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Megan Fox: I'm an Insecure Transvestite!

1/12/2009 7:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Megan Fox thinks she looks like Alan Alda -- a transvestite version of frickin' Alan Alda.

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The chick who's been called the sexiest woman on the planet by ... just about everyone, bashed the hell out of herself on the red carpet before the "Globes" yesterday -- and amidst the self-inflicted ego crushing, a straight-faced Megan blamed the whole thing on being "painfully insecure."

While the statement probably explains the whole Brian Austin Green relationship, the fact that she also bragged about her ridiculously thin wasteline and a body built by an impressive workout regimen probably means the self-deprecation thing is just a load of crap. Right?


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Lord Xenu    

I think she looks more like Wilford Brimley - does she have the BEET-US??? Maybe thats what turned her into a crack pot.

2107 days ago

She is hot    

I don't have to watch the video- just look at the picture and that is a great photo! Perfect expression! O- Face! She is absolutely gorgeous and i am sure a very nice person.

2107 days ago


What a loap of crap.
Boring and pointless interview.

2107 days ago


Then why is it was she quote saying she was better looking than angelina?

2107 days ago


Megan Dont Apologize for being BEAUTIFUL and Dont ever dumb down yourself in any way..Just so angry losers can like make..Piss the off even more by being HAPPY!!!

2107 days ago


UUUMMMM, it seems to me she should be more worried about those totally tasteless, awful tats on her body.

To tattoo a woman is like putting a bumper sticker on a BMW!!!! It just doesen't work! Besides, look at the likes of Angelina Jolie, she looks like a fool going down the red-carpet. Trying to be old fashion glamour is not going to work with all that icky on your body.

2107 days ago


Megan Fox is not ugly, but average if you ask me. She looks like any other trailer-park chick who grew up dreaming of being fajmous. She is no where near Angelina Jolie status...AJ is one of the most beautiful women onj the planet, Megan is just an average, nicebody nobody wannabe. I thought she was funny at first but then she took it too far. also she has a very annoying voice. and she looked too shiny and severe. She looks like a silly boy next to AJ...

2107 days ago


What a horrible interview! Megan was very unprofessional and has a thing or two to learn about her presentation. Kudos to Gulianna for trying to save the situation by changing the subject. And I agree, her comments about Brian Austin Green were totally inappropriate. That's her fiance! I would be pissed if I was him!! She needs some serious interview schooling. Just say "Thank you" and move on!!

2107 days ago


Woah - that bizatch is crazazy. Seriously. I am blown away by her icky attitude. "I am totally not pretty, I am so unattractive, woe is me I am so insecure, poor me. I WILL say that I DO have a 22 inch waist so suck it" And what was that about BAG having too big of an ego to be her date - cuz "he's a man" - whatevs. Frankly I don't even know why she is "famous"

2107 days ago


I think megan fox is one of the most attractive women in hollywood.

BE real people you just hate megan because she is skinner, prettier, ans waaaay sexier than YOU..You can say she is reg, and you can say other people are better look, but that fact is SHE prob looks better that YOU..

2106 days ago


I've worked with her. She is extremely insecure. Sad.

2106 days ago


you know i used to hate on her because she liked everything i liked, such as star wars motley crue, lord of the rings gears of war, and i was so jelious of her face that she was so beautiful, well i hated her. But now that iv watched this i did feel bad for her, just because everyone else thinks she's beautiful dose not mean she thinks she's beautiful, duh she has had her lips nose and boobs done so, you can see shes not happy with herself, And i bet she has days when she feels sexy, but you dont no how she feels, im told im beautiful, sometimes i think i am other times im down on my self, lots of people say i look good but i have a hard time dealing with my looks, so people i dont think its a pity party, leave the girl alone, by the way megan you are beautiful! god bless. ♥

2106 days ago


After joking at the Golden Globes about being a man in drag, Weekly World News can officially report: Megan Fox is, in fact, a man.

2106 days ago

Kelly Lee    

HAHA .. . nice interview. kinda weird.

well apparently she told the Weekly World News that she was a man!

too funny

2106 days ago


I think she is very hot. However, after listening to her talk, I feel kinda sorry for her. She just doesn't seem very happy and the way she talked about BG was sad. There was a trace of bitterness there that he doesn't even care enough to be by her side. Who can blame her for such a horrible interview? I can imagine she's thinking I got a boob job, a nose job and a lip job... and I'm voted American's hottest woman only to still have a has-been boyfriend who blew me off on my important night. It's so true -- only an insecure person would have to call out their 22-inch waist. It's ironic that I am now thinking she's right.... she's not all that! Poor thing.

2105 days ago
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