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Seacrest Turns Blind Eye on "A.I."

1/14/2009 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Note to Ryan Seacrest: You're lucky this guy couldn't see what you were doing ... he's a lot bigger than you.

Ryan Seacrest: Click to watch
Tonight on "American Idol," Ryan gives Paula's home address to another stalker.


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Oh, please. My friend once tried to shake hands with a guy missing an arm. Awwwkward! You're just doing what you normally would do. I'm sure the guy wasn't offended and Ryan recovered quickly.

2117 days ago


Moron or Ass**le?

You decide.....

2116 days ago


what. a. moron.

2116 days ago

Observer of the Rediculously Obvious    

Finally, if there ever was a doubt about Ryan Seacrest's sexual preference being exclusive to men, that doubt was destroyed last night on Idol.....

I have NEVER seen a man look so grossed-out by being kissed by a bikin-clad woman who is obviously fit and shapley, young and attractive (at leat to hetero-sexual man anyway). He looked as if he would puke, which is actually how a gay man would feel when being touched in a sensual way by the opposite sex. Just as if a hetero guy was kissed by another guy - it would turn his stomach simply because he is wired to be attracted to women. Well, the same applies for the gay man being kissed by a woman - he's wired to be only attracted to men. It grossed him out, and it was so obvious.

And, the ONLY reason I'm making a big deal out of this, is because of Seacrest's over-the-top effort lately to convince us that he is staight. It's so funny to see, so funny that people like me have to make light of it. Why won't he just come out? He's not smart enough to divert attention away from it all by not feeding into it, so he might as well tell us. Never in my life have I seen a person try SO HARD to convince people they are not seeing what is right in front of them. On his radio show, when the subject comes up about a pretty star, he says over-compensating things about how good-looking they are by mentioning what he would do to them and such. STRAIGHT men don't say that stuff on TV, even if they are gaga. It's just crude. But because he is so afraid for people to find out he's gay, he tries WAY too hard to hide it, and it shows.

But last night was the final nail in the coffin of his quest to fool us all. He couldn't have looked more turned-off, more skeeved, more grossed-out. Any straight guy would have at least kept his lips there and hammed it up, knowing this was national TV and to stay locked with her would have spiced-up the ratings. That was a double-bonus situation: pretty-girl-kiss + ratings spike = BONUS.This of course without getting all porno, tongue-action would be going too far. But a straight guy would have been happy as hell to kiss her back. What did Ryan do instead? He turned white as a ghost and couldn't have appeared more dis-interested. It goes to show that anyone can SAY they're not gay, but when it comes down to the act of PROVING it - they just can't go through with kissing someone they would never dream of kissing.

2116 days ago


I really don't get what the problem was, he wanted to give the guy a high five, he's blind so ofcourse if he's gonna give the guy a high five he's gonna have to tell him that he's gonna give him a high five, and grab his hand to do it. I mean what, are you not allowed to give a high five to a blind guy? I'm sure the guy didn't care that Ryan wanted to give him a high five and grabed his hand to do it, the guy is blind, he knows he's blind, it's not like the guy forgot he was blind and Ryan reminded him by trying to give him a high five. I swear everyones making a big deal outta nothing, now Joe Binden asking a guy in a wheelchair to stand up so everyone could see him, now thats outta line.

2116 days ago


UMM TMZ... if you knew how to listen he said he can see looking directly at something.. like looking through a straw so if he turned the right way, he would've noticed a hand in his face. Gosh, I hate the writers.

2115 days ago
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