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Hooters on Lawsuit -- Size Matters!

1/12/2009 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you don't have a big one, they'll laugh you right out of Hooters -- a big law firm, that is.

The top bananas at the wing joint are firing back at a group of morons suing them for sexual discrimination, saying they are in their legal right to only hire women to handle their chicken bones.

In a statement issued just moments ago, Hooters says they've already fought this battle before -- and won -- and accused these dopes of only filing the suit so they "can try and make some money without working for it."

Hooters also took a shot at the d-bags' legal manhood -- saying the men are "represented by a very small plaintiff's law firm." Ouch.

And just to drive the point home, Hooters added "If we lose this go around, you can next expect hairy legged guys in the Rockettes line up and male models in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. You wonder why people just can't leave good things alone?"


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I worked at Hooters to get through College, and as I recall the job title is "Hooters Girl", not waitrees or server. It is not just about delivering food, there were rulles for customer service and outside public relations jobs. Server was second to being a true Hooters girl- hence the lawsuit is stupid and they probably never really applied. The cooks who tend to be male arte on display as well and can accept tips!

2073 days ago


HELLO MORONS, the name of the franchise is HOOTERS.. MEANING BOOBS, i swear people are complete IDIOTS

2073 days ago


I think Hooter's should call their bluff then. They should hire them. They should give them skimpy outfits, make sure they are wearing their boobs, makeup and a wig. It would be funny. Great publicity stunt for Hooters. **In reply to the person who said Hooters girls are skanky. I have to agree to a point. It just depends on where you live. I wouldn't say skanky, just not fashionable? or up to age? There are some scary women who pile on the make up like Tammy Faye, some who've had plastic surgery so much where they look like melted wax lmao or The girls who shave their eyebrows and then pencil them on.

2073 days ago


Wow, people can be so heartless. So a girl works at hooters for whatever reason. At least they're not stripping. And even if they are. So the F what? And women who push that "oh its sexist crap, obviously have no self esteem or are Extremely unattractive, because I dont know if you know this or not, but when you're IN college.. Its sometimes hard to get a job pertaining to what you are studying. And as for the idiots trying to sue hooters.. If they want to serve food, go work at Fridays. And if they want to do it in "skimpy" clothes, go work at chip n dales. And if you can't get a job there, then you're fat and ugly. For the women who are proud that they worked at hooters at one point in there lives, good for you. For the people who bash them, go to hell.

2073 days ago

Who Gives a Hoot?    

I don't know why any self-respecting woman would ever want to work at a place called Hooters, but at least they're not on welfare and living off our tax dollars or filing frivolous lawsuits.

2073 days ago


I say let the guys work there....there are plenty of guys and transgendered males who would love to don the Hooters Uniform and strut their stuff too you know. If this was a situation where women wanted to be a part of a "guys only" situation I am sure the public's reaction would be in favor of the women. So why is it different here? I say let the guys work there and then let them decide if a future at Hooters is for them or not. I know I sure would love to give it a try myself...!!!


2073 days ago

Cadillac Jinx    


2073 days ago

Chrissie Marie    

Okay I have read all that a person could read before I have to let people hear my opinion;

I too am a retired Hooter's Girl and frankly I am not the slightest bit ashamed of that. I worked three jobs to pay my way through school and raise my child while supporting a loser ex husband and taking care of my father.

Back in 1994 when I first applied for the job they had contracts instead of applications and in the contract they stated clearly their rights as a Corporation to hire as they see fit. As far not hiring men, I worked with several men. My boss was a man there was a male bar tender and there were several men who worked in the kitchen, which was open for the customers to see.

Maybe that this gentleman in Texas was not qualified for one of the jobs that was available for men in the Hooter’s world. How sad for him.

But if you have issues with Hooter’s girls being “skanky” or “nitwits” then maybe just maybe it is the town you live in and if you want to associated all women who are proud to wear the white tank top and orange hot pants with what you are use to then maybe you are too narrow minded to see that there is whole world outside of what you seem to have been jilted in.

I graduated top of my class as valedictorian with honors on the national Dean’s List and in 3 Honor societies and I am grateful to the job that I had a Hooter’s and not the slightest bit ashamed. I am now a nurse that travels to care for elderly who can’t make it to see a doctor on a regular basis and I love my job.

And every Monday night, my husband now and my friends all go to Hooter’s and enjoy sitting there and watching the games on television and eating really good food.

By the way a Hooters uniform covers about 80% of the body obviously some of you just haven’t bothered to pay attention. Hooter’s takes great care of their employees and now of them are degraded as much as I have read on this comment board.

2073 days ago

Sue Smith    

I have never been to hooters I am a women who doesnt care to have their food served my sexy women, however if I had my food served by a sexy man, well I may just have to try that out. Hooters is stupid, this is 2009, they are loosing alot of business by not having men wait table.

2073 days ago


This has been tried a million times and it's just a cheap shot at getting publicity. It's pretty cut and dry...the servers at Hooters aren't classified as servers, they're classified as 'models.' As such, the company can restrict the hiring however they see fit because the 'models' are required to reprise a certain role. Yes, Hooters can even legally terminate them if they gain weight. Don't be outraged...if Hooters -had- to hire fat/ugly women, they wouldn't be do nearly as well for themselves. You'd be surprised how shameless people can be...I've seen haggard 50-year old women, horribly overweight women, and yes, men trying to get server positions at Hooters. If it weren't for that little modeling clause, they'd be compelled to hire them and provide them with little orange shorts! AGH! I'll take my wings to go. 0.o

2073 days ago


It doesn't shock me that all the hooter girls who are here claiming to be future dr's and lawyers assume we hate them because they are so smoking hot. I have nothing against these ladies, some will be successful, some are already involved in prostitution, many are lesbians and do give a crap about the stupid idiots hitting on them. Bottom line, it's good football, so so wings, cold fries, and not news worthy. But keep trying to convince yourselves that you have it all together, bottom line, gain 10 lbs, they will fire you. If your pregnant, awesome, lose the weight fast, or your great future as a hooker is over.

2073 days ago


This deseves to be added to the most stupid list. That group of guys are nitwts and hopefully very embaresed. the idiots

2073 days ago


i wouldnt want take my family to hooters it's more sexual thing draws in men and mayby bi women, what kind decent people would bring their family to hooters? women are label as sex objects today for their looks and body and it's wrong hooters is apart of that , that's how they stay in bussiness , what kind women would walk around half naked in in public place ask your self that , where's the morals of self respect? im far from ugly, but i wouldnt dare ever be seen in hooters, i think it close enough to a strip club................

2073 days ago

Lord Xenu    

If the men want to work there they should be required to get breast implants to become she-males.

2073 days ago

Jeffrey Nason    

(S)he's hot!

2073 days ago
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