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A Clothing Optional Inauguration Day Alternative

1/16/2009 11:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For all you Inauguration-bound travelers who can't get a room, there's a cheap alternative -- with a catch -- you have to take it all off.

Pine Tree Associates (America's Premiere Family Nudist Club, their website boasts) is about 30 miles from D.C. It has spacious indoor and outdoor pools, volleyball and tennis courts, and rental units for as low as $73 a day.

Careful bachelors -- they generally frown on single males.


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There shouldn't be children allowed in places like that. Seems like a pedophile's paradise to me. Just plain gross. That pic with the naked little girl should be taken down.

2076 days ago


If things keep going like they are we will all without shirts or shorts SOON very soon

2076 days ago


Children should NOT be allowed in a nudist camp! Its completely ABUSIVE to a child! TMZ take this down, this is low, even for you! Harvey WHAT were you thinking?!?!

2076 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

I will never have sex again.

2076 days ago


Man them WHITE PEOPLE do the darndest thangs! LOL!

2076 days ago



2076 days ago


This picture is so inapporopriate TMZ! Take it down it's ok to talk about any subject matter but this picture really crosses a line. Take it down!

2076 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Than you become this?

2076 days ago



I AGREE! I say, live and let live. If you want to show off your saggy body to strangers, go right ahead. It would be a COLD day in hell before I let strange, fat, old men see my 3 year old twin daughters naked.

2076 days ago


I feel like I am being bombarded by kidide porn this week, what the hell? I just rented "Towelhead", some "indie" movie that everyone is talking about. It's about a 13 year old girl who's father is Lebonese (spelling?), and has to go live with him in Texas. It's about her struggles being discriminated against and such, but there wasn't a scene in it that didn't involve her having sex of some sort. During one scene, Aaron Echart (spelling again, sorrry), takes her virginity by "fingering" her until she bleeds. Im not joking. My husband and I were disgusted to say the least, and soon after that scene, we just had to shut it off. Though I hear later in the film she is also sodimized. Sick! I realize the girl who played in the movie was 18 at the time of filming, but she is portraying a 13year old, and looks it! Sorry for the rant, but coming across this story just made me feel sad for the future of this country, where all things disgusting and degrating are becoming "okay". Personally, I blame the DAMN LIBERALS!!!!!!! Take this kiddie porn down, there are sickos everywhere whacking it to this as we speak.

2076 days ago


i think i will call the can't exspose children like that........sick people.....that is child abuse....sick...sick...sick..and tmz needs to take that picture down....

2076 days ago


That is soooo sick to take a little girl or any kid that young or old to a nudist place where there are wacked out weird men. It's wrong for such a small child to have to see all that nakedness. How gross. I call that a form of CHILD ABUSE!

2076 days ago


oh people relax. this is no where near kiddie porn.

2076 days ago


j~In your EXPERTISE, what would be considered kiddie porn?

2076 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

I was absolutly shocked to see a picture of a nude child on this site. WTF?! Yes I understand nudist colonies exist but I can not help but feel it is so WRONG to allow children into them. My God think of all the perverts looking at them. Turns my stomache. Please take the picture down, it is wrong on so many levels. TMZ just wrecked my morning.

2076 days ago
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