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Tom on Jett's Death -- "Horrific"

1/8/2009 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A visibly shaken Tom Cruise finally opened up about the death of his good friend's son -- describing Jett Travolta's death as "horrific" and addressing Scientology's role in the tragedy.

Tom Cruise: Click to watch
Struggling to find the right words, Cruise addressed the emotional topic during a taping for tomorrow's episode of "The View," where he claimed his religion does not prohibit people from seeing a doctor and getting proper medication.


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I think it was in bad taste for Barbra Walters to bring that up.

2084 days ago


Who in the world believes anything Tom Cruise says? He has a huge investment in Scientology.....oh and I love when the press says he was noticibly shaken...............HE IS AN ACTOR (sort of)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing on Toms mind is money for Scientology.......and getting Jett's Manny Jeff away from John.

2084 days ago


Why would Tom go on any talk show right now? Did he not figure he was going to be asked about Scientiology? I read Lisa Marie Presley said something along the lines of "we do advocate going to doctors for medical conditions yadda yadda yadaa. I would like to hear from the real scientiologist . Forget the "medical conditions" you want to talk about, talk about what we all are asking you - about the mental medical conditions - autism, epilepsy, neurological disorders - those medical conditions. What would you advise a parent of a child with those conditions to do? How are those people treated and thought of because Christians do not think of them as degraded. If you feel so strongly about your beliefs, share with us the truth and facts about mental medical conditions? We want to know. Stop skirting the issues with statements like "of course we seek medical help for medical conditions" That says nothing. Address mental medical conditions?

2084 days ago


Sickening to watch Tom skirt the issue of medications. Scientologists don`t believe in epilepsy meds or any drug that could have any psychological effect. They even frown on aspirin! Google "Tory Christman" and/or go to "magoo44" on youtube to read and watch videos of an ex-scientologist who was encouraged to go off her epilepsy medication and almost died. Her story is by no means uncommon. Scientology has no problem lying when it comes to bad PR for their "church". Sure, they`ll tell you to go to a doctor for a broken bone-but you can`t take any pain meds for it. Sickening CULT!

2084 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Funny how these Scientologists come out of the buttcracks of Hollywood - First Lisa Marie then Tom C. Defenders of the stupid religion. Damage control - that's all. I pray for John and Kelly that they didn't fall prey to the non-medication beliefs of Scientoiletology. As a niece of an aunt who has suffered from Epilepsy for over 75 years (medication success story) and relative to several family members with autism, I am here to say that pharmacology works. Also love, support, education and information. The ability to change meds when necessary is also important. Sometimes toxicity occurs and it is very important to have a medical doctor monitor the patient frequently with blood tests, etc. To just blindly follow something and not try EVERY path available would be truly tragic for this family to live with the guilt.

2084 days ago


Wow, first time I looked close at a pic of Tom....but he's really showing his age and yikes! Hair implants!!

2084 days ago


Amazing! When given the oppertunity to speak about this very sad event in his friend's lives-he stumbles -as if compassion is a foreign language to him. How about the word heartbreaking, Tom? It's ABSOLUTLY HEARTBREAKING when anyone loses a child! One more reason for me to find Tom unbearable. (Oh yeah, another good adjective,Tom)

2084 days ago


He is so full of it, if john travolta had ever left scientology, tom cruise would claim that if jett was a scientologist he would have lived.

2084 days ago


I can't tell if he is genuinely concerned and on the verge of tears or if he's inebriated.....

2084 days ago


Toms new cookie cutter respose to anything critical about his "church" , "Its simply not true". The writtings and taped lectures by L. Ron Hubbard say they are true. Look for your selfs. Dont take the word of someone that pretends to be something that he's not for a living. Hollywood fake.

2084 days ago


Callie Writer #62

You are a complete brain washed nutjob. Stay away from counseling others----you are dangerous and misguided.

Its fine to write of your thoughts and beliefs just dont push them on others in counseling as you are trying to do here.

2084 days ago

Kandace Fish    

I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise, but I found this intervew very heart felt, It is the loss of a child and he is at a loss for words, no doubt thinking of his own children and how he would feel. Leave alone the drama in his life, and let him also grieve for his friends child.

2084 days ago


Cruise would have you taking vitamins and hot showers to treat any and friend went to a treatment center, he was hooked on meth, it c ost 1,000 dollars a day there---run by scientologists----vitamins, good meals and non stop saunas was the treatment---simple as 12 steps, sponsors, meetings, drugs to help with withdrawls, just saunas and do the math----they dont use drugs for anything----including seizures. If you need drugs during treatment you are sent to a hospital and not allowed to return to them.

So all you at home take some Gienko and a hot shower and you'll be getting about the same thing for a grand a day....

2084 days ago


As i expected Scientology is totting out the big guns ( scientology anywayzzzz) to cover their corrupt disgusting butts. The whole thing is revolting and sad.... Scientology is revolting and sad.

2084 days ago


Calliewriter you are simply a loser..and you denial of being a scientologists holds as much water as a bucket with a hole in it...don't forget to follow your leader to the next alien ship to take you to your leader Ron bastard Hubbard.

2084 days ago
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