as what cured him of dyslexia.
Trying to refocus people during this tragedy!
Truthfully, Tom Cruise makes me ill.
I never saw pictures of Jett Travolta before he died. The pictures that were put out after he died really show such love between John and Jett. Whether he was denied treatment he should have had all along, we will never know. I was pretty shocked that the boy was cremated immediately after the autopsy in the Bahamas. That sure closed the door on any further investigation, didn't it? WOW.
But, what it all comes down to is this. John and Kelly lost their son and Ella lost her brother. It's a horrific event in their lives and they will never get over it.
R.I.P. Jett

2051 days ago


Praise be to the 4th power of Theton, and all that credits the worthiness. Scapula in vetri, as is to you. Now, follow
to the 7th audit of aquarius, near the solor zenith of pentah!

2051 days ago


I just love seeing how NONE of you know either Tom or John or any of their families, yet you judge them like you do. For all you know, the families could read this at some time. Why post such hateful things? It does not take much to see Tom as being choked up and at a loss for words, having been in contact with his friend.

My sympathies to the Travolta family.

2051 days ago


I gotta say that I believe him regarding the doctors and meds. When he blasted Brooke Shields it was for psychiatric drugs not medical drugs. And he didn't go on the View to disrespect Travolta. The Travoltas need their space right now to grieve. Barbara Walters jumped Tom Cruise to talk about the whole situation.

2051 days ago

HRH Red    

The Travolta's did not need a media circus on their son's funeral day. I think that is why the best friends that are celebrities honored John and Kelly's wishes for a small private family gathering. Don't think for a moment that not one of them wouldn't come to the Travolta's aid if asked to do so. All you people that are so harsh better pray nothing even close to this tragic happens to you.

2051 days ago


Hey, has anyone seen that old bag Babs lately, I think she's getting ready to go down Madison Ave. for Macy's
this November!! I see her boy toy Josh got his ass kicked by the fuzz. Go Fuzz!!

2051 days ago


I meant to thank #44 for the explanation that was given about Scientology.
Imagine considering your child to be a "degraded being"?
Scientology is scary stuff.
Tom Cruise does nothing to help their cause because he is the scariest one.

2051 days ago


The scientolonuts played this all wrong, they should embrace the gayness and Tommy and Johnny could become the Scientology Super Celebrity Couple L Ron dreamed of

2051 days ago


OMG! Leave this poor ARTICULATE handsome man in pieces!!!

And go see Valkyrie before somebody, or some charity, goes broke!

2051 days ago


Remember a few years ago when young girl died under the care of scientology?

They had her incarcerated in Florida, and I think it was in Clearwater. They refused to allow her family to see her or take her to the doctor or hospital.

Tom Cruise is a hateful man. He was such a jerk in the first interview on national television lambasting the fellow who was interviewing him and dissing Brook Shields...

2051 days ago
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