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"Slumdog" Actor -- I'm No Dummy

1/12/2009 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He may be new to Hollywood, but "Slumdog" star Dev Patel can B.S. like an old pro.

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Right before he caught a plane from London to the "Globes" -- to rub elbows with a bunch of powerful people who possibly could hire the guy -- Patel wasn't stupid enough to single out the one person of his dreams he'd like to work for.

Smart boy.


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great flick!!!

2074 days ago


i love this guy. the movie is probably one of the best movies ever!! GO SLUMDOG!!

2074 days ago


I didn't see the movie but he is in the best British show on BBC America right now, Skins!

2074 days ago


hate dis guy.especially his british indian accent.jus gives me the creeps

2074 days ago


He was great in slumdog millionaire, i would love to see him in other movies, but unfortunately i know how hollywood works. Just look at parminder nagra, she was the star of "bend it like beckham" and a great actress but hasn't been in a movie since then, but her co-star keira knightly has shot to stardom making millions. I wish dev patel the best but i do believe he will be cast in movies that require indian actors, i would love to see him in a role where ethnicity is not a concern.

2074 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

I saw the movie.. Dev Patel was NOT the star in my opinion but the kid actors in the first 70% of the film. He's a way average actor. It was the script and director that made Slum Dog.. oh, and Regis too!! Haha.

2074 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Re: #5


He will go straight to Bollywood not Hollywood since he's a non-African American minority. Appears only blacks can pull the race card Tinseltown. Sad but true..

2074 days ago


I don't get why this movie won for best picture???? I've seen it and it was OK but not the best. In my opinion the Hollywood Foreign Press rewarded this indian film just so people don't think there is prejudice in Hollywood

2074 days ago

slum fan    

Great movie - it deserves all the awards/praise its been getting. Some scenes were a bit harsh, but watching the cast perform (especially those amazing little kids) made it an experience worth remembering. Don't know how far this Dev guy will go...his accent/ethnicity may not allow him to go too far (like the superb Parminder Nagra). I do think that the girl in the movie (Freida Pinto) has a better chance of making it big. She's pretty and it helps that she doesn't have an ethnic Indian name (yes, shes' Asian Indian - not mixed with anything...many Indians who are Catholic have non-Indian names). Kudos to Danny Boyle for bringing this story and introducing the talented cast to the rest of the world!

2074 days ago


tmz. what is your fascination with these 7-11 rejects...

first naveen's "man curry"
now dev's "boy curry"

2074 days ago


the greatestest actor from india is actually an actress:

the bald alien in Star Trek (duh what's her name) coz she/it had a HOTTT bod !!!

2074 days ago


Oh, I know this guy from skins, a show thats pretty big in the UK. The shows definatly not what I'd call innocent, but it is very good.

2074 days ago


aw kid'z....they think the joanazz bro'z are the rolling stone'z of there generation...what'z that sound??? oh,it'z the sound of air az there tire'z deflate...yas,kiddo''z allmost over for them & im really sorry your 13 year old brain could not comprehend one of the best movie'z ever flimed but'll be work'in @ 7-11 and i'll stop by to get my for'teez and will chat about life in general................

2074 days ago


#11 - just so you know dev patel was born and raised in England and has a full british accent and stars on a hit television show over there called "skins". I don't see his british accent holding him back, but i do see racist idiots holding him back from a full fledged career in hollywood...too bad...i think he's talented and deserves some more great movie roles.

2073 days ago


Dev is so FUGLY, how in the world did he get an acting job?

2073 days ago
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