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Photog Could Get Sacked Over Skier's Shrinkage

1/10/2009 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

SkierThe dude who took the incredibly awesome photos of a skier being dangled with his dangle hangin' out -- could lose his job over the incident.

Marty Odem -- a photographer who works for a company that shoots pics of skiers at Vail Mountain ski lifts -- says he's already been suspended over the pics and believes he'll probably get fired over the incident. The photo company says the pics violate the skier's privacy. No pun intended.

Odom wrote on a snowboarding website that he took the pictures on his day off and was carrying his own camera. Even with the threat of losing his job, Odem claims "the photo is worth it."

And it sooo is.


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I don't think it's worth it. Just disrespectful. When you hang yourself up their naked next to him like an opossum... maybe it will be worth it.

2073 days ago


Would you idiots feel any differently if it had been the guy's child hanging there naked and a picture was taken? Since the guy's name has been published, it is going to be humiliating for the kid at school.

2073 days ago


that could be anyone of us jerk-offs on our family vacations...have a little sympathy....

2073 days ago


that could be anyone of us jerk-offs on our family vacations...have a little sympathy....
Posted at 2:29AM on Jan 11th 2009 by awww i care!!

hey awww i care,

i u really care, u would share !!! SHOW us ur 'PUNANI' !!!
"we will leave you to sojourn with your jazzical expressions whilst we venture forth into the land of punani. Peace to you my sensitive one"'

2073 days ago


How did they get that star to hang there in the cold?

2073 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

why is the dude complaining?? his ultimate soul has been liberated! he freed his little slave!!

2073 days ago


This had nothing to do with the photogs job, so it shouldn't be an issue to his employer. I personally think it's hysterical! It wouldn't have been if the guy had been hurt, but it's such a freak thing to happen and I guarantee a dozen other bystanders took pictures, too! I would!

2073 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Dude, maybe next time you won't forget to wear underwear.
And puh-leeze - the poster who said she'd "die" if her kids saw her husband naked. What century were you born in? Only in this pathetic country could a naked body inspire such Puritanical giggles.

2073 days ago


the travolta family vacationing in aspen.
mr vinny barbarino di'int give jett his anti-epileptic meds & see what happens as a result !!!
Posted by off of depakote

dear john,

i admire your work !!! i couldn't have done any better !!! good luck
with your next patient, bleu !!!

best wishes. sincerely,
dr kevorkian

2073 days ago


The photographer should be fired. I am sure Vail doesn't support the mockery/exploitation of their customers, therefore this photog has to go! The guy should attempt to garnish the money the photograph made. I wonder how bombastic the photographer would be if the victim got the photograph's proceeds!

2072 days ago

Hello Kitty    

While this really sucks for the man that almost fell to his death.. he was out in public and the Marty Odem was on his own time using his own camera, so I don't see why his job should be at risk.

If he has a right to privacy, then every celeb has a right to sue the people who follow them around and sleep out at their homes to get photos, because would they not have the same right to privacy while out in public at like the star guy ?

2072 days ago


That poor guy. This to shall pass. At least you can't really see his face that good.

2072 days ago


Good, I hope he lsoes his job and never works in photography again. How anyone could think that is "Awesome" is beyond me. It's sad. I hope something as equally bad happens to Matt. Karma's a bitch.

2072 days ago


TMZ should give Marty a job!!! HE ROCKS!!!

2072 days ago


Ski area photogs barely make a living wage, and are usually photo buffs who like to ski. "Sue him for all he is worth"?!?

2072 days ago
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