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Plays With Lifeless Being

1/10/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil' Suri Cruise has fun with an inanimate object in New York yesterday.

Her stuffed bunny was there too.


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To 99 & 100 - Maybe if you stop posting comments, TMZ will think people aren't interested, and stop covering them. Seeing 100 posts would leave me to believe people want more.

2038 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    

Lisa, and you know that she does not make her own decisions because you are good friends? Retard.

2029 days ago


Is this ALL TMZ can do...put people down with their not so witty comments?

2110 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

A shame the media has not better covered the negative changes in Katie Holmes since she met Tom Cruise. She no longer has the spark she used to. She seems to lack emotion and be very controlled and unhappy. It's sad to see.

2110 days ago


Ok TMZ retards. A pic of a mother who actually takes care of her own kid. With a very weak caption/joke. Great work.

2110 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Sure hope Katiebot unit isn't depressed! It's not like she could get any help for it, until it's too late. Or she escapes.

2110 days ago


that's not just any stuffed bunny! that's Mimsy,The Last Bunny!!! a MOST EXCELLENT movie!! highly recommended by this mom..

2110 days ago


Awwww we all know what a certain cutie pie got for Christmas! Unlike so many uninterested Moms Katie is a wonderful, hands-on mother and clearly adores her precious daughter. Suri gets more beautiful by the day!

2110 days ago


This kid is the next victim of scientology!

2110 days ago


She will be dead like Jett.

2110 days ago

Why do you care?    

But for once, she is wearing a coat.

Can't we all say how unusual that is?!?!?!?!

Go Suri, you wear that coat girl. Way to go!

2110 days ago


Geez TMZ, leave Suri alone. Katie's marriage, career, fashion sense, etc. are fair game, she chose celebritydom and its hassles, but please leave her parenting skills (which seem excellent to me) and the kid alone. I'm disgusted that it isn't illegal to harrass children in this way.

2110 days ago


Katie Holmes has no career, anymore. She is a robotic wife to her insane husband and she is a robotic mother. I'm sure she doesn't make a move without his say so. I'm surprised these scientologist freaks even let the kids have toys. It' poor parenting when your kid (Katie) is so easily led away from the family by a freak like Tom Cruise. Katie is senseless and I fear for this kid.

2110 days ago


For the love of your God Katie, stop smothering your daughter. Let her be a kid. Let her walk, let her push a doll stroller without your annoying this must be for Suri

2110 days ago


Calling a little girl a whore is sick. To say that Katie is her pimp is so wrong to. What the hell is wrong with some of you people. Then to go on to say she will be dead like Jett. Some of you people either need real help. Or you need to get a life. Since when are you sick people so perfect that you can pick apart others. Clean your own backyard before you worry about what is in others. Would you like it if other people say crule things about your kids. I think not.

2110 days ago
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