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Jessica Following in Britney's Missteps

1/14/2009 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Although she hasn't shaved her head, been put under a 5150 hold or lost custody of her child, Jessica Alba took some motherly advice from Britney Spears and nearly dropped daughter, Honor, while holding her with one arm after leaving a play center in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

But call off the conservatorship; Jess quickly recovered and no one was injured.


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TMZ Staff Are All Deuche Bags!!!    

TMZ You Deuche Bags She Almost Ate Sh** and you guys think she's dropping her baby purposely. Whats next she goes bald like redneck Britney!

2106 days ago


What a raging idiot!

2106 days ago


Way to blow things out of proportion as usual.

2106 days ago

stewie griffin    

No comparison to britney's retarded episode. Just look at the babies...brit's baby is terried, knowing he's a goner. That what she gets for trying to walk in platform shoes 2 sizes too small and carry an infant. Jessica doesn't look like she's going to let that child fall out of her arms. Just the look on dummy's (brit) face says it all...oh sh*t, I'm screwing up again in front of the paps.

2106 days ago


Like others mentioned, many of us have had little mishaps while holding our kids. I have a different question. Why are these celebrities always going to play centers and parks? This baby is not even a year old. Why would they need to go to a play center? These celebrities have huge homes, plenty of toys and room to play. And I'm sure they have nice backyards too. Just wondering why they are always rushing to the park. Is the grass nicer there? And a baby this age doesn't play with other kids yet. Nothing against going to a play center. Just wondering what this is all about.

2106 days ago


I dont think she looks like she is going to drop her baby, people should leave stars well alone when they are out with their children. Shame on you!!

2106 days ago


Is it me, or does the kid behind Jessica and Hono look like Sean Preston??!?!! And isn't that one of Britney's assistants holding him? Must have the same hoity-toity "play center!"

2106 days ago


I guess Every mother on earth should get the same label as bad mother... Who hasn't almost dropped their child?? You guys are a joke. But what's even worse are the people that think she really did something bad.. Sh#t happens!..

2106 days ago


I cant stand Alba...but shes miles from being a useless Britney. The difference is..Alba is sober. Alba doesnt need mannies at all hours of the day and night to catch her taters as they fall. Britney was clearly drinkin at the time. No wonder she lost her kids. Skank.

2106 days ago


I want to see the picture of the mother who actually has kid to ground contact.............slow day????

2106 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

At least she wasn't more concerned about spilling her drink like Twitney was!

2106 days ago


To answer #19's question you take your childern to places
with other childern to socialize them. It's good for their
development. And has for as her "almost dropping her baby"
come on maybe if she didn't have paps up her a** 24/7
she would not be forced to walk through bushes & cars
therfore walking on unstable ground. And if your going
to say she's a bad mother for that you are calling every mom
in the world unfit because that stuff happens to all of us.
When celebs are out with their kids you guys should give them
some room.

2106 days ago


You people on here amaze me.

Here you have two woman doing the exact same thing. But one is dressed prim and proper while the other one shows cleavage. Every one says nice things about Jessica because she's dressed more conservatively, while Britney gets called filthy names because she dresses like what all of you want her to. Would you go see her show if she was dressed prim and proper? I think not! People like to see a little skin and she gives it to you. For that she is labeled a whore and worst. She is only a mom trying to make a living while having a career too. She did not ask to be followed so closely by all those asinine paps, that her every step could be hazardous. She did not ask to be driven crazy, but with the help of the media and TMZ taking pictures like this and blowing them out of order it's no wonder that she lost it. She is a good Mom and it's time to let her heal.

2106 days ago


I don't think people should be saying that Jessica is as bad as stupid Britney, atleast Jessica isn't a drug addict/alcoholic sorry excuse of a mother, Britney has done so much wrong that the list goes on, Britney got her kids taken away for being such a bad parent and chosing drugs & alcohol over her own children, she doesn't deserve to get those kids back and she should just quit trying to sing and stop making trashy music videos and realize that everyone is sick and tired of her.

2106 days ago


I'd be willing to bet that this happens to alot of new moms. Give them a break, you have to learn somehow. I'm not saying people shouldn't be more careful, of course you should be extremely careful when holding a baby, But being a new mom things like this are bound to happen, and they already feel guilty enough about their mistakes so leave them the f*ck alone and let them learn from it. At least they're not hanging their baby over a balcony like whacko.

2106 days ago
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