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Disgraced Beauty Queen --

Playboy Bound?

1/16/2009 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's smokin' hot, she's got a mug shot -- and now disgraced former Miss Louisiana Teen USA is skanking her way into Hugh Hefner's life ... that lucky bastard.

Lindsey Evans Video
Lindsey Evans, the dumbass former beauty queen who was arrested after running out on a dinner bill -- and forgetting to take her weed-filled purse -- was among 5 brand new skeezers on Hef's arm last night.

Event organizers stripped Evans of her title -- are her clothes next?


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OK she looks evil. She's also really full of herself it seems. Well, I guess he's not with them for their IQs or personalities. SHALLOW AND DISGUSTING.

2072 days ago


What I want to know is how his wife ,who lives next door ,has put up with all of Hef's girlfriends all these years. And why does she live next door? Why not in the same house. Its not like he goes home to her house each night. And why do these young girls disrespect themselves so much that they are willing to bed an old fossil for a few minutes of so called fame. We won't even remember their names when Hef's through with them. Who's worst a wife that will let Hef have as many women as he wants or very young girls who know he's married and don't care. They are all in it for the money. How sad! Especially for Hef who seems to not have a clue. Remember Ms Madison? She was so in love with "Puffin" and wanted to marry him and have his children. When he said he would never marry her or give her children did you see how fast she found someone else to love?

2072 days ago


verry poor pic at least shes an improvement over kendra and holly and bridge hefs the man wish him well

2072 days ago


verry hot

2072 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

GoldDigger. That was the plan: Enter pageant. Win. Break law. Gain notoriety. Become famous. Hook up with Hef. Fame and Fortune Abound.

Would've been easier to just "leak" the obligatory sex tape...

2072 days ago


As Chief Wiggum from the Simpsons famously said:

Why are the pretty ones so insane?

2072 days ago

ACLU member    

Kendra Wilkinson said in a recent interview that she was getting $1,000 a week from Hefner, not sure how much this crack whore is getting from the old perv.

2071 days ago


Kendra, Holly and Bridget were beautiful and nice people too. These new girls are a step down.

2071 days ago

itza pizza roll!    

This is not Hollywood. It a pathetic attempt at Hollywood. It has lost its magic till I arrive!! HA! no seriously tho, look at it...those blonde girls are everywhere with their high pitched twangy voices. They are all wallowing around ATTEMPTING to have fun when they will obvioulsy be so apparent of cameras and blogs and all this trash that consumes them. The streets of hollywood are just a weenie rost..i mean , an apocolyptic aversion of orange lights and high heels pitter patter. playboy used to emulize old school glamour and mystique now the girls look like young19 cake frosted blonde hair porn stars with that twinge of cheesy average guys hitting on DULLL

2071 days ago


Crystal Harris is a nice girl, the new #1 girlfriend. So are Amy Leigh Andrews and Kayla Collins. But Lindsey and the twins...YUCK. SCARY. He is losing it quickly. He took a HUGE step down. The magazine is tanking, they just closed their gambling site, and so it goes. Too bad, I was hoping his sons would get a shot at revamping Playboy. I guess Hef has to drag it through the mud first.

2071 days ago


Until the Girl's Next Door Hef was getting really beautiful women!! Then, the skanks from Girl's Next Door and now even lower with these REAL SKANKS!!! This is sad, this poor old man!!

2071 days ago


Lindsey most likely is not dating Hef. She is probably shooting a pictorial for Playboy. Kayla Collins also is not a girlfriend. She is Miss August 2008. Crystal and Amy are the only girlfriends in this video.

2070 days ago


I know this girl personally. I was in that pageant with her and believe me, she is as dingy as she appears on that video clip. She was constantly bragging about how as soon as she turned 18, her dad was going to pay for her to get a boob job. Well, I guess daddy can save his money now, because Hef will pay for it instead. Her parents spoiled her and bought her whatever she wanted. I dont think they bargained for her little puff, puff dash routine though. Her parents are well-to-do socialites in Shreveport and I am sure that little stunt tarnished their image quite a bit. What is sad though, is that the girl who was first runner up didnt get to be the new queen for very long. I think she was stripped of her crown like 11 days before the next pageant. The girl who was 1st runner up, should have been the actual winner because she really did deserve it. But, as everyone knows, money talks!!! As I found out, the only girls who win that pageant have been to the "special pageant training school" that just happens to be run by RPM productions. After going a couple of years and spending thousands of dollars, you too could have a shot at being miss teen LA. Just dont do something stupid to get your crown taken!

2064 days ago


Whatever!! I think she is freaking hott and she always looks so cute! Anyways, I just want to knpw where she got her dress from because it is HOTT and I would like totally wear that. If you all find out where she got the dress from please let me know because I have to get that dress to wear for spring break.
Lindsey, you go girl!

2064 days ago


I was watching KTBS (Shreveport, Louisiana new station) they interviewed Lindsey about the Playboy thing and they also mentioned that she was recently in some fashion show in Shreveport and the dress that she had on when she was with Hugh was from the same designer that she did the fashion show for. Only problem is that they did not mention the designers name but I know I have seen those clothes before- especially the multicolor tube dress she was wearing,
I am going to ask one of my friends that is cool with Lindsey and try to find out the designer's name. I like her dress too and on KTBS they showed two other dresses Lindsey wore in the fashion show- they were hella cute.

2064 days ago
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