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Gummy & Greasy: You May Never Go Home Again

1/13/2009 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There once was a family that spawned Brandon (Greasy) and Jason (Gummy) Davis. Their granddaddy, Marvin Davis, was supposedly filthy rich, to the tune of $5.8 billion. Then Marvin died and people started writing stories that it was all smoke and mirrors and Marvin was really broke. Now we've learned Marvin's daughter Nancy -- the mother of Greasy and Gummy -- is set to lose her home unless she forks up some serious cash -- STAT.

We've obtained legal docs that show Nancy's Bel Air home is $226,152.57 in arrears and the company that gave her the $8.5 million is getting ready to put the house on the auction block.

But the race is on. Nancy has listed her home for sale for a cool $19,975,000. Presumably, if she sells it she'll pay off the loan and pocket the balance. But the mortgage company tells us if they don't get paid by February 26, the house will go on the auction block.

Nancy Davis gave us this statement through a rep: "This is a paperwork glitch. The default will be cured and the house will not be sold through foreclosure."


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2116 days ago


So once the house is foreclosed and the family is broke, will this be the end of "Davis Reports" on TMZ? I certainly hope so. Can someone, anyone, tell me what "talent" these young men have that deserves their constant recognition on a supposed celebrity web site? Or is showing up and being drunk/obnoxious at trendy restaurants and clubs now considered talent?

2116 days ago


how long until we see the fat one serving up dunkin donuts and the greesy one serving up fries at the Golden Arches?

2116 days ago


Don't know much about the mother, but the sons are spoiled rotten worthless leaches and totally disgusting. They make Paris look look almost worthwhile and they need to be out on their asses to see the real world. Hopefully their "friends" aren't for real and won't continue to support the chain of handouts and enabling once Mommy can't. Many who don't earn their money don't have a clue and these two are prime examples. Their minutes of fame may FINALLY be over !!!!!!

2116 days ago


Lindsay should offer to buy the house from the bank. Maybe they will foreclose sooner if there's a good offer on the table.

So if they are that broke, where is Greasy getting the money to party all the time?

2116 days ago

northern gypsy    

ok... lets see oif these two spoiled brats can step up to the plate...
and become men...instead of acting like obnoxious little on...bring it !!!

2116 days ago


This is a fantastic lesson.

If you have a lot of money. Buy modest home, modest car and decent clothes then you'll never go broke. It's all being responsible with money. Did they learn? It's your call.

2116 days ago

there`s hope    

Great news! This story made me happy for the first time in a long while. Now only if Paris Hilton could slip on a used condom and break her neck, I would be in heaven!

2116 days ago


Kama's a bitch! :)

2116 days ago

L.A. Hoxie    

but wait!
How old is Nancy Zarif? In California if you sell your house you have to buy a house for an equal or greater value. You can't just expect to buy a bitty condo and pocket the rest because the taxes are rediculous. So what does selling it for more than you owe to someone else accomplish? Besides avoiding the shame of declaring bankruptcy?

2116 days ago

Dusty Bear    

Here is some news for ya. Apparently Brandon 'Greasy Bear' Davis and Jason 'Gummi Bear' Davis have a third sibling named Alexander. You never seem to hear anything about this guy. No news, pictures.. nothing. Introducing 'Mystery Bear'.
TMZ get us some dirt on the other bear!!!

2105 days ago

Lisa M. Peacock    

I have been watching celebrity rehab and I hope that Jason gets sober and surrenders to his addiction-he is really a good looking guy-and I really think a nice guy-behind all that hurt and pain-which appears to be a front. I wish him well and hope he lives a long time and makes a major come back-I would go out w/ him even if he didn't have a dime-I think somewhere underneath it all is a really good guy-just misunderstood* I truly wish him the best and hope he conquers all that is going on with him as he is too young to die-I speak outloud that he lives a long time-and I know as he quoted "If you really want it; you can do it!" I believe in you*

1386 days ago


Heir to a billion dollar fortune and this is the life he chooses. What a waste of space. His grandfather must be spinning in his grave.

1370 days ago
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