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Tina Fey

One Dolla Won't Make

Me Holla

1/13/2009 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We offered to throw one whole U.S. dollar her way, but Tina Fey refused to whip out her Golden Globes at the airport -- she's a little more high-priced than that.

Tina Fey: Click to watch
Regardless, after spending 15 minutes with her at the JFK baggage claim, Tina only proved what everybody already knows -- she's the coolest chick in TV, period.


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Fey did OK with the SNL news, but she's vastly overrated. She's joined the ranks of Oprah as one of those celebrities that political correctness DEMANDS we find to be ingenious, hilarious and unassailable. Frankly, I'm underwhelmed. Her show is another exercise in postmodern irony, with "quirky" characters in place of real human beings. And the Palin stuff was OK at best but became tiresome very quickly.

And before anyone tries to turn this into a political thing, I voted for Obama. Doesn't mean I have to hate Palin or love Fey, though.

2106 days ago


I graduated from college also. I do not dislike Tina Fay. I do not RESPECT her since she made fun of Sarah Palin's children. Minors should be off limits. These kids did not deserve to be mocked to get cheap laughs.

2106 days ago


I dont find her so cool, She jumped on a easy mark to make a buck, The woods are full of Fey's

2106 days ago


To Tina Fey:

Say what you want about Sarah Palin, but I bet she has never called her 11-year-old daughter a rude, thoughtless pig.

The company you keep, Little Miss Women's Lib.

2106 days ago

Rep. FeyFan    

I think it's absolutely hilarious that all you people take time out of your lives to come on the internet and diss someone you apparently care nothing about and loathe so much. Are you trying to get your fifteen minutes of fame by slamming Ms. Fey on the internet? You know, the next time she wins an award for her show; and it WILL win again. If she's so awful, then why is she even worth your time? You people are embarrassing pitiful.

2106 days ago


Hey Tina, I know everyone in the world will now be writing in about you hoping you see it but I'm giving it a whirl. The haters can suck it, indeed. You were so nice and just trying to get your O on. I can't imagine having to face cameras and greet people at the airport. I'm usually elbow-deep in a bag of Milk Chocolate Riesens. You looked great to me but most of all you're a HUGE INSPIRATION to young women everywhere for being SMART, HILARIOUS and KIND. Congrats on the Globe. Much love, PinkyTuscadero

2106 days ago


Interesting interview. Fun to watch you flirt withTina Fey in public. Your writers rock. Tina should send in her resume . . . if your team can afford her.

We'll see what happens on Saturday Night Live. :)

2106 days ago

Mr. Burn    

No need to erase my comments the way Tina's tried to erase her face and all memory of her pre-plastic surgery self, TMZ.

2105 days ago

Mr. A Fan    

Tina Fey is nothing more than smegma posing as a human being. I used to be a fan until the 2008 election. She has a whole lot more people that are digusted by her ugliness than just dianefan. The fact that this douchenozzle has the audacity to whine and cry about her detractors is hysterical. Keep up the GREAT work Tina Fey haters!! Maybe the skank will go away forever.

2105 days ago


Tina Fey Is funny. Tina Fy is pretty. As for "truth hurts"'s comment about plastic surgery, concealing a scar on the face of a person that was attacked at random as a child is one of the real reasons that we should have plstic surgery. As for the people complaining about her Sarah Palin impression, she's a comedienne, it was a joke. she's retired the impression...get over it. Not everyone likes every joke. How come you people aren't up in arms about the Hillary Clinton jokes and the Joe Biden Jokes? Please remember that there are MANY writers at SNL so to assume that she wrote all the jokes regarding Plain is silly. So shudup and find a real reason to complain to the world.

2105 days ago

j ad    

tina fey is an idiot. makes fun of paris hilton then gets multiple procedures herself. 1000 procedures will not help tina. you will always be ugly. getting cheap laughs by making fun of kids really show how little class she has. hope you remember the real you, a scarface idiot trying to be a pretty girl.

1463 days ago
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