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Barry Confused, Barry Good at Scoring Chicks

1/13/2009 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After the terrible season he had, we can't really blame SF Giants pitcher Barry Zito for denying he was Barry Zito the other night.

Barry Zito: Click to watch
But due to the fact that he pulled away with at least 4 hot chicks in his car, it was pretty obvious the guy behind the wheel was worth about $126 million. Hope he doesn't buckle under the pressure -- again.

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No Avatar


Damnnnnnn he is hot!!!

2074 days ago


Is part of his yearly physical include testing for STDs and the HIV virus? If not, it should. Doesnt MLB or ownership try and protect their Assets or Commodities through Education and Awareness?

Go ahead Zito, dip that wick into whatever and whomever it will fit into...one day you'll be singing the old BTO song, "You aint seen nothing yet"...about the guy who got Syphilis, only in cases today, most STDs are for Life.

2074 days ago


STFU. Most STDs can be cured, idiot.
Barry is 30 and single, he's probably had it all, like most guys in his position.
I'd be on top of this gorgeous hunk in a heartbeat .

2074 days ago

Gavin McGavin    

I heard his fastball wasn't the only thing that lost its zip.

2074 days ago


YOu Shut the F up Mindy...freaking named after an Association song, no wonder you're so knowledgeable about sexually transmitted diseases. You are a disgrace to all that is womanhood. Now crawl back into your hole and comment on the story and the person in it instead of the commentators on it. Liberal love everybody nut, except those that disagree with your narrow minded selfish self. YOu must be an incredibly difficult person to be around, near or with. Its always all about you isnt it? How incredibly boring under the guise of being sexually promiscuous.

2074 days ago


F U idiot. Consenting adults can do whoever they want, anytime the want.
On second thought, you don't deserve to get F U'ed, so I take that back.

2074 days ago


I knew him at UCSB before he transfered....The guy was a trip but god gave him the talent to throw a baseball. The bad thing now in his career, is that the 7th,8th and 9th batters are taking him deep. He changed his throwing motion on his own at one point but went back to his old style, when guys kept rocking him. He had an OK year...

Anyways, he used to borrow money from my roomates and I,,,,,,,,,,now the guy makes 126 million,,,who would have ever thought !!!!

Hell, if I were him, I'd fit 4 more hot chicks in his car...

2074 days ago


That camera guy was Hilarious, he totally made Barry laugh with the Dodgers comment, (that is my chuckle near the end). What they editted out was Barry tipping the valet guy like a hundred dollar bill.

2074 days ago


Barry is a great guy and awesome ballplayer. One thing people forget is these athletes are human and sometimes have a less than great year but he'll turn it around this year. Barry is a great guy, rich, handsome, fun...why can't he live it up? Most are simply jealous and only can wish they were him. Don't be a hater, be a congratulator. Enjoy your good looks, your youth, your fame and stay grounded as you are now, along the way. Go get em and God Bless!

2074 days ago


Im sure he isnt banging all these whores. As a matter of fact that would be more of a pain in the ass than anything. He prolly just banging one, and the others are her whore frineds who are hoping to meet other players or something.

2074 days ago


I wonder if he wants to make it 5 hot chicks...I'm definitely game, money or no. Bring it your hotness.

2074 days ago

super mario's girl    

Damn he is sooo good looking!!! I want to be one of his girls!!! We miss you in Oakland Barry.

2073 days ago

bite me    

Barry is soooooooooo hot! But come on dude, these chicks look like walking STDs. Get some better taste in women, seriously it won't kill you, I promise. I hope he didn't hook up with one of these chicks let alone all of them, yuck. Why not work on your pitching skills during the off season so you can be a good pitcher again instead of picking up a bunch of hoes at a club. You know these skanks are just with you for the money. Your still hot though, so I will forgive you! lol I'd like you even if you were broke as hell, so hot....

2072 days ago


this guy met and hooked up with a girl I know at a bar in san diego a couple of months back. and i'm fairly certain she has acquired an std or two in her years in PB. but I'm pretty sure most dudes would do the same thing in his position..those chicks are hot

2072 days ago
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