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Hooters on Lawsuit -- Size Matters!

1/12/2009 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you don't have a big one, they'll laugh you right out of Hooters -- a big law firm, that is.

The top bananas at the wing joint are firing back at a group of morons suing them for sexual discrimination, saying they are in their legal right to only hire women to handle their chicken bones.

In a statement issued just moments ago, Hooters says they've already fought this battle before -- and won -- and accused these dopes of only filing the suit so they "can try and make some money without working for it."

Hooters also took a shot at the d-bags' legal manhood -- saying the men are "represented by a very small plaintiff's law firm." Ouch.

And just to drive the point home, Hooters added "If we lose this go around, you can next expect hairy legged guys in the Rockettes line up and male models in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. You wonder why people just can't leave good things alone?"


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I used to work at hooters and I was one of the few decent girls there. Most of the girls would go out and get drunk off their asses, doing drugs, Many had DUI's, and most of them were sluts who im sure had STD's. I just want to say that there ARE decent girls at hooters just not many. About the lawsuit. I don't think that the customers would like this change. Where in the name Hooters do you hear anything that a guy could have without being fat? I don't think that guys should be allowed to work there as a server. They can work in the kitchen but, not as a server.

2107 days ago

G Cruz    

My daughter was a Hooters girl for 4 years as a part time job through college, she is now an RN with a top children's hospital. Her friends from there are CPA's, etc. All of them were paying their way through college. The hours and tips are perfect for college students as office jobs do not give them the hours they need and being a busy restaurant they could always rely on getting decent tips. I did not at any time think she was exploiting herself, it's all a matter of opinion!

2107 days ago


I also want to add that I do however think that if the guy is a cross dresser and is pretty enough then he should be able to work there. There are some guys that are prettier than girls!!

2107 days ago

just a girl    

I dont really care for Hooters, been there once for a b-day party. Yes the girls were pretty, had a cusin who worked there very beautiful girl and they made her wear padded bras because her breast werent "big enough" she didnt stay long. I know im not perfect but i do try ....MY POINT BEING IS...

In the bible it says thou shalt not commit adultry...
that DOESN'T mean it has to be PHYSICAL, it also means LUST. Which means, its on both people. If your walking down a street and a man lust over a woman without her even knowing or trying to get THAT kind of attention, thats on the man (vice versa).... but if a woman is going to a place where she knows men are looking at her body and not her brain (no matter the intention is for the money) your commiting adulty....
SO BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE, any husbands you took away, What job you have now and HOW you got there but in the end it wont matter. there's nothing classy or to be proud about when you show your body off...
for those who had your kids and where hooter girls... think about the daughters you have/ or might have( even granddaughters)... Do you REALLY want people to look at their body parts and not really see their worth. No Decent mother or father should want That for their child. ..

2107 days ago


Well the best revenge is for someone to open a place that only hires good looking men who work out. Women would go there pretty fast.

2107 days ago

ex hooters girl    

NO.... the Global Company that I work for has NOTHING to do with strippers or prostitution! Grow up! It is none of your business the name or dealings of my work. The point is.... as you can read in MANY other blogs is that ALOT of Hooter Girls have made something great of themselves!
Yes, some may border on questionable behavior - but isnt that the same in any line of work....

2107 days ago

There are always two sides.    

Ok, you former Hooter Girls can go on and on about how great it is all you want. That doesn't make it true for everyone. I've done my time in the orange shorts too and it certainly isn't something I'd ever be proud of my daughters for doing. Are you kidding me? It's one of the most degrading situations I have ever been in and, yes, I did it to work my way through school. The only thing it taught me was that I better keep my 4.0 so I could get out of that mess as soon as possible. It's good money and it's not exactly the hardest job in the world, but saying it's wonderful and saying you'd actually want your daughters to work there? Please tell me your daughters are plastic spoons you stole from the dining room of the mental hospital you're currently housed in and not real live young women who are being pushed into this crap by mothers who are supposed to love them.

