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Tina Fey

One Dolla Won't Make

Me Holla

1/13/2009 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We offered to throw one whole U.S. dollar her way, but Tina Fey refused to whip out her Golden Globes at the airport -- she's a little more high-priced than that.

Tina Fey: Click to watch
Regardless, after spending 15 minutes with her at the JFK baggage claim, Tina only proved what everybody already knows -- she's the coolest chick in TV, period.


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Note to those who are Tina Fey haters: Her acceptance speech was "a bit". Sure, she's aware there are haters. Not everyone likes the same type of entertainment and I believe she has thicker skin than that to allow a few nasty people on the internet ever ruin her day. She is a professional and she is too talented to just go up there and say her thank you. She was entertaining us because she's too creative to do anything less! That was a planned bit and it was hilarious. I don't think she wastes a minute of her day worrying about the lunatics on the internet who try to cut her down. She's much too busy writing and accepting awards and piles of cash!

To FeyFan and Alice:

Agree profusely with your postings. There is no use even attempting to explain to others who don't get the brilliance of Tina Fey why she is so extremely funny and therefore, enormously popular. Leave it be. They don't get the jokes because they are often over their heads.

2046 days ago


I never found Carrot Top's humor funny. It must be because I never went to college.

2046 days ago

Just my opinion    

28. So weird that people on here hate Tina Fey so much. Almost everyone I know thinks she's hilarious. Then again, I went to college.



TINA FEY SUCKS..........

2046 days ago

Just my opinion    

Hey #28--------
you spelled your name wrong---------BRAIN.......not!!!!!!!!!!!

2046 days ago

allen antrim    

every knot head I know went to college-I might even go sometime--how about a fund drive? I will sell myself to the highest bidder but its to late to be first.

2046 days ago


Not Tina. She is not funny when she looked like Sarah Palin. I like the real Sarah Palin.

2046 days ago


Ok Fey let us know when you've raised 4 kids, didnt abort a downs syndrome baby, prayed for a son who is serving his country and loves a man for who he is, not that he's "in the business".

Freaks like you are what your own parents and grandparents were always afraid of what this country could turn into. Self absorbed, baby aborting, non serving their country, multiple sex partners, greedy people. You mam should have gotten the crown that night instead of the globe for being Queen of them all.

Give us a call when you've been a real Mommy instead of a part time pretend one.

I know you have a kid, but I dont think the kid knows she has a mom.

2046 days ago


Unlikeable and embarrassing after incessant snotty Palin impersonations, milking it - exploiting another woman to advance herself (no one impersonated Obama to this degree and he's far more imitable), mindless jumping on Obama bandwagon, embarrassing internet commentary when accepting her award, all add up to disappointing and unoriginal for someone talented like her

2046 days ago


HEY, FEY!................... SUCK IT!!!

2046 days ago


So she can slam Palin, but can't take negative commentary online?

Boo-hoo, celebs have it so hard. While they swim in millions, get grotesque VIP treatment everywhere they go, they have it tough because people don't like them online.

2046 days ago


I didn't think there were so many Fox News viewers trolling TMZ ! Looks like they do view other sites than!

2046 days ago


Hey Brian----your boy Obama and his chicago cronies are going to rock your liberal world like you've never seen....Rahm, Duncan, Clinton, Obama---all of them from Chicago. You know how dirty things are here? You'll soon find out chumpley.

You'll be begging for the days of Bush, no matter how awful they were. Brian the lemming about to go over the Cliff---a beautiful vision. Follow the pied piper because he's a black and Father Pfleger and Rev Wright, more chicagoans along with Bill Ayers, another chicago boy..

You'll soon be getting wit da chicago way or youse is going to gets it good. Get Me?

2046 days ago


hell yeah, Feyfan! i totally agree with you, all these haters are jerks. and did the dude say that he wants to kiss her feet? or was it just my crappy listening?

2046 days ago


how can you not like tina fey? anyone who doesn't is just hating for hating's sake (or they're sarah palin worshippers).

2046 days ago


wow...just goes to show...the majority of people on here who don't like fey do so bcause she "made fun" of and "slammed" palin. do you people not understand comedy and the art of imerpersonation?

do you think that poehler personally or politically disliked clinton, or that the bush, biden, obama, etc. impersonators were actually criticizing them?

SNL had good skits this season about the election before palin even came around. what made those skits funny is that they were true.

2046 days ago
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