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Photog Could Get Sacked Over Skier's Shrinkage

1/10/2009 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

SkierThe dude who took the incredibly awesome photos of a skier being dangled with his dangle hangin' out -- could lose his job over the incident.

Marty Odem -- a photographer who works for a company that shoots pics of skiers at Vail Mountain ski lifts -- says he's already been suspended over the pics and believes he'll probably get fired over the incident. The photo company says the pics violate the skier's privacy. No pun intended.

Odom wrote on a snowboarding website that he took the pictures on his day off and was carrying his own camera. Even with the threat of losing his job, Odem claims "the photo is worth it."

And it sooo is.


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You people need to wake up this guy dangling will sue and make a million and this photo could possibly help either him or the resort depending on which way it goes and in the meantime the guy that took the photo will be on unemployeement

2087 days ago

an average american    

Donna, who posted at 3:38PM on Jan 10th 2009 makes a comment about this being the "sick way that liberals have their fun." Donna, get a life... This has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative. This isn't a political issue. People who want to bring this country together - liberal or conservative - should be trying to work together and not throw insutls when none is due. In my opinion, the photographer was way out of line. I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted it to happen to it. It was could and unfeeling. Regardless, it doesn't take much intelligence to realize that this is not a political issue. Trying to make it political only belittles those of you who try to do so.

This was an unfortunate and embarrassing event. If there was a little more kindness in the world the world would be a better place. The photographer was not making a political comment. He could have been kind but he chose to take advantage of the situation. Regardles, this has nothing to do with politics.

(Try doing something nice for someone, Donna, instead of throwing political slurs in an incident that clearning isn't political).

2087 days ago


Yeah, photog will think its sooooo worth it until this dude sues the pants off the photog. See whose dangle will be dangling then. You can't take back what you put out there on the internet and now there is plenty of precedent for this kind of thing to be admissable in a criminal trial as well...taking pornographic pictures without written consent anyone?

2087 days ago


Get a life usa, land of prudes and puritans, have fun.

2086 days ago


who cares it was just a naked guy it is funny,glad he didnt bet hurt. Americans are so uptight about the naked body,damn you are all abunch of idiots! the guy should not be fired, leave him alone. hey it was a photo-op

2086 days ago


What sort of people have we become when we find humor in others misery? This man did absolutely nothing to deserve being photographed like this. He didn't ask for it. He's not a celebrity. Anyone who finds this "hilarious" has no heart. There is nothing funny about it whatsoever. Another sad statement about the times in which we live. The photographer is a sleeze for publishing these and should be fired and sued.

2086 days ago

Richard Julian    

If it was a woman or an underage kid it would be one thing but I dont know of any guys ,especially my buddies who would give a crap if the whole world saw them nude. Who cares.

2086 days ago


Maybe everyone should give this some thought, including the photographer. Celebrity boobs falling out are not an accident as they "dress to impress" and border on whole boobs being out there anyway. As far as anyone of you know this was an accident. I doubt it was planned for the paparazzi. Accidents in public are indeed "in public" however where is anyone's common sense or sense of decency? Right - the definition of decency appears to be changing. Common sense says this is an accident and the guy is at risk for a serious injury - reach for your cell phone idiot, not your camera. If it was a naked person who took his/her clothes off and was skiing down the slope then be my guest with your camera - that person has done their action for attention - give it to them. Their kids will enjoy the pics. Now the final question - make this your teenage son or daughter, Mr. Photographer.....would you be snapping photos and what would you say to the 'dude' who took the pic and pasted it on facebook, myspace and and the world news. Duh ! If you become that kind of parent who thinks this is okay - I pitty your kids.

2086 days ago


The answer is so simple, completely undisuptable and covered in the Bible and if everyone followed the laws of God, there would be no need to debate the issue here; simply do unto others as you would have them do unto you in every and any situation. It was unkind of the photographer to have taken this shot let alone post it for public view.

2086 days ago


Just when you think that this society can't sink any lower you're proven wrong. We are heading the way of the Roman Empire, but at a much more rapid clip. The internet has shown us just how many deranged people we have running around loose!

2086 days ago


Let the poor guy keep his job - I've seen better even on a COLD day.....

2086 days ago


i dont think the photog should be in trouble. anyone/everyone with a cell phone camera could have taken similar shots. no, i think the ski resort is the one in BIG trouble!

2086 days ago


They were too generous with that star!!!

2086 days ago


COme on-big deal-most of you are lying if you say you wouldn't have wanted to snap this Pic. I say no firing.

2086 days ago


A friend emailed the site where this photo first appeared. I thought how terrible it was that this guy was exposed and some idiot was taking pictures to humiliate this man. It's not enough that he endured the public humuliation hanging upside down and exposing himself, he had to see his pictures splashed all over the internet.

I hope this guy loses his job and learns his lesson. One has to ask, would you like it if embarrassing pictures of you were taken, would you want them out there for the whole world to see.....I think we all would anwer.....absolutely not!!!

I hope this guy gets a really good lawyer.

2086 days ago
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