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Yes We Tropicana!

1/14/2009 11:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We were staring at this Tropicana ad all day yesterday. It's pretty clear to us Tropicana has put the squeeze on Barack Obama and Malia.

Remember the days when OJ was pure....

UPDATE -- A rep for Tropicana tells us, "While the similarity was unintentional, it's good to hear that the images in our new Tropicana campaign entitled "Squeeze, it's a natural" are resonating with consumers and are reflective of American families - even the first family. We're glad to see they squeeze too."


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Please don't relate anything that Obama does to that loser OJ Simpson. As a matter of fact, let's all try to forget that OJ even exists.

2077 days ago

Can't Stand Obama    

I bet the people that think that is really Obama and his daughter in the ad are the same idiots that voted for the guy.

2077 days ago



That Is NOT Obama and His Daughter On The Tropicana Ad

That is NOT Obama and His Daughter On The Tropicana Ad

2077 days ago


I think this was an intentional depiction of the Obama's but clearly the man is not black... At first glance you it could be mistaken as BO but clearly it is an entierely different person but I do think they were trying to depict the Obama image. I saw the picture yesterday and had to do a double take myself; at first glance I did think it was him.

2077 days ago


#3 Are you noticing how it's not actually Obama and his daughter in the ad....just an ad that has a little bit of a similarity to it. I think it's safe to say that Obama has no idea that Tropicana has an ad out there like this as his interests and responsibilities right now are little more indepth than orange juice. What part of the OP has got you believing he is making any money off of this at all? Are you even looking at this correctly?

2077 days ago


Are you kidding me? Shouldn't he be doing something more important than posing for photos?

2077 days ago


25. Didn't see this ad. Now that I have, I'll never buy Tropicana again since they're trying to identify with Obama. Yes, I know that's not him and his kid, but you know what Tropicana is blatantly doing. I HATE Obama, and scared witless for our country, and want nothing to do with anyone or anything who thinks he's great. Time will tell: I promise you, this guy is very, very scary. Our country is screwed. Bush was horrible, but nothing compared to what we'll see under Obama. For one thing, most of us aren't going to be able to afford Tropicana orange juice! Isn't THAT ironic!

The GOP machine did a great job with your psyche, didn't it?

2077 days ago



That Is NOT The Obama's In The Tropicana Ad

That Is NOT The Obama's In The Tropicana Ad

2077 days ago


The only thing exploytive is TMZ. Must be a slow gossip day out there in Hollyweird if this is all you can come up with. BORING!
As for you 'tards that thought the guy in the OJ ad was actually BHO, weill, you're just too stoopid for words.

2077 days ago


"4. Hopefully the ecomony will survive his term as president."

Well, considering the economy DIDNT survive Bush, it cant get any worse!

2077 days ago


I'm tired of him and his family and he's not even in the office yet. Also,,,, everyone,,,, TMZ is NOT saying this is Obama, but rather the OJ company is copying the photo...that's all.

2077 days ago


That is not Obama... and come on.. give him a break.. We needed a change... Why can't he get a chance to prove that he can do change things... Close your eyes and listen.. You wouldnt be judging him and saying he is going to do a bad job.. blah blah blah... He is human and not Bush... So lets give him a chance... We gave Bush and 2nd chance and look what has happened...

2077 days ago


Tamaraja... why do you hate Obama... do you know him? I just think that like I said.. This country needs a change.. Give him a chance

2077 days ago

as i see it    

Obama and his Lil Darlings would never drink a regular OJ product , it is just too common. Did his boss Axrlrod approve that message.

2077 days ago


#44. I never said I hated Obama at all. I voted for him and was proud to do so. I think you need to re-read some of my replies as I was responding to others who said some really dumb things.

2077 days ago
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