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Tracy Morgan

Who Doesn't Have a DUI?!

1/13/2009 7:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to Tracy Morgan, DUIs are like buttholes -- everybody's got one, and they all stink.

Tracy Morgan: Click to watch


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Every one does NOT have a DUI bozo..what a clown..never really cared for his humor anyone..try staying sober. Lots have folks have died because of idiots like you. And it aint a race thing, I am just as black as Tracey but If I feel I am going to get drunk I STAY IN MY HOUSE>so I dont become a threat to innocent folks who are NOT drinking. Everyone has a DUI, what a retarded thing to say. Thats like saying everyone has HIV, WRONG!

2073 days ago

hot snot    

He brings stereotypes to the front door. But he is right, i bet 6 out of 10 people have dui's but most won't say they have. I know sh!t loads of people who have gotten them sometime in their life. They also say if you get one, you will get another. out. One of my co-workers and her family was hit by a drunk driver over new years weekend, they were one of the minority that actually all walked away just bruised up. if you have the money to spend on overpriced drinks then you have cab fare!!!!

2073 days ago


OH plulezze you bunch of old ladies. I can have two beers (which does absolutely NOTHING to me) and NOT go out and kill someone and STILL get a DUI only because at 2am or so, that's all the cops are looking for. I hate who think all DUI's are because some deranged drinker has taken to the road. It is a cottage industry for cash strapped municipalities and states.

I was as clear as the day and was pulled over ONLY because of the time of the night. I was in full capacity, just under the limit and was STILL hauled in for that. I fought it and won. They don't want you to fight it, have the balls to fight it, or the money to push it. It's because I had taken medication HOURS before, they arrested me. I challenged them in court and won.

Not all DUI"s are created equal, and in a state teetering on collapse, DUI"s have become a replacement for higher taxes. It should be quite obvious to everyone, but the teetotalers seem to think otherwise because they have no idea what they are talking about.

Now, I stay home, it's cheaper, and I take a cab. I'd rather pay 100.00 round trip and give it to a cabdriver than to play this stupid game with bored cops and a broke state!

2073 days ago


Just wait until someone you know if killed by a drunk driver and see how funny it is. DUI is so stupid and totally avoidable!

2073 days ago


Somebody I love WAS killed by a drunk driver. This is a serious issue not something to joke about. All DWIs are the same because you risk your life and you can kill other people. I know first had how it DESTROYS victims families. Every day is a struggle to get up and face the world when the one you love is dead. Killed by someone's stupid choice to drink and drive. I am now a single parent and I struggle every day. Drinking and driving is not a joke. It is NOT "a cottage industry for cash strapped municipalities and states." It is a dangerous, stupid choice that MURDERS people and DESTROYS families and lives.
If anyone would have to live my life for ONE hour they would NEVER drink and drive again.

2072 days ago
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