2106 days ago


I'm agreeing with everything sierra is saying.A couple of girl's on here are saying they work,or have worked at hooter's{which probably is a big fat lie anyway} But even so..You girl's act like anyone that has anything negative to say is either jealous,or a hater.Or have had a hooter's ho take their man...That is TFF!!Because first of all,a real man would prefer a woman with class! What class is there in being half naked to serve freakin chicken?You girl's are saying you are working there to pay your way through college?What's wrong with working in a respectable establishment to do that?Stop degrading yourself!Your worth more than that!I'm happy for anyone trying to go to college,but it would look alot better on application's to say you worked at a respectable place and hooter's is not a good reference..And as far as men go..I feel the same way.I will never go back to hooter's.The gir's acted like slut's and I didn't even eat because I was so disgusted!

2106 days ago


this is probley the same gay a**hole that came into my work place demaned a job.and when he was told were we not hireing anyone he said ill sue your company.i bet he thinks he is going to get a lot of money from big companys and not have to work. so if you have a company here in texas watch out for this nut case.

2106 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    


Are you a Mormon?

Class or hot A$$? I am taking Pam Anderson over Laura Bush everyday!
Nothing hooter than a hot confident women who could care less about your morality judgement.

If you do not like hot sexy young girls serving your wings, then go to Chucky Cheese.
I think I rather be with a women who later in life can talk about her fun days and being hot and confident and enjoying life then the one who will always wonder what it would have been like if she was hot and had fun when she was young.


2106 days ago


I would like to see Max working at Hooters.

2106 days ago


...and for those of you on pedestals who "can't imagine why anyone would want to walk around half-naked in public..."

You need to seek some help in learning a few things, such as empathy and...hmmm....reality, perhaps. You are going to live a very restricted and very unhappy life if you continue to grab firm to your meaningless words like "morals." You're going to be even more miserable and confused if you expect other people to conform to your own arbitrarily defined morals and standards. Reality does not have a rulebook. People, especially do not operate on a single program. You might see a "morally compromised girl with no self-respect" wearing orange shorts, but you're probably failing to see that a person has to be self-confident and hard working to do that job. You see a flawed person, but I would guarantee that your average Hooters Girl isn't crying herself to sleep at night. Also, for those who like to sum it all up with "Hey! At least it's better than stripping!": Please open your eyes. It's nothing like stripping. It's not "one step away from stripping." It's a serving job mixed with a bit of PR/marketing or modeling.

Note: If you've been outdoors any time since the '50s, you'll see many women on the street wearing more revealing clothing than the Hooters uni...or go to a beach and see even more revealing "publicly acceptable" attire.

2106 days ago


Dear there are two sides,
your right they are spoons I picked up in the mental hospital. I can't imagine why you had such a horrible time working at you Hooters, you seem like such a nice person. Well it's time for me to go put my spoons to bed now, I hope that the Dr's didn't throw them away again, they know how upset I get at funerals.
Left, left, left. right, left, waiting tables all day long, now we have to sing this song, if you don't like our singing voice speak to Eric we have no choice, sound off chicken wings sound off philly cheese, oysters, steamed clams, hot dogs.

2106 days ago

Where's the freakin common sense    

Some people are just idiots. It's called Hoo-Ters not Jockstraps. The girls are the whole reason the restaurant got popular to begin with. Screw the food! Why do gay guys always gotta do what girls do? It's freakin annoying.

2106 days ago


oh wow i can't believe all the ignorant comments coming from some of this people, read your history and if you are one of those crazy Jeleous girls that goes to Hooters with and attittude because you are insecure about yourself, well then let le tell you that Hooters is just like any other restaurant with the exception that is a themed restaurant and the theme is a Hooter Girl therefore there cannot be any man working there as a Hooters Girl. Most of those girls are just like anybody, some of them are mothers, sisters, girlfriends just like anybody else just trying to make a living they don't do anything indicent!!!! If a guy wants to work at hooters they have a possition called "staff guy" he can apply for that or have enought experience to be a manager.

Idiots Hooters has been succesful because of the way they are why are you trying to change something good???

2105 days ago
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