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A-Hole Meets Blow Hole

1/13/2009 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is not Sea World -- some dude actually got this close to a Killer Whale while surfing in New Zealand this weekend ... and lived!

Fun Fact: The surfer told reporters he once saw a shark eat a girl, so the Orca didn't make him nervous. Who's ready to shred some waves?!

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Fun fact: It's a slow news day.

2073 days ago


OK, THAT is really cool. How awesome that someone happened to be there with a camera to take the pic, too.

2073 days ago


Isn't nature AMAZING..I love it..We are all so insignificant in a grand scheme of things..lol BTW DONT eat animals :)

2073 days ago


How is this celebrity news?

2073 days ago


OMAMA OBAMA should give us all one millon dollars each and every american and we can spend our own money anyway we want-We can move away if we want-it`s our money and it would be cheaper and better for US than giving our country away-same old same old.Same players same everything painted in a new? light.How can it save us to do the same thing bush is doing and should`nt we get ALL that money it`s our`s.HoneyMOON is over for america thing to give us our country and taxe money back.Let those mobsters fail-greenspan and reagan gave away america.busted the unions and made us weak.ONE MILLION DOLLARS EACH would save us from teh mobster owned goverment and banks.

2073 days ago

Harvey's Mom    

How is this celebrity news?

Come on, seriously...that's Shamu's cousin Shamalamadingdong...

Obviously he's more black than white.

Any report if the surfer got an autograph?

2073 days ago


Whoa.................a little to close for comfort! But what a story he has to tell his children.

2073 days ago


I smell BS. I'll look for this to be another hoax.

2073 days ago


Killer Whales don't attack humans...If the surfer knew this then that explains why he wasn't scared. Plus they are beautiful animals. I'd be too amazed to be scared.

2073 days ago


Just think, It could of mistaken him for a seal.

2073 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

One close encounter with such a creature would send me straight to the coffee shop with a surfing magazine.

2073 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

That is nuts! Good thing the whale didn't think he was a seal (esp. since he was earing all black) and make a snack out of his dumb ass.

2073 days ago


I know someone that would make him nervous....mighty Obama!

He has the power to intimidate millions of American suckers

2073 days ago

Lord Xenu    

$1 million dollars each? Thats insane. Wanna end up like Zimbabwe? The have actually printed $50 BILLION and $100 BILLION bank notes (actually for sale on EBAY) and have 1,000,000+ % inflation. Prices rise so fast that if you deposit a check they only give you 1/2 its value because the next day inflation will wipe out the rest by the time the check clears. Zimbabwe a country where everyone is a BILLIONAIRE but 85% are UNEMPLOYED.

2073 days ago

yadda yadda    

ok you dorks, maybe do some research and us your brains once in a while. There hasn't been one reported incident of a killer whale ever killing a human being in the wile. Another fact, killer whales aren't in fact whales but part of the dolphin family. I'd love to swim that close to one but wouldn't be brave enough to.

2073 days ago
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