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Lil' Kim

B.I.G. Full of B.S.

1/14/2009 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

That well-hyped Notorious B.I.G. biopic is getting good buzz -– but at least one person has some big issues with it.

Namely, rapperista Lil' Kim, who says the flick is studded with "many lies" and that her own role in the movie is "a false portrayal of me." Ex-con Kim claims she was Biggie's girl for some time and was mentored by him as well.

Big's mom's response? "This is not a Lil Kim movie. It has nothing to do with Lil Kim. If she's disappointed and upset, that is her problem."


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Lil Kim Fan #1    

She was a huge part of Biggie's lie and NOBODY consulted her or asked her opinion regarding the parts of the movie that dealt with her life. This is Ms. Wallace and Faith's movie, and Kim has every right to speak out.
She is the Queen of Hip Hop, the Greatest Female MC EVER.......Lil Kim for life!!!

2117 days ago

northern gypsy    

sooo if lil kim is questioning the accurracy of her role...
hummm...make's me wonder what else is not on the up & up !!!

2116 days ago


Does anybody really care what this convict thinks anyway? She is such a nobody.

2116 days ago


Some of these rappers need to grow up and get a life. They exploit women, they run from committment, they run from hard work, and they have no respect for other people or for themselves. They walk around all puffed up on the outside like some BIG package under someone Christmas tree but there is NOTHING inside. They are supposed to be fearless and strong? LMFAO!! They can't handle all the hard things in life like committment, hard work, personal responsibility. They are pathetic losers. When they start bringing others up instead of putting them down, when they can build instead of destroy. Then they can claim strength and integrity. Until then they are liars living lies.

2116 days ago

~Garp & Triforce Luvva~    

I have to agree with poster #1 with some things. Although the movie isn't ABOUT Kim, if you are portraying someone from real life in a movie, you should portray them in an honest fashion. It is a shame that Ms. Wallace and Faith wanna make Biggie out to be some sort of sainted son, husband and human when it is certain he was not.

2116 days ago

arte help    

She was screwing that talentless POS? Hmmmm.... give her credit she was never crushed to death while doing it.

2116 days ago


Michael Jackson??? Is that you????

2116 days ago

recon dave    

screw this biotch shes now exposed and doesnt want people to see the real biotch she is ps i would still do her fine ass

2116 days ago


This movie is meant to just be a movie p.diddy just needs to make some money cuz his making the band thing is a big flop so he is using the only thing he has left to make money and that is the man who made p.diddy THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. the movie will be full of lies of course i figure they will make tupac the bad guy and try and proclaim B.I.G. the best rapper of all time. I gotta agree with ice cube stop looking for the best rapper of all time. If you must look for the greatest rapper of all time you gotta consider jadakiss this guy is a monster on a track but he don't sell like 50 cent or these other sell outs cuz he is to real no gimmicks and the public likes a good gimmick. you also gotta look at tupac, jay-z,nas,styles p,and dont forget one of the founding fathers still in the underground game today KOOL G RAP.

2116 days ago


No talent hack and butt ugly.

2116 days ago


Sorry #1. She was consulted about the film and she decided not give up information b/c she believed what her and Biggie had was special. So she cannot complain. The mother is correct! This film is not about her and their relationship.

2116 days ago


They couldnt find a better picture of her..c'mon guys (AOL) why are you making her out to be the bad guy over here.

2116 days ago


Lil Kim its just mad that she did not get her way, she was consulted before about the movie, most likely she wanted money for her botox, but on a serios note, she was BIG booty call, she never was wifey material, he took her under the wing and wrote her rymes for her dubut album, now that he is dead she has no one to write for her therfore any rymes or music she has put out has been pure garbage, She is wack and needs to go and crawl under a rock with her ugly self!!!

2116 days ago


You can tak about all the things kim has done to her self but it does not change the fact that she was there during this time in biggie's life.I just think if your going to tell it be honest about how it really was. or dont use her in the movie.

2116 days ago


lil kim is a jackass...

2116 days ago
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