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"Wrestler" Director Flip-Flops on Finger Flap

1/13/2009 2:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So how do you recreate Darren Aronofsky's magical finger flippin' moment from the Golden Globes without Mickey Rourke? Try telling the guy his movie, "The Wrestler," sucks...

Darren Aronofsky: Click to watch


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LA Officer    

that is so pathetic, camera guy. painful to watch

2074 days ago


yeah TMZ, your camera guys are dorks who never have anything useful or interesting / non-annoying to say to celebrities!!!! hire me, i'm clever and cute and can get anybody to open up!!! either way, you need some new camera dudes with higher IQ's...sorry

2074 days ago


Im still trying to get past the fact that Mickey junkface won the award. I meanm the movie sucked, he is a caricature of a human, I dont who would believe he is off drugs, he is plain disgusting! And to win over the other well respected actors, who made fantastic movies with some heavy roles is beyond anyplace my imagination can take me. The only saving grace was Kate Winslet, otherwise, the awards sucked and I hope the Oscar's are classier.

2074 days ago


That was absolutely pointless. The camera man is a complete tool and has no business interviewing a box of corn syrup, much less an actual person. What a total waste of bandwidth. Way to go, TMZ.

2074 days ago


arlenepr the only person more idiotic than the camera person is you, you completely worthless moron.

2074 days ago


I was a pro wrestler for 8 years and the movie and Micky SUCKED and that is being nice.


2074 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

This douche director is a one picture man. He will never make anything successful ever again. You can tell these types a mile away.. Tough guy for the award show but slinks away in real life. Mr. Zero Personality.

2074 days ago


#5 sure you were a pro wrestler and I was once pro football player. and an astonaut. and a fbi agent. and a...

get a life loser.

2074 days ago

Mary Worth    

I think it was wrestling icon, Roddy Piper, who was brought to tears by Mickey's portrayal; and let Mickey know it.
So I have to see the movie; not because I'm a fan of professional wrestling, but to see such a performance.
It will be good to see a masculine movie persona, once again.

2074 days ago


The movie was fantastic and Darren Aronofsky is far from a "one picture" director. He's already directed some amazing movies like "Requiem for a Dream".

2074 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Re: #10

Yea, and that was 9 yrs ago!! And how many people remember that art flick? Exactly...

2074 days ago


This is what you wrote: 3. arlenepr the only person more idiotic than the camera person is you, you completely worthless moron.

Posted at 1:56PM on Jan 13th 2009 by mittelfrueh

And my response? I guess you take the same "meds" Mickey Rourke does. I guess everybody needs a pity award once in their lives. Much like you must get your pity lays lol from the worthless women ho'd hang out with anybody that expresses themselves the way you do. Very Mickey Rourke of you. You probably even dress the same, probably why you're so into defending him, or is it because he's your type?

2074 days ago

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