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Going Once, Twice,

Not so Fast!

1/11/2009 12:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia apparently has figured out the new way in a bad economy -- cut a desperate deal.

The "Idol" winner was about to lose her $1.1 mil pad in North Carolina because of $$$ probs -- she owed $58,000 to Broward Energy Partners and the company had put the house on the auction block. She had borrowed the cash from the company to pay taxes.

At the last minute, the woman who is now most famous for being a no-show when she starred in an Oprah play on Broadway struck a deal with the company and her home is safe -- for now.


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Fantasia is a highly talented woman and should not be put down because of her money problems. Her child's father walked out on them and she was forced to raise her child alone , with the help of her family. People who have lived in poverty all their life, do not know how to handle sudden wealth. They actually cannot cope with fame and riches because it is so new to them. So, please, those who have trashed her with such cruelty, think again, because you have not walked in her shoes. Until you do, and I sincerely hope you never have to, try to be a little more understanding and wish her well. A little moral support will go a long way. In case anyone is interested, I am Caucasian, and the only contact I have with the "black" community are the employees behind the counters and desks, and the kindly gentleman who takes care of my lawn.

2119 days ago


Think "fame" went too fast into her brain....from a nobody to a must have been too hard to process for her...overwhelming her...bad decisions...too many relatives suddenly appearing.....SAD.....really SAD

2118 days ago

leave it natural    

Grammar Rehab Center found on this post:

> .... lifestyles they were never ACCUSTOM to.


> ......Needs ROSE PEDALS in her bath or YOUR fired, what the heck?.....


>...You obviously are a fan of HER'S


>...dine out at sonic and then you may enjoy the wonders of THERE fabulous & famous tater tots


>She's a sad person, has talent but DOESNT have enough common sense....


2118 days ago


You all are so full of crap. Whether she has talent or not...Id rather her TRY and make something of herself rather than collect welfare and look for a handout. There are plenty of people in this country who have been unjustly enriched without possessing talent, or skill. There are plenty and several C- white actresses who are talentless and who do whatever they can to keep their heads above water. No one is pointing out their mistakes or misfortunes or standing around waiting for them to mess up. Leave Fantasia alone, if you had to give her a handout- you would be complaining and telling her to do something with herself. She is doing that. BACK OFF.

2118 days ago


Grammar Rehab Center,
ware halve yoo bean? whee halfvent sene u fore uh phew daze, hapee
two sea yoo bake.

jethro isaphool, MD, JD, MBA, PhD,
dene of cunilingus, vahgieNa univursitee

2118 days ago




2118 days ago


She went through the money faster than she made it. This is a prediction - in a few years she will have popped out another couple of kids and gone back on welfare. If she's ever on TV again, it will be on the Maury Povich show saying "who be my baby daddy", episode.

and holy Christ, please don't say I'm jealous. Yeah, I want a mouth you can drive a truck through, be in debt and losing my home, which by the way is a 3 BR 2 bath home in an upper middle class Hood in Colorado.

2118 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

Fantasia is a wonderful singer and very beautiful!


2118 days ago


American Idol is a joke. It takes more than talent to maintain a career for a lifetime. Winning money and a shot at fame is great, but once the work starts to be a factor, it becomes more of a chore than a passion. Some aren't cut out for it and after a flash in the pan, the fire goes out and you find thier second attempts in bargain bins at Walmart.
Why do these sudden rise to fame nobodies rush out and purchase things they cannot afford to maintain? A home that costs millions? Why not be sensible and responsible with what you were given the chance to obtain? Dissing someone like Oprah could leave a huge black mark next to your name as well. She is very talented, but unless she has some intelligence to go with it, she is going to be another has-been left in the dust.

2118 days ago


This is a lesson for all who do not understand poverty. People who come from poverty and suddenly come into great wealth do not know how to handle it. If you were to read book about poverty you will understand the mind frame.

2118 days ago


Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson - both were given extraordinary opportunities to showcase their meaningless noise. Just like Whitney Houston - both Fantasia and Jennifer failed. Perhaps the music industry needs to work harder at showcasing real talent.

2118 days ago

nothing better to do    

Fantasia is really talented. I LOVED her performances on Idol. Her rendition of Summertime was amazing! It is a shame that she has not had a higher profile since then, but give the girl a break! I wish her all the best & I will buy her next CD.

2118 days ago


This story is a distorted piece of crap. Fantasia brought in over $10 million to the MUSICAL (not play) "The Color Purple" for which she received rave reviews across the board and received the American Theater Award for her performance. She performed at the Tony awards where she would have been nominated and received the Tony for her role, but because the person who originated the role of Celie, a musical actress named LaChanze who missed more preformances in the role than Fantasia,, won for the role the year before, Fantasia was not eligible (that's the rules and EVERYONE knows Fantasia had NO competition for that award). Entertainment Weekly described Fantasia taking broadway by storm and being a New York landmark bringing people in to see her perform by the busloads, In no way, shape or form was anything a desperate deal for her house. The people who manage her money told her not to stick the owed money into the house in a market where houses are losing their value. That would be like throwing your money into a bonfire. What proof do you have, trashy TMZ writers, that there would be any future problems? Oh yeah, it's just your dumbass opinions. Obviously you haven't heard that that "little play" is being made into one of the biggest films of 2010. Fantasia is known for being a sweetheart and there is no reason to go after someone that is nice. The only reason people would have to do that is pure jealousy!

2110 days ago


Come on you people, we all have mismanaged money!! It has never been that amount besause we never had that much in our possession. However, girlfriend needs to hire a better manager and accountant. They are suppose to oversee all of her spendings as well as inform her of what's anout to be due!! Don't be so judgemental on my girl!!!

2085 days ago
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