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Kate Hudson:

What the Future Holds

1/13/2009 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Hudson may have gotten her good looks from her mom Goldie Hawn, but the question is: Who will she resemble in 20 years?

Here's a bikini-clad 29-year-old Kate in Hawaii vacationing with Goldie and the man who raised her, Kurt Russell (left) -- and that's her biological dad Bill Hudson (right).


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northern gypsy    

too all the age haters...give your head a shake...guess what ??? we ALL are getting older...
G.H. looks mind-boggling beautiful...yes i said it...beautiful...K.H. has been blessed with her mom's gene's...

2047 days ago


#13 u are so welcome. I speak what I see and write what I feel...just keeping it real. THE BOOTY BODY GETTIN READY FOR PLUSH FUNK!!

2047 days ago


she has cellulite!!!

2047 days ago


Always felt she screwed Bill Hudson ROYALLY out of a relationship with his daughter. The whole America's sweetheart thing was a lot of B.S. if you had seen the interview I did a few years ago. She really is a spitefull ego maniac. I did like her before I saw that now every time I see that cheschire grin on her mug I get sick.

2047 days ago


Hey, #3 and #13....jealous? They look INCREDIBLE. Wonder what you'll look like at 60 plus years old? And...P.S., they're laughing all the way to the bank. They're enjoying their lives, they're rich, they're famous, they're happy, and you're.....YOU!

2047 days ago


Just realized.....3 and 13 are probably the same person. Too funny!!!

2047 days ago


whose @ss has more cottage kate or jennifer hewitt???

2047 days ago

Over It Already    

You're kidding me, right? THIS is celebrity news? Puleeaazzzzeee.... So let's see, let's draft a story about a great chick who happens to be an incredible actress... simultaneously posting (a repeat story) pictures of her biological parents and her 'real' Dad, Mr. Russell... let's make sure we have pics of all of them in bathing suits (you all at TMZ must have been quite bummed to not find one of Mr. Hudson is his bathing suit, I'm sure), and let's trash ALL of them because of how they look in these suits...Damn... 98% of women, at least the ones I know, would kill to look like Kate Hudson and TMZ, lay off of folks over 50+ would ya? For cryin' out loud, what are they supposed to do - drink from the fountain of youth or what? Post the funny celeb stories - not the sh*t 'stories'. And as for all of you posters who are doggin' these folks, I sure would like to see your asses in bathing suits. Pretty sure their not as pretty and most likely, you're younger that Goldie Kurt and Kate.

2047 days ago


That is not Bill Hudson... check yourself TMZ

2047 days ago

Right back at ya    

That is NOT Bill Hudson. TMZ, WTH! If you're going to show a picture or report a story, get it right! Dumb Asses!

2047 days ago


YENTA'S ...YENTA'S ....YENTA'S!!!!!!! Hates for the Lates....mamma didnt raise no fool. Cant sham the shuka jive....get it back on the rebound. Can you dig?

2047 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

tmz is obsesses with bodies of people over 40 ... you'll all be there someday

2047 days ago

Laughin' in Malibu    

Much better picture of Bill..he was the handsomest of the three Hudson Brothers..still is!!!

2046 days ago


I guess if you can't find any "dirt" on them you have to find the most unflattering photos to put up. Pretty pathetic. These people,Goldie, Kate, and Kurt are wonderful actors , producers and directors, who live decent, happy and healthy lives. I'll never understand why some find it necessary to slam them. I find that people who act this way have lives that truly suck. Let's see a pic of you at 60 in a bathing suit without any dimples on your ass or a flat 6 pack. Not going to happen.

2046 days ago


Goldie Hawn is 63! She looks friggin' AMAZING for 63, Kate should be so lucky.

2046 days ago
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