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Dumbasses Try to Neuter Hooters

1/12/2009 12:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some desperate men with a dream to serve hot wings and wear short-shorts are suing the people behind Hooters -- because the man-haven wouldn't hire the dudes as waitresses!

These dumbasses -- led by some d-bag named Nikolai Grushevski -- have filed a class-action suit in Texas alleging they were each "denied a waiter's position because of ... gender." No s**t?!!?!!

Anyway, the guys -- who we'll call "the ruiners of all things good" -- are claiming the Southwest Airlines defense, citing a three-decade-old case where the airline was forced eventually to hire male flight attendants.

The guys are asking the court for emotional damages -- but we thought you had to have those before getting a job at Hooters!

Mike McNeil, the VP of Marketing for Hooters of America, tells TMZ, "This move of course begs the question, why would a man want to be a Hooters Girl? In our opinion, he doesn't and he is simply looking for an opportunity to be the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit so he can try and make some money without working for it."


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Well, job requirements for guys wanting to work at Hooters - 1) Breast Implants. DD is good., 2) Castration - can't have that huge unsightly bulge hanging out, now can we. 3). Total Body Waxing. A hairy body is NOT a Hooters body...4) Get Real. The food is fair at best. Lousy most of the time. Why bother.??? I didn't see Richard Simmons signing up as part of the class.

2111 days ago


they shouldnt win. ive worked at hooters for over a year and to answer the age old question: who wants to see a DUDE in the uniform. hooters girl are NOT waitresses, they are hooters girls. men arent hired to be servers because there is an image to be sold. they are denied the same way actresses are denied roles in movies. you woundnt rent 'tomb raider' to watch rosie odonell's shower scene would ya?

2111 days ago


LOL...well I have been to Hooters...and "get a real job honey" is pretty dead on with her/his assessment of the dimwits and the dippy almost-strippers...though most probably don't have the talent required to dance and wear stripper heels so they ended up at Hooters, lol...why get mad at "get a real job" for telling the truth? if Hooter girls are so happy and contenet with their choice to be second grade strippers then good for them...they have nothing to defend, right?

P.S. 95% of strippers are ALSO "putting themselves through school" **wink wink**

...just sayin.

2111 days ago


If they can work at hooters, then I want to see girls in the NFL, and NOT in a cheerleader capacity. I want to see them out on the field taking hits and throwing passes.

2111 days ago

hire him    

Ok so instead of letting him have a lawsuit against Hooters why not hire him. But since it is just shorts and a tank top that they wear then he should have to wear the exact same uniform. I doubt if he would really even show up for work but atleast he would be given the exact same opportunity as the girls do.

2111 days ago

Va Buckeye    

Lol. What a dumbass (the guy mentioned in the article). I just searched for Nikolai Grushevski on Facebook and found his blocked profile.

As a woman who's eaten at Hooters, I don't see the big deal. I'm sure Hooters has men who work in the kitchen and behind the scenes so they can't really say that Hooters is discriminating when they do in fact have male employees. They just don't happen to be servers.

2111 days ago


Some dudes make a living sueing, got to be on the low side of life to do that! Not like your homeless or selling yourself for sex on the street!

2111 days ago


jesus, youve gotta be kidding me! its crap like this thats rotting this country from the inside out! nonsense lawsuits are clogging the legal system up when real issues that ARE LEGITIMATE are put off for years. This is almost worse than the McDonalds lawsuit where the lady spilled coffee on her lap. ITS COFFEE, YOU RETARD! ITS GONNA BE HOT! but, everyone wants to make a quick buck without doin a damn thing for it. why are our insurance premiums so hight? because all you have to do is have your feelings hurt, or stub your toe, and then you can sue whoever you want. This all makes me sick, and this country is becoming a joke more and more every day. i served my time in the military, and fought for freedom. But if i had known that THIS was the kind of freedom i was fighting for, I never would have joined in th first place. These people should be shot, and make the world a better place.

2111 days ago


Any of these MORONS that posted that they think that guys should be hired as Hooters girls....I just have no words. I used to be a Hooters girl. Hooters would lose soooooo much business if there were dudes there with chest hair sticking out of their shirts, leg hair sticking out of their pantyhose and their balls hanging out of their shorts!!! Come on!!!! Seriously? Really? Sure, hire guys, but people would come there to either laugh at the waiters and be entertained by the freak show.....or just be sick! I wouldn't apply for a job with the Chip and Dales!! The women in that audience want to see sexy men just as much as 90% of the men that go to Hooters, go to see sexy women. No, we are NOT all equal. Some things are for MEN and some things are for WOMEN! Plain and simple. These idiots need to stop being lazy and earn their money the good old fashion way instead of being lazy.

2111 days ago


I'd love to see Hooter's Guys. I hope they succeed so I can enjoy Hooter's wings with the guys. ;)

2111 days ago


Businesses should have the right to hire whomever they want for a job. If you don't like it, get a job somewhere else.

2111 days ago


Why don't they just start their own restaurant that caters to WOMEN...??? I'm sick of going to Hooters 'cause there's nothing for me to look at while my husband ogles....but some nice hunky men in skin tight outfits..yum....I'd pay to eat eat at their restaurant! I'm sure they can come up with an equally outrageous name and a squirrel holding, um, tree fruit....I bet they'd make a fortune!

2111 days ago


I believe hooters already hires men to work in the kitchen to buss the tables. This is obviously an attempt at trying to get free money. There are plenty of restaurants out there to apply at, that would be more than happy to hire a competent individual to wait tables. Would these guys try and sue a strip club, because they wouldn't get hired as dancers? I hope these guys are laughed right out of the court room. If they do win then they should be REQUIRED to wear the uniform, short shorts and all.

2111 days ago


Bottom line it really is illegal sex discrimination to only allow women to be food servers,
to only make female uniforms, and then claim men won't look good in them. As a woman,
I am totally offended, NOT by dressing girls up in sexy outfits, but by not allowing equal
employment opportunities for both men and woman who are equally capable of serving food!

2110 days ago

hooter girl and pediatric nurse    

To "get a real job honey and Sienna is a homewrecking whore"

Number 1 - I am 23 years old and work as a pediatric nurse who makes very good money but i have also been working at hooters since i was 17, I definitely would not be there if i was working with " dim witts and not making good money" but thats not the case. I stay there one day a week now because of how great the money and girls are. Also alot of my regular customers are female. For example sweetie, while you were flipping burgers or sitting at a desk i was bartending friday morning and made $420 dollars on a morning shift and trust me.....NONE OF IT WAS DOLLAR BILLS IN MY ORANGE SHORTS OKAY BITCH. sadly your just jealous of these girls and are deprssed about Sienna stealing your man apparentley. maybe you should take some advice and dont judge any girl putting themselves through college by being a hooters girl or even a stripper because atleast they are working for it, Maybe they dont have a rich daddy to pay their way through so keep your damn mouth shut. dont be jealous of hooters girls because we make more money than you. Oh and to the women who stated we belittel ourselves for a $2 dollar tip, trust me bitch we dont want your two dollar tip cus you clearly dont know how to tip, we want to throw it in your face but we have more class then to be a frigid bitch. And on that note ladies you wear less at the beach so get over it, the uniform is not that bad.'

I love my 34B boobs and my orange shorts and the lovely ladies i work with!!!!

2110 days ago
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