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Tom on Jett's Death -- "Horrific"

1/8/2009 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A visibly shaken Tom Cruise finally opened up about the death of his good friend's son -- describing Jett Travolta's death as "horrific" and addressing Scientology's role in the tragedy.

Tom Cruise: Click to watch
Struggling to find the right words, Cruise addressed the emotional topic during a taping for tomorrow's episode of "The View," where he claimed his religion does not prohibit people from seeing a doctor and getting proper medication.


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Cruise and Travolta are "THE authorities on the mind," as Tom has said. He personally helped get hundreds of people off drugs, and the two, along with their benevolent church, have taught millions of children how to read. (Just because they didn't have time to write down the names of who they were, doesn't mean it didn't happen.)

At the scene of an accident, these are the only people who can really help, as Tom has said.

Tom's shoulders are broad.

Someday Suppressive People like you all, will only be written about in the history books....HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

And you don't do your suppressive acts to Tom's face...or even in his AREA!

2113 days ago



I am a registered nurse and while I do believe that natural remedies can be beneficial, I do not know of any that successfully treat seizure disorders. I think that people who suffer from seizures should strongly consider taking pharmaceuticals, and not only as a last resort. I have known many patients who have greatly benefitted from taking these medications. And yes, sometimes there are unpleasant side effects, but these drugs can improve quality of life and save lives. I feel very bad for the Travoltas. This may have been a preventable tragedy.

2113 days ago


love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is very very handsome.

2113 days ago


Tomm has alot of explaning to do. since when has he changed his mind on the believes of Meds. don't believe it

2113 days ago


Lesbian Sex has the power to heal the world!

2113 days ago


Jebus Christ, look at photos on, they've photoshopped Jett to make him look less overweight!!! The freaks!!!

2113 days ago


Listen to his words....."get your PHYSICAL illnesses treated". Scientology does not recognize nor condone the treatment of autism!! They view anything related to psychological, emotional or mental illness as a weakness. Kawasaki disease is a totally treatable illness affecting YOUNG children. At 16, Jett Travolta would not be dying from any complications of Kawasaki disease. Either way, the boy is gone and John and Kelly will have to live with whatever they did or DID NOT do for their son.

2113 days ago


Quote: 66. The only website that has the cajones to tell the truth about this tragic situation is Travolta's longtime "close friend," was his child's "nanny," and had absolutely no training in child care, treatment of autism, epilepsy or special needs of any kind. He did seem to enjoy an unusually affectionate relationship with Mr. Travolta. I have no use for a "religion" that encourages it's adherents to deny their sexual preference, mental illness, deny treatment and necessary medication to their children and allow them to suffer in isolation like this poor boy did for sixteen long years. If he'd been born to any other parents, even those on Medicaid, he might have gotten the help and attention he needed and have been with us today. Poor boy.

Posted at 5:10PM on Jan 8th 2009 by Naj

I completely agree. Well said.

2113 days ago

nira k    

Sorry to be so superficial but her looks good. He got rid of the "little boy" bangs and looks like his hair is lighter too. And did he have some work done on his face? Sure looks it.
I think he is sincere in his beliefs just has problems articulating. Whenever i've watched him speak before, i've found his train of thought a bit difficult to follow. He jumps, verbally, all over the place and seems as if he is searching for words. Maybe a communication handicap.
I think we would all feel better about him if he were at the Travolta"s side. But then again maybe he thought that all the media attention would detract from Jett's service. He is a hard man to read.

2113 days ago


Notice he says they get medication for physical problems NOT Mental issues (Autism)

2113 days ago


I think it is very interesting that all Tom could say about Jett is that he saw him when he was 6 months old.
Now, that's quite a "friendship" that he has with the Travoltas, huh?
As for Barbara, you can bet that she had to clear what she was going to ask Tom about. Nothing gets sprung on
Mr. Cruise.
Unfortunately, he is not good enough without a script to make himself sound intelligent.
Scientologists do not believe in psychotic drugs and they use "vitamins" for everything else.

2113 days ago


The Travolta's are correct to NOT invite celebs for a 'media circus' funeral! So, lay off the '... should go to the service'. It should be for family and close friends ONLY!

2113 days ago


umm umm durrrr........ it's just.... ummm ahhh durrr.....
Wow.. I think the aliens sucked out all his brains!!
Maybe the scientology-cult is right!!

2113 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I thought it was nice of Tom to say that..I mean what did you want him to do, jump in the crematorium with Jett...

2113 days ago

Wanda W.    

I saw that interview myself. HE WAS ACTING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,ACTING!!!!! Hes a very bad actor promoting a very bad movie people,saw an opportunity for advancing it with a not so OSCAR worthy PERFORMANCE,please!! Scientology is for the birds people,L. Ron Hubbard was an iodiot, who has followers who are even bigger iodiots! Wake up, everything they do is to promote their cause! Wanda

2113 days ago
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