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Jessica Following in Britney's Missteps

1/14/2009 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Although she hasn't shaved her head, been put under a 5150 hold or lost custody of her child, Jessica Alba took some motherly advice from Britney Spears and nearly dropped daughter, Honor, while holding her with one arm after leaving a play center in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

But call off the conservatorship; Jess quickly recovered and no one was injured.


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meh, who really cares about their parenting (or lack there of) skills...they arnt famous for that, and thats for damn sure

2073 days ago


You all need to chill out, if you look at her left foot it looks like she was about to fall and so she used her right hand to grab on to that car so she didn't fall. It looked like her foot was falling out of her shoe. I don't know whats going on with Britney, there are too many people around her to see what was really going on.

2073 days ago


Whoops, forgot....also, the look on her face is like "Oh sh*t" and she actually had a pretty good grip on the baby as opposed to Britney's half-assed hold. Also, quick question....what is with the dude in the pic with Britney? If you thought a baby was going to fall out of the mothers arms.....would you really grab at the baby's feet or, you know, reach for the upper body to stabilize him??

2073 days ago

Glass Houses    

It's funny as hell to read a story from some a-hole who has never had a child..Hindsight is 20/20 TMZ, you jag offs are way too quick to judge..

2073 days ago


I'm no MiserAbla fan, but she clearly isn't about to drop that kid. Her feet are on two different surfaces with a height different of what looks like at least two inches so of course she's going to lean to one side. She's obviously got a tight grip on her daughter unlike Spears who appears to have been stumbling on solid, level ground and barely holding the baby in the first place. It's not mothers can be declared unfit just because they have to take one arm off their kid when they need to fish their keys out of their purse.

This is why I haven't read TMZ in about two months. The extent to which this site will go to fabricate celebrity "news" is laughable.

2073 days ago


It happens. Kids unexpectely throw themselves backward, parents take mis-steps. It'll be interesting to see if the media is all over Alba like they were over Spears.

2073 days ago


Criticizing someone's parenting ability because they stumble while holding their child really ticks me off. Carrying around a squirming baby and trying to manage a stroller/diaper bag/purse or any other accessory is quite a feat that mothers and fathers do daily. Most of the time the stars align and you make it to the car in one piece. Once in a while it doesn't work out.

2073 days ago


Are you guys serious??? Obviously those people who are saying they are almost "dropping" their child have never walked holding a child. Who hasn't stumbled when they are walking holding nothing??? Well, sometimes it happens when you are carrying a child. Any mother is going to regain her step to make sure her child doesn't fall...don't be dumb people.

2073 days ago


Is that Tom Brady's baby mamma and boy behind Jessica?

2073 days ago


Shame, shame, shame on you tmz. How dare you compare Jessica Alba to the talentless, waste of flesh known as Britney? Shame.

2073 days ago


TMZ you are sucking some more donkeydawngs, making up stories where there are none AND STALKING CELEBS WITH KIDS, WHICH IS NOT COOL. LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE, MORONS.

2073 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Well, there's always them YouTube vids to fall back on.

2073 days ago


I have to say I am a mom and let me tell you It's not easy and I can't imagine how hard it is for celebs who do it and do it in the public eye and you know what else I am sure the person who published this article does not have children cause if they did this would not be a big deal just like when ALL MOMS have bumped their kids head on the car while putting them in, or when they hold them in a cradle position and walk into a door way and bump their heads As a mom I have done all even held my kids with one arm just like I vacuum, cook dinner, write a note and grocery shop so this is no big deal please stop trying to make a story out of nothing cause the only thing I am seeing is they are just like every other mother!

2073 days ago


There's so much pressure on these girls to have babies and be stick thin in 2 weeks, and anyone who has ever had kids knows you can't be a twig and try to carry a baby on your hip, cause after all you have to have hips to carry on first.

2073 days ago


She's just leaning over with her daughter securely held you morons. As usual you are trying to make something out of nothing. Desperate to put something negative with the lame shots your preda-paps are taking on their daily harassment swarm fests out into the city.

2073 days ago
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