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iButler Available for iNauguration iDiots

1/14/2009 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaIt's not just the highly educated who will be invading DC for the inauguration. Thousands of morons will be flooding in as well -- but fear not, the city is preparing for them too.

The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown will have a 24/7 "iPod butler" on duty to make sure their technology impaired guests can download music on the free iPods they're passing out with a paid room.

FYI -- if you don't know how to use an iPod by now, you're probably a Communist.


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IPods are old. We need a CHANGE, its all about IPhones right now..

2075 days ago


iPods aren't old. (Unless you have an old iPod) and the iPhones are a good "do everything" device, but if you just want a mp3 player, they suck.

2075 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Damn ipod hating commies! Wait a minute, why the hell did my 60 gig ipod just give out again? Damn commies! Damn crappy ipods!

2075 days ago


Since when didn`t they dup? I see what your saying TMZ said the blind man as he ran into the wall.

2075 days ago


Ive never touched an Ipod, so I have no idea how to use one. There are plenty of other devices besides it that play music.

2075 days ago


TMZ on score satellites and BOOMer-rangSS governer mobster of CA on shylock killroy crew on on the take all ripping off the estate and HHMI by masonic proxcy with poopah`SS dispatchers and bad cops on the pay roll includes judges and big biz.The only communtists are at TMZ robert wagner jean peters and SONY CBS mob since forever.Howard Robard Hughes IIV still dodgeing the MOB of GAY killROYS in CBS snipers nest houses and flash crews,Never going your way......

2075 days ago


What??? I'm not a moron!!! I have an IPizzod...u git u 1! Obama so fresh on dat azz HAHA!!!

2075 days ago

northern gypsy    

news flash tmz..i was in some communist countries 3 months ago...guess what ???
ipods being enjoyed by quite a few citizens of the state !!!

2075 days ago


what are you talking about TMZ.. YOu know old folks dont know how to operate Its only us youngsters that know how to use technology... Anyone over 40 will need this butler..haha


2075 days ago


who do you think made the world for you in technology - Bill Gates, same age as me. I don't know how to use an Ipod because I could care less to use one. So that makes me a communist, or something for rude kids to make fun of - boring.

2075 days ago


Ipods are commie!!! Apple software is the perfect commie tripe. You can only use Itunes to download music, it never syncs properly and they suk. There's lots of Ipod like players that are WAY easier to use. Ipod and Iphone users are buying into the propaganda!!!

2075 days ago


Sorry, Ipods are for commie drones. I have no idea how to use one and am not interested either. DRM is a joke. An MP3 player is supposed to be a drag and drop portable memory with a play button, not "big brother" to-go. Other MP3 players do this far better and for much less.

2075 days ago

Aunt Esther    

Only morons would WANT to go to D.C. for the coronation of Baraq Hussein Messiah Stalin Obama.

2075 days ago


ipods are paperweights without 3rd party software
and Itunes...hahahahahaaha gotta be ignorant to install that virus of a program

2075 days ago


I just got an ipod for christmas.

You people don't have any pulse on people outside of LA do you?

2075 days ago
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