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Laura Bush

Good Genes or Good Docs?

1/11/2009 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some Americans would like to erase the last eight years -- and it appears First Lady Laura Lane Welch Bush already has!

Laura Bush
Here's 54-year-old Laura (left) back at the beginning of her husband's presidency in 2001 -- and the 62-year-old refreshed version (right) two weeks ago.

Seems like everybody is ready for change.

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To the contrary, no one is going to miss Bush or his family. I believe people are similar to their partners or spouse. Will not be missed a tall.

2109 days ago


Come on, none of you can see that she looks a mess? She looks even worst to me for being so self-righteous even after she and a friend killed someone when they were teens. This was not found in the vetting process? Yet no one talks about that. Yet, since her mentally retarded, racist husband has run the country into a royal ish hole, she goes and buys $485,000 worth of China??? That's her way of saying "What recession?" in faces of you dumb azz morons who voted for and worship this women and her retarded husband who are now eating dog food when you don't have a dog.

2109 days ago


my god you people are naive! Do you honestly believe a 62-year old woman who've lived under the texan sun can have skin and a jawline like that naturally? Come on! Plastic surgeons have learnt from the mistakes they made in the eighties, facelifts are obsolete because they look weird, but there are so many procedured that can give a 62 year old woman from texas firmer and smoother skin. Of course she has had some work done, I say skin treatments, botox, fixed her jowl and upper eye lids.

What's so bad about cosmetic procedures anyway, and where do you draw the line? Are chemical peels ok? Botox? Fillers? Laser treatments? Thermage? Thread lifts? Anything without scalpels? Anything without general anesthesia?

2109 days ago

colbys woman    

Actually, I've changed my mind. Since I thought about all the great things Bush has done, I believe he'll go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents, like Reagan. That is, after the press gets done bj'ing the obamas. Laura Bush is lovely!

2109 days ago


31. Actually, I've changed my mind. Since I thought about all the great things Bush has done, I believe he'll go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents, like Reagan. That is, after the press gets done bj'ing the obamas. Laura Bush is lovely!

Posted at 2:14PM on Jan 11th 2009 by ugg
You're gonna have to specify what great things those are, because I can't for the life of me think of a single one. But when I think of all the stupid, short sighted, dumb ass things, some of wich will come back and bite the US in the ass, I can give you a looooong list

2109 days ago


Who cares what she looks like. She's a murderer!

2109 days ago


The hair color is different, makeup & lighting. Even if she did do something what. It's not a crime if a person wants to improve their looks in some way. And for sure, her beuty is not only skin deep.

2109 days ago


I'll be sad to see her leave the White House. Maybe she can Michelle some fashion advice.

2109 days ago

St pooch    

Hey! guys.... i really don't mind what people are talkin 'bout current President bush...but you don't touch "the First lady"
U terrolists!!!

2109 days ago

ya know    

Bitch looks like the joker

2109 days ago


Upper eyelids and skin re-juvination

2109 days ago


This is a ridiculous comparison. She's obviously smiling in the first pic which is going to make her squint her eyes which shows more lines around her eyes. So she's not making the same face, the lighting is differernt,-more harsh in the first pic-and she obviously has on WAY more make-up on her face in the second pic. This is not a doctor's work, this is called better lighting and more makeup and not squinting her eyes in the 2nd pic. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out!!

2109 days ago


People who don't believe she's had some work done, show that picture to your 60+ year old mothers and grandmothers and their friends, see what they have to say...

2109 days ago


There is no way to tell. The lighting in the first one is totally more harsh. The lighting in the second is alot darker & has that "candle lighting" affect which is suppose to be alot more complimentary. Also the smile in picture one is alot bigger than picture 2..........Everyone knows when the smile is big the wrinkles come out more. I feel like someone was trying to "dupe me" like those before & after pictures that pull the same tricks.

2109 days ago


Haha, 70% voted "Good docs" in the poll!

Of course she's had some work done. 62 years of boozing it up in the texan sun and firm skin with few wrinkles? Riiiight

Why are so many posters so adamant about saying it "lighting and make up" would their world end if Laura Bush had had some work done?

2109 days ago
